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  1. Showcase video of RYABOV 2k24 version
  2. Updated version of his look and attire. Went for a full on edge style fotoplay20240528114327.mp4
  3. The RUSSIAN NIGHTMARE RYABOV. I went for a basic style attire and kept most of his tattoos from last year. I played with the preset body morph and found this one fits better than the muscular one from 2k23. Returning from the former soviet union, he is ready to unleash a rage of pain that has been locked up for nearly a decade. Much inspiration was from Vladamir Koslovs run in wwe. Moveset and entrance not done yet.
  4. Mr Exce11ence Calub B1ackhart Re done his entire look, his attire a mock of WWEs EDGE. Short hair and long hair version shown off here.
  5. Just showing off Novas evolution development over the last 3 years
  6. Here is a basic start at creating NICK NOVA, the gravity defying flyer from New Jersey. I do have a request, i am having alittle trouble with custom attire design for him so any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated for him.
  7. I didn't have much to go with by music choice atm. If you see improvements for him let me know
  8. Finished product of the new Draden Malik, the hardcore emo daredevil who doesn't know fear. He is part of the group CHAOS CLUB with Damian Wildman. His feuds with Joshua Caine are ones not for the faint at heart. I'll have a video of him in action soon.
  9. Watched the last 3 so far, got some good matches always being produced there.
  10. This is a new one i wanted to do for a bit now. He is a Gothic, dark punk, new crow-ish persona. The face and hair i am still working on. I bring to the PWMayhem roster, MALACHI DRAVEN
  11. It's all good. I'm gonna check it out sometime soon.
  12. Nice arena. Reminds me of my old one from 2k22.
  13. Chaos Club's Damian Wildman. Updated his hair and beard, custom logo and updated attire. Inspiration was Brodi Lee and Lance Archer with a twist of the late Bray Wyatt.
  14. Fixed face morph abit, attire and in game shot.
  15. Upcoming creation: ELLIS HAMILTON Now for an updated version of Jack Potter's tag team partner. I went for a completely new style in looks, hair and attire for one. This is still a wip(logos and tattoos are not set yet). I changed his home country to France to keep the Pouvi Absolu persona without Laurant. 1st attire i kept simple but the 2nd one i went with a Cesaro/Claudio feel to it.
  16. Finished attire and face morph, hair style changed abit and with updated pics
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