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  1. I Got a new Graphics card now so i can be ready for WWE 2k18.
  2. I've been making an entire roster for 2k17 and letting it play back on mixer (Mixer is like twitch but faster) and i've been binge watching ROH and Lucha Underground.
  3. went to see Lego batman movie 2 days ago in 3D and in Xtreme Digital cinema with reclining luxury loungers, large bucket of popcorn and soda almost the size of a 2 litter. also i'm going to be upgrading my Graphics card to play WWE 2k16 and 2k17 better!
  4. I'm so sorry.. i understand what happened that night but i thought it was ok.
  5. I got 2k14 on PS3 and 2k16 on PC now. i also got to try that new naked chicken chalupa from taco bell it was very tasty. tasted like KFC and taco bell combined. and i got to watch royal rumble.
  6. well it was just a theory because when i was doing CAWs i noticed they looked the same. idk whats been going through in my head lately. sorry for everyone who read this.
  7. I realized something about WWE games made after 2009. i found out that in the 360/PS3 versions of Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 and after that they recycled the same game engine up to 2k17. did anyone know about this?
  8. I played the crew on my PC lately and i had a blast. Watched NJPW and impact all day on my DVR.
  9. I updated windows 10 to 1511 without any issues, i ended up making great mods for some of my PC games, my mom finally has a car that isn't awful, watched season finales of all my shows. Went to the mall and Got new shoes, new haircut, new clothes, paid my Cricket Wireless Phone bill and got more PS2 games i never played before. Best Week Ever.
  10. Mine is Something i made for now. i wanted something very sleek because this is still a new phone.
  11. See you in the bs thread in a couple hours Taco Bell doesn't make me go to the bathroom.
  12. Finally got a way better phone. and i'm in the mood of making the three stooges on smackdown vs. raw.
  13. For all of you that don't know what Pop actually used to be. it used to be this channel. the Prevue Guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UFg2GpMFKY
  14. I Got 4 Xbox 360 games, An Original Xbox Component HD AV Cable and Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD edition. and to top that all off i ate Pizza.
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