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    sting and hogan and jeff hardy
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    wcw tna and wwf attitude era
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    bacon pizza
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    wcw monday nitro
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  1. good evening folks it's Showtime!!! it is my pleasure to showcase to you guys and girls my sting and the giant caws from 1996 in wcw both caws are made by me on PS3 credit to: vessel maker & z7collins for face and body morph on my sting also credit to: kid glory for the giant face and body morph as well truly appreciated im very happy with how both my caws turned out and as you all may know i am a wcw fanatic and always will be and i love creating my favorite eras of wrestling on wwe games ps3 and 360 stay tuned guys more awesome caws on the way!
  2. he looks amazing bro also do you plan on making any wcw ledgends my guy because i really like your caws man more people need to notice this and svr 2011 is wayyy better than the new wwe games today
  3. ladies and gentleman what we have here today three of the biggest stars in wrestling from the best in the world cm punk to the game triple h and the man himself to finally grace a wwe ring the icon sting!!! the attires that they are wearing are my favorite which are cm punk: best in the world triple h: 2002 jeans and Jean jacket sting: tna look w/ scorpions 2009
  4. thank you so much for your kind words to me and my caws kindness goes a long way and i appreciate it man and yeah svr 2011 is still my favorite today especially the wcw nitro arena with my wcw caws takes me back to the good old days of wcw nitro
  5. thank you so much man im really glad that you like my wcw caws also be sure to stay tuned because next i will be posting my jeff hardy from 2002-2003 because thats my all time favorite era of him and trust me you won't want to miss it bro
  6. from sting being the franchise of wcw to hogan and the nwo takeover i present to you my wcw/nwo caws made by me kingwcw185 on xbox360 i loved wcw nitro and it will always be better than the crap on tv nowadays i.m.o im a wrestling fanatic and always will be it's in my heart and it's what i love and that's a fact and i wanted to share with you guys my caws i made that i put my blood sweat and tears into also any good suggestions and pointers that i can do for my caws please let me know like morphing,paint tool,attires etc. let's keep the good ol days of wrestling alive wcw/nwo forever
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