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  1. For the last two months I've been strictly riding the Fire Pro World train while occasionally making stops to fiddle about with Skyrim mods.
  2. I've been playing Cities: Skylines, Mortal Kombat X, Skyrim, and FirePro Wrestling Returns. I bought Cities: Skylines during a sale because I wasn't sure I'd like it or not. I've played plenty of sim games like it in the past: Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, The Sims (original PC series). Pray that I never get elected to run a real city because I'm a terrible terrible mayor. If it aint traffic, then it's poop water. If it ain't poop water then it's fire. If it ain't fire, then it's flooding. You get the idea, right? I was gifted MKX for Christmas. I really wanted something to hold me over until I was able to get Street Fighter V (I haven't gotten SFV yet due to the barebones release). I was really excited to play the game, but then I found out that they're not getting any of the new DLC. That pretty much put a damper on me ever playing online, so I just play towers with "Mystic" Ermac. I'd like to learn "Necromancer" Shinnok and "Metallic" Tremor. I've been modding Skyrim for years. I've hardly played the game. I've been brainstorming and modifying my character builds for a while. I'm likely going to start a Destruction/Staff mage soon, and I'm interested in seeing how well my paladin and illusionist builds play out. I'd be here all day and then some just telling about what progress I've made in designing those characters. I'm also learning the Creation Kit in the wake of a family death as it really hit me hard and I needed something else to keep my mind off it so I don't panic and crumble from the loss - it's not easy, that's for sure. Most of what I've accomplished is on the spells and magical effects part of the game. And lastly, I've been making assorted edits on FirePro as I can think of them. The retro look of FirePro is what keeps me coming back to it, even if the game is nearly 10 years old by now. I really enjoy making custom/original edits. I don't really "play" the game, so as much as I use as something to cover the downtime between NXT and Lucha Underground airings.
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