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  1. That was a heavy episode to watch. Brought me back to that era where my two favorite wrestlers were now gone. Its almost surreal to watch this now as an adult and think of everything in a different light. However I will always respect Benoits body of work and what he influenced inside the ring. Truly a generational talent.
  2. They’re really taping this shit on Wednesday and Thursday LOL *Censored* this company for just not postponing it. First time ever im going to skip a wrestlemania
  3. Apparently Brock isnt allowed to leave Canada due to the coronavirus? Lmao imagine if they have to cancel the WWE title match
  4. Theres nothing Vince can do if the city of Tampa, or any other city for that matter puts Mania to a halt because of safety concerns.
  5. This shit is *censored*ing wild. Mania is gonna end up getting cancelled over this. Watch.
  6. Dakota is so *censored*ing hot
  7. Montez Ford is gonna be a *censored*ing star In singles one day when they inevitably break up the Street Profits.
  8. This new layout for the website is *censored*ing sick. Whats also sick is what Shayna did to Liv. Jesus christ
  9. Pac corpsing and laughing after was hilarious too.
  10. Samoa Joe got injured while filming a commercial after hitting his head on a table that didnt break and could miss a good amount of time. *Censored*.
  11. Perfect. Get the belts off Murphy and Rollins and let an actual team hold it going into Mania
  12. Im hype for tonight this should be an incredible show
  13. Reading the comments it looks like Ciampa and the Broserweights are holding UEs titles and Gargano grabbed a fans custom belt to fit in lmao
  14. *censored*ing garbage. Bruce is actually doing an awful job running Smackdown creative. Roman and Corbin have been going at it for months man, ENOUGH!!!
  15. So, people who downloaded the patch and are playing, whats the verdict? Did this patch improve the games quality of life or?
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