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About Me

.. I Got Around to it.






- About Me -


Hello, My Name is obviously BlackToxic, People usually call me Toxic or BT.


I'm a Self Confessed Puroresu Mark and Martial Arts Fanboy. You will usually see me Lurking The 'Indy, Puro & MMA' Section. I May have left my position as a Moderator here but if you need any help on the Forum please do not hesitate to message me about it.




- General -


Favourite Threads:


What would you Scarafice?

Original C-A-T Mode Thread (Thread Deleted >_>)

Paint Jeff's Face!

The A-Z Guide to a Wrestling Forum

The Future According to CAWs





BT's WWE Quiz




How well do you know WWE? See if you can be the first to answer my questions;




1) Some of the most famous matches in WWE History have been the TLC Matches of which there have been 11 Matches (at the point of me creating this quiz), out of all of the Wrestlers who haven taken part in those first 11 Matches, how many have worn masks in their career?


2) Out of the "Smackdown Six" who is the only one to have never wrestled for WCW?


3) "The Nature Boy" is well known to have been the nicknames for Buddy Rogers, Landell and Ric Flair, but which current WWE Talent has also gone by "The Nature Boy"?


4) WWE Magazine is WWE's longest running Magazine and has featured all of their greatest stars over the years, but who was the first female wrestler to ever feature on the front cover?


5) Who was the youngest wrestler to win a title in WWE?


6) Al Snow was famous for carrying around a Mannequin Head, who did "Head" originally belong to?


7) Out of all the Rookies on NXT Series 1, who was the only Rookie who had been involved in a WWE Championship match before NXT had debuted?


8) WWE Smackdown! aired for the first time in 1999 as a B Show for the WWE to expand their Storylines and get more airtime between Wrestlers, but what was it originally going to be used for?


9) Former Commentator Jonathan Coachman had the nickname "The Coach", but who in WWE was originally "The Coach" before him?


10) Which is the only WrestleMania to not feature a WWE Title Match?




If you know the answers to ALL of these then send me the answers via PM or leave a comment and i'll post your name as a winner (yay..?)




Winners: NO-ONE YET!




Random "Match Worth Watching" of the Moment


Johnny Saint vs Steve Grey




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