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Space Cadet

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  • Birthday April 1

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    Too many to name
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    Beabadoobee, Mxmtoon, alt-J, Lana Del Rey, Hannah Telle, Arctic Monkeys
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    WWE I suppose
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    Life is Strange, Resident Evil, Batman, Tomb Raider, X-Men, Mortal Kombat

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  1. So excited for her new album whenever it comes out
  2. Life is Strange I love it with my whole heart
  3. Probably. Has a song ever made you cry?
  4. This was actually what I based my name on, which is rad. I do also feel connected to the phrase.
  5. ^ Depression hurts for reals : ( Also to anyone who may remember me, I'm back with a different account because I screwed up something when I tried to sign back in once the site got an overhaul
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