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  1. Just some random stuff I've been working on.
  2. Mostly i found online. Some were tweaked from images and ai formatting for transparent designs.
  3. Ah dang,. Hope he can get the right push.
  4. Here are some small clips of recent stuff i did in universe mode (WIP) I also have a created idea in mind with shotcut-20230820-175033.mp4 2023-08-17_1692310306532.mp4 2023-08-14_1692070680676.mp4
  5. The GIANT of PRO WRESTLING MAYHEM TANAKA Inspiration and likeness is based off of yoshihiro takayama
  6. I know that is crazy. Hope there will be some way of fixing that issue in the future.
  7. No promises but I'll see. I believe hiphopjoe on here also may have them
  8. Even after numerous attempts 2ksupport declined and said that my ban is permenant. It is what it is. Ty too everyone who was patient. If i can either find time to find a way to recreate all of my creations and find a way to get them on CC , i will let anyone know. You all have a good one and keep creating some kicka$$ caws, arenas, etc.
  9. If need be i have all logos, tattoos and created designs still in my file saves online. If anyone cares to use them just hit me up. I will be working on more YouTube videos to share off the current roster and get alittle more creative with it.
  10. Very much appreicated and kind words. That is all true words there. Hopefully whichever the case may be 2k will let it be and let me back on if not I'm gonna come back stronger than ever with 2k24
  11. I might recreate them in 2k22 if i feel like it.
  12. For anybody wondering why my content has suddenly disappeared from the ps5 CC, 2k banned my account. Sucks, i had some bew creations i was about to come out with vut guess 2k22 will have to be my source of showing off. I am Deeply sorry to all who have been following me here and been enjoying all my stuff. If i have offended anyone let me know.
  13. Well it seems that all my creations are deleted from WWE2K23 ONLINE. They said that there is no request appeal that can be made at this time. So that definitely is ****** up.
  14. Not until they unband my profile from 2k online. Hope that gets taken care of soon.
  15. Not sure how this happened but after getting the Revel with Wyatt dlc and updated pack for 2k23 my 2k online account got banned and now i have no access to my own online content or creation uploads i have put up. This is crazy.
  16. I'm trying to upload Mason's updated look and Ujarak but is telling me they are not able to upload to CC. I'm still figuring it out atm. Hopefully soon i can have them all on there.
  17. Thanks. He should be on CC tomorrow or wednesday at some point.
  18. Awesome. Here are some updated screenshots of and tatto updates. UJARAK entrance attire anf warrior version entrance attire for his second one with small war paint
  19. Just finishing up a new creation. His inspiration is off of Eddy Thorpe and KC Navarro. I bring to you "the Native Son" Ujarak. The attire though may seem lacking in style.
  20. Cpu vs Cpu video of Kasey Kash vs Matt Vegas for the YouTube Internet Championship.
  21. He should be up in a few days. I changed up one attire and still working on the moveset.
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