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  1. The Submission Specialist Nolan Samuels From LEEADS, ENGLAND. He is highly based off of ZSJ with custom SPLX british logos. Moveset and entrance are done, should be on CC tomorrow.
  2. My custom championship titles for my Japan supershow. The PWM Evolution Championship & The PWM Strong World Championship( based off of NJPW Strong)
  3. Here is a newer creation i have been working on lately. Issei Matsuda, the protege of Matsumotoh Suzuki. He is mysterious and very deadly with his kicks. Still a WIP though. Any thoughts, please let me know
  4. The KING of Japanese Strong Style. Matsumotoh Suzuki. Based of of Minoru Suzuki, he is just as crazy and his in ring skills are phenominal. Watch out though, one slip and he will make you tap. Moveset and entrance is not done, but will be available by the end of the week.
  5. My take on the ajpw logo and arena. I call it Pro Wrestling Mayhem Last Burning
  6. Great arenas. Digging the WWE retro style.
  7. Updated/Finished version of Damian Wildman. Changed the hair style and facial hair. He has a ABA Undertaker vibe to him, i found it to be mor suitable for him. Here are some in game shots. 1881a7d497a72-master_playlist.mp4 1881a7d2f5f91-master_playlist.mp4 1881a7cfc8d97-master_playlist.mp4
  8. The AXE MURDERER DAMIAN WILDMAN just pics up so far of his attires, still a WIP. May be up by the end of rhe weekend
  9. My next one is bassd off of Yugi Nagata in his early years on ProWrestlingNOAH. Yoshihiro Kobayashi, he is the final boss of japanese male wrestling competition. His classic bouts with Tatsu Mutah and Matasumoto Suzuki are the best 5 stars ever seen. (still a WIP. Face texture used is alittle off around the eyes. Moveset is not done. Should be up soon to CC.
  10. New faction.......Disciples of Darkness. May change the name though.
  11. Small custom video of MAYHEM MERCER gameplay
  13. The "Welsh Trickster of misfortune" Benjamin Crowley
  14. Early WIP of Mayhem Mercers tag team partner ADAM MYERS. He is a complete redo from 2k20 with a slimmer body morph and tweeked the face and tattoos this time around. He is my spin on Malakai Black. The tatts i am not 100% sold yet on it The hair style on the 2nd attire is not my style but am playing around with it.
  15. This guy got some really decent work going on here. Keep it up, i like what i see so far.
  16. Now the MAIN FLAGSHIP CREATION OF PRO WRESTLING MAYHEM. HE IS WHAT THIS BRAND IS ALL ABOUT. The blood, sweat, the hardcore asskicking he gives inside the ring. I bring to you THE MADMAN FROM AMSTRRDAM, MAYHEM MERCER. I have a pic of his 2k22 run and this years version without face textures and custom tatts. Moveset and entrances not complete yet. I am still on the fence about putting a back tattoo for him. He is based off of Brody King, so the resembelance is there.
  17. He will be on CC shortly. Make sure you have the SteinerRow DLC.
  18. Samantha Stasiak. She makes her return in 2k23 to stomp out the weak female roster that wwe has become in this new era. I kept most of the same look as last years version with alittle less ink on her and went for a red hair and small dye color for her 2nd attire.
  19. That's some awesome creations. Love the logo and custom rendering profiles for your caws.
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