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The Great Swanson

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    El Mesias
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    Disturbed, Shinedown, ACDC, Pink Floyd, Ozzy, Staind, Cold, Evanescence, Alterbridge, Korn, Slipnot,Static X,DMX, Pantera, Atreyu, Breakin Benjamin, Sevendust, 3 doors Down, System of a down, Flyleaf, Demon Hunter, Godsmack, Bob Marley, Tenacious D, Stone Sour, Linkin Park, Chevelle, and last but certainly not least Rammstein.
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    Eating corn dogs, skipping rocks on the lake, and bangin' hot chicks!
  1. I still haven't mastered the art of face scanning if someone could help resize a couple for me I'd be very grateful. http://i65.tinypic.com/rkmoo7.jpg
  2. Every time i try to enter universe mode the show loads and then the screen goes black. Universe mode is the only mode my game lets me play so this like a double dropkick to the nads. I edited all my downloaded caws like last year's game and it gives me this stupid parental controls message and then i only get a handful of caws to play with in exhibition, and now i can't play universe mode. Any suggestions? I don't have Wi-Fi at my house so i use my mobile hotspot whenever i want to play is this the reason? Update: fixed my Universe changed the transition design.
  3. Alright guys I'm in dire need of assistance. I'm still having trouble with the parental controls message for exhibition mode, but now my game at least lets me play with downloaded caws in universe mode. So I've started a universe pitting WCW Nitro superstars against WWF Attitude superstars and i am lacking arenas. I need arenas/shows on the ps4 for WCW ppvs and WWF Attitude ppvs. It really doesn't matter to me the year although i was looking for ppvs for 98'-00'. I'm mixing it up on the ppvs. One month WCW hosts a show and then the following month WWF does. I also have a handful of ECW guys to add to the frey so ECW will host a show here and there also. I have a decent 100 man roster thanks to all the great caw makers that are on ps4. I just need some more shows to complete my universe and I'll be happy.
  4. Could you please reupload anything thats not on cc?
  5. @Ernez I've edited each caw individually as last year but it only gives me a handful to play with @ WNX yes I'm getting the parental controls message.i can edit them fine. Just can't play as them...
  6. So I've noticed this year we can't edit our downloaded caws and use them offline like last year. Has anyone got a fix for this i have 9 accounts on my ps4 all with different caws and I'm mainly playing 2k17 because 18 won't let me use my caws.
  7. Hot Garbage!!! You made Butterbean! Thanks!! I always cross my fingers every year for The Oddities. Maybe this year you can make my wish come true?
  8. How about Butterbean instead?Caca fuego I'll take a Butterbean....
  9. Yes it's been very difficult finding logos for the '96 version. Tonight I'm having a movie night with my gf so I'm staying off my game tonight, but I will try again some time over the weekend.
  10. I'm really lost when it comes to caw mode in this game... I just need face paint logos and attire logos. I haven't tried making a caw yet in this game and Sting was my obvious first choice. I downloaded some textures from google images, but the textures I downloaded came out looking kind of square. If anyone has a step by step guide on how to make a caw that would be great if they could share it with me. Because I'm pretty freaking clueless when it comes to caw mode for this game.
  11. Hello if anyone has logos to make a '96-'97 Crow Sting could you please pm me? I'm trying to make my own caw and my logo hunting isn't going well.
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