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  1. LAURANT Finished version Moveset and entrace should be done by the weekend
  2. It's like an overweight triple h mixed with william regal. Lol
  3. NOT 100% yet THE IRON KING OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING... LAURANT This years version is almost the same with a little face tweeking and a longer hair style. Logos and finished pictures will be up soon.
  4. He was fun to make again. The first time l made hin tue system crashed on me leaving me to recreat him from scratch. I should have somw videos up soon.
  5. STILL A W.I.P. atm, not 100% but can be downloaded as a template for a female caw. A first for this years game. The Goddess Persephone. She is the wife of YURI and most feared in her land. There has even been myths of her killing men with her bare strength.
  6. I am going for a faction style with Reks(german) this year. Teaming up with YURI(greek) and RYABOV(russia). Here os a 2nd attire i was trying to go for, but noy too sure about it. Leave a comment to let me know what you guys think.
  7. The German Lunatic SAWYER REKS. Making his return this year, small changes made to the face and body morph. On the verge of retirement from professional wrestling, he wants to finally get his hands on the Heavyweight Championship before his time is up.
  8. Hopefully in a couple weeks i have more to add.
  9. That was some close matches there and i checked out your thursday night show as well. Some hard hitting stuff and the commentary is well done
  10. YURI Formerly known as The Savoir of Pro Wrestling Mayhem, has taken a turn of bad luck with his life before exiting the end of 2k22. Losing to Laurant and Saywer Rekks and not being able to keep the championship in his grasps. Now looking for revenge and blood, even gping so far as to breaking limbs in the underground squared circle in Greece. He is coming back strpnger and vicious than ever. WIP attire, not complete.
  11. Damn. I know Pouvior Absolu are as tough as they come. I will be waiting for the uploads to the show to watch.
  12. Oh no i kept their finisher from last years game. Most of their moveset also i tried to recreate.
  13. THE RUSSIAN TERROR RYABOV. Formarly was know to the wwe universe as Mercer back in 2014. Taken a nine year sentence for being too dangerous in the squared circle for his suplexes and aggressive personality. He is out and ready for revenge. All logos here were made by me or found online. No face texture but tattoos were found with alot of references and tweeking
  14. Movesets are finished. Not too happy with the moveset this year but change what you like on them.
  16. New game, new year of creations coming. Here's the first of many..... Returning creation from 2k22, the leader of NotoriousUprising, hailing from Harlem, NY "BRICKHOUSE" BISHOP BLACK. Now I'm still getting the hang of the new body morph and blending skin tone with facial images. I updated his logos and went for less ink on the chest and back this time.
  17. I cannot wait to see what you produce. I am working on a feud angle of some sort between all my factions i have in the game (Samoan Dynasty, Notorious Uprising, High Enegry, POUV ABSOLUT, and Dallas Bravo w Dirty Mike Magnum.
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