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  1. From the Snl Christmas skit Sump'n Claus,played by 90's dude Keenan Thompson. I have a storyline where Bill Cosby tried to have drinks with BeefySupreme, one of Sump'n Claus' Ho,ho,hoes! It was a tough "pill" to swallow...uh,nevermind. Also I have the Fiend Hallowicked Arena available too!! Xbox one gt: wes19er Sumpnclausvid4958-ac3c-9e1836e3db13_1.mp4 Cosby58-ac3c-9e1836e3db13_1.mp4
  2. Did I do that? Yes! Carl finally asks Steve Urkel to go home..... The hard way! Go home Steve!! Nerd beatdowns incorporated! Xbox one gt: wes19er
  3. wes19er


    My fellow uhh.. Americans, I am here to uhh,do uhh... One job. That is ahhh... to, Smack the taste out these jabroni's mouths!!!
  4. wes19er


    Sweaty neden heaven!!! Juggalette is here to lay the smackdown on all these fools! She always goes for the juggala!!
  5. wes19er


    Bill tries to get pudding his pop in BeefySupreme. He fails!!
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