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  1. Two issues. Community got any solutions? 1. In options > Roster, you cant select Attire 2 as its greyed-out, or you can, but it doesnt change the attire preview from attire 1. 2. Seperately, sometimes a caw will not allow me to select attire 2 to play a match with, it acts like attire 2 doesnt exist when it does. Id like to not waste extra caw slots just to ensure attire 2 is selectable when I need it, if there's a way to make the caw read both attire slots? And this is why I say stop crying about caw credit for your "art". Everyone else suffers the restrictions, limits, bugs and glitches too and its b.s.
  2. thanks man, that frees up a few caw slots and logo slots lol
  3. I deleted the MyGM data they were part of, then made a new MyGM save without them included?
  4. I got caws and logos I cant delete because they're locked to the MyGM draft pool. Only issue is there is no MyGM data, as I deleted it. I even started a fresh one to "overwrite" it and still caws are tied to a non-existant MyGM code. Just get rid of all the restrictions ffs.
  5. Here's a weird one. 1) How many of you get corrupted CAW downloads, where the VS screen pose is either a black default caw, or they steal someone else's preview picture (usually the next to them)? I thought EVERYONE experienced this? The fix is to edit the VS screen pose by the way. But my friend says he's never had it when I explained/showed him a picture of it. On another perhaps related note... two questions that may be related to one another.... 2) Do we have a work around to be able to quickly switch and preview both attires in either Universe Mode, or the (formerly MyWWE) Exhibition Mode Roster Editor yet? At different stages of patches, we either have Attire 2 greyed-out and non selectable on these roster edit screens. It it is selectable, but the preview never changes from attire 1's. 3) Why do CAWs whom have a perfectly decent attire 2, often only recognise attire 1 existing, when selecting matches etc? It's the little things that bug the crap out of me with these games. It was working, you must have put work in and changed something for it to be suddenly messed-up with 20/22. Go change it back, and suddenly everyone's just a little bit happier with a smoother experience overall.
  6. I think it's a failure of game design to be forced to play the game in Showcase mode, in order to download CAWs that use something from it. The game is a chore to play, especially with this combo crap. Anyone wanna SharePlay into my PS4 for an afternoon, complete ShowCase and get paypal'd some money? If I get desperate enough next month I might just to that lol.
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