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  1. wes19er

    WWE Drama

    He ran a right wing propaganda promo video against the people in city council….They were questioning him like; Dude,why are you doing this? We’re here to fill potholes & make sure dog poop & trash is picked up in a park. Why is that considered a left wing conspiracy? Lol!
  2. wes19er

    WWE Drama

    He’s part of a cult now who worship symbols,flags & old pieces of paper,not the freedoms they supposedly represent.
  3. I noticed nobody watches uploaded videos. Ok here’s just pictures. xbox one gamer tag: wes19er YouTube: wes19ercaws
  4. Asian woman in orange is Hisako Tori. She was created by Xbox one gamer tag: FalloutKing01 I just changed her attire & makeup. And yes,Danny Asano is the guy in Dark Green wearing the baseball hat.
  5. Sorry the first video is Face Women’s tag team Hearts of the City Lexi Dee (sunglasses) & her cousin Big Purp IMG_0096.MOV
  6. Xbox One wes19er Hey I have a few tag teams that I’ve uploaded Faces: Phil,Zero & The Chef of Lost Empire men’s tag team. Face: Omni of GoFight Wrestling Heel: Pestilence of Caw-Alition women’s stable/tag team Face: Danny Asano of AHD Wrestling/ally of Omni Heel: Wrath of Caw-Alition heel team Face: Beefy Supreme tag partner of Wendy’s (I know the burger mascot,but I got over 10,000 views total of her wrestling in my Universe. I just created her & it took off) Face: Savage W. doing an RKO on Selma from Simpsons. (Wendy’s twin sister & Patty & Selma,my storylines are stupid,but people seem to like it,Lol!) Here’s other stuff. Any questions or anything hit me up. Peace. IMG_0096.MOV IMG_0095.MOV IMG_0094.MOV IMG_0103.MOV IMG_0121.MOV IMG_0060.MOV IMG_0059.MOV IMG_0117.MOV
  7. Here’s some of my stuff from wwe2k22 on Xbox one! Lol! xb gt: wes19er YouTube: wes19ercaws Any questions,comments? Feel free to send me a message IMG_0101.MOV IMG_0098.MOV IMG_0096.MOV IMG_0092.MOV IMG_0095.MOV IMG_0094.MOV IMG_0097.MOV IMG_0091.MOV IMG_0093.MOV IMG_0090.MOV IMG_0087.MOV IMG_0085.MOV IMG_0086.MOV IMG_0088.MOV IMG_0084.MOV IMG_0080.MOV
  8. That planet earth....turns.....slowly ..... Waitaminnute. Here's Deathberry the Living Doll & Tigolbitty Wendy's! Wwe2k22a64b-f8af79979d63.mp4
  9. wes19er

    New stuff

    Here's some 2k22 stuff,I don't know where else to post.... Wwe2k22_1.mp4
  10. My Uploads screen has none of my uploads. I can't use socks & shoes at the same time with a caw. My Rise laggy & crashes. It says I'm Diamond,but I've only had 6 downloads.
  11. Wendy's my flagship caw of my wwe Universe! Any fool steps up gets grilled! She puts dat on 100% beef...... My Gin-Ga! Xbox gamertag: wes19er Youtube: wes19ercaws 13fec383-045a-438f-a69a-64ce12d9fc36.mp4 3b1e7fee-2ba9-41ac-a982-c01b3ef0fabc.mp4 c96728d3-8b93-428b-a642-f3a0fe85970b.mp4 f86fdfdd-50f1-4606-bd06-5a3ce7c5760b.mp4
  12. wes19er


    Here's all my stuff! Keep looking...So many different things! Xbox gamertag: wes19er 0c1e1eb5-dbae-4b34-a141-7046c2f1a6ef.mp4 47d056dd-489b-47e7-bef2-bbeb661a985e.mp4 56e783eb-4667-4520-8985-8190f852d082.mp4 5d22f063-a9d2-4104-be4b-f3f4d30c8872.mp4 64e6405d-9ff1-435a-9a1e-252ce5743587.mp4 6fe4dd4c-e7a8-4e1b-aaa7-08cda206d67b.mp4 ade58c52-b633-4712-8265-692534ffbc39.mp4 fa4cd39e-80ab-4982-857f-0aef8e5efff5.mp4 b3c29a1a-3cf6-4dac-ae73-c2edeb4d0cff.mp4 418b3727-1725-4c0c-96e7-728fd3d14939.mp4
  13. wes19er

    Ellie Hannigan

    Caw-Alition's Ellie! Blackpool England's finest! Ellie_Hannigan_1.mp4
  14. wes19er

    The WizNitch!

    Toil,Toil,bubble & boil the WizNitch is back.....And they're spectacular! Lol!
  15. wes19er


    The Living Doll,Deathberry Welcome to the Dollhouse! DEATHBERRY.mp4
  16. wes19er


    Wow uh,we're wrestling with some major plots here! HEAVY PLOTS! xbox gamertag: wes19er d7f3ecbb-75fd-4daa-a851-536337a7d38b.mp4 c8690d59-fa80-484d-bc16-f22c23556b62.mp4 fa4cd39e-80ab-4982-857f-0aef8e5efff5.mp4
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