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Everything posted by wes19er

  1. wes19er

    New Caws

    6 caws I created for 2 universes;AHD wrestling & Go Fight! wrestling in the club I'm in XTREME WRESTLING SOCIETY on xboxone. -Vulture,The Hardcore Messiah -Deathberry Pie,The Possessed Doll -Merjem Koljic,The Bosnian Suplex Machine -OMNi,The Alpha & Omega -Danny Asano,The Ring Magician -Deathwalker,The Wastelander
  2. Bah-Gawd Almighty! Through the tables! They're broken in half!!!!
  3. More action vs Princess Peach!
  4. wes19er

    Lost Empire

    New original characters Lost Empire. The Chef "Ring General" Phil "The Boxer" Shie Hayabusa the granddaughter of Grandmaster Fighter Hayabusa from Nintendo's 8-bit Pro Wrestling game.
  5. wes19er

    Karrion Kross

    My parody version of Karrion Kross. Crayon Crust available in wwe2k20 downloads gamertag wes19er
  6. wes19er

    Moe Rita

    More Moe Rita!
  7. wes19er

    Moe Rita

    Original character Moe Rita. One of my first characters for 2k20 this is the remake.
  8. wes19er


    AEW's undead downtown abby.... Available in CC (just found out that means community creations, they could've lead with that but,noooooo.......)
  9. Baconator finisher! You can count to 20,they ain't getting up!
  10. Sample of my uploads xbox one/wwe2k20 gt: wes19er
  11. wes19er

    The Whiz-Nitch!

    I'll upload her to wwe2k20 5 minutes past never.....she would get reported... You can check out my stuff on xbox one club: Club wes19er
  12. wes19er

    Princess Peach

    Sir Mix-A-Lot's favorite wrestler Princess Peach is available in my creations xbox one gt: wes19er
  13. There's like 1000 Fiend caws on 2k20,why not another one? Let me in........
  14. wes19er

    My caws on 2k20

    Crazy sample of caws in my downloads on 2k20! Arenas/Rings are also available! Xboxone gamertag: wes19er
  15. wes19er

    Tenacious D?

    Don't know what I was thinking,maybe a combination of malt liquor,Doritos & the Jumanji movie! Anyways,heres the result.
  16. During the 10 bell salute,Miro crying got to me. Watched the whole tribute show,cried like 4 times. Rest in power Jonathan Huber.
  17. wes19er

    Ms. "X"

    Ms.X.....There's nothing left to say anymore....
  18. Responding to another post,I put these up i'll delete those. This is Caw-Alition Xboxone gamertag: wes19er Caw-Alition_TitantronVid.mp4
  19. Nice to know someone's out there actually looking at my stuff. I think 2k20 was a rush job,that's a re-hash of 2k18,which is fine,but they forced all download pics to go to 2k20. 2k19 has a huge xbox following. I actually pulled off a triple powerbomb! Lol!
  20. "The 3 skull Caw-Alition" logo is available & can be edited & reloaded in Downloads/Images on Xboxone 2k20,along with other logos. The FiEnDhOuSe arena is also available... Xboxone gamertag: wes19er
  21. Made a logo for Caw-Alition the "invasion stable" created by Xboxone gamertag: FalloutKing01 & Xboxone gamertag: ToastierGem1479. Their motto is simple. "No title is safe. Face or Heel,All will kneel,Caw-Alition!" Xboxone gamertag: wes19er
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