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  1. Bunny Grimm Allysin's sister, Bunny Grimm, enters BWX as her bodyguard. I do wish there were better head pieces, but I think for now the glasses/lecture mask/bunny nose combo works in a strange way. I hope to loop back around to this creation in the future and do, say, a freddie krueger attire or a jason attire, a chucky attire etc.
  2. New BWX arena. BWX in patnership with HLW. Got a backdrop for giving interviews post match, with various logos on it. Tweaked BWX logo into something a bit more new. BWX medal logo is also included as the company's secondary logo. TNB name is reused in BWX for the tournament of new comers each year, so it has a new logo to show this. HLW has a simillar thing with it's 'future stars' each year.
  3. Updates since TNB Tournaments.. Crimson 'The Octopus' Emma Reid Heather Valentine 'The Cat' MeeMee Meow
  4. Allysin Grimm Mocking Alice In Wonderland, and her as the Queen Of Hearts; Allysin Grimm will cosplay as different fairytale characters, given a darker twist. I was originally going to use her to also cosplay as general horror icons, but I expanded that into a different character, Allysin's sister, Bunny Grimm. But more on her later...
  5. Formerly known as Lion's Den Tournament for 2019 which gave rise to Kendall Harris and Laura Monroe as a new characters, the now better-named "The New Blood Tournament" is the yearly BWX Tournament which is for new BWX hirings only. TNB Tournament 2019 = Kendall Harris (winner), Laura Monroe (runner up) Anastasia Aubrey Kendall Harris Brittani Lain Laura Monroe Blood (masked luchadore) TNB Tournament 2020 = Darla Darcy (winner), Allysinn Grimm (runner up) Allysin Grimm Darla Darcy 'The Octopus' Emma Reid 'The Cat' MeeMee Meow Kristi 'Wrestle Ranger' Green 'Demon Princess' Yasha Onihime Yua Sato The 2020 and 2021 Tournaments were held back-to-back in Dec 2020 and Jan 2021. 2020 was Allysin Grimm's coming-out party for sure. Emma Reid, Yasha Onhime aren't new characters, but are new hires to BWX. Yasha Onihime has been dragons and devil outfits before now, but it literally means 'Demon Princess', so I thought I'd factor-in something more along those lines. Wrestle Ranger Green was a favorite to see wrestling, and I've made a few of them to team together. TNB Tournament 2021 - Kiss (winner), Heather Valentine (runner up) Crymson (mma) Heather Valentine Panda Parker Shadow Cat Tomoko Omega Christina Dixon Kiss Wilmington 2021's Tournament saw veterans Kiss Wilmington and Christina Dixon take part in the tournament, as they finally signed long-term BWX contracts for Lucy's attempt to relaunch the company. Kiss won the tournament by catching Heather Valentine unaware in a quick match, but the tournament was arguably Heather's time to shine, putting on great matches with Panda Parker
  6. Panda Parker I'm a sucker for Cruiserweights. This woman is just a Sammy Geuvara tribute, allowing me to make usa a Panda head. One thing I've started doing is creating characters in pairs. This cruiserwight-panda uses cruiserweight moves that I want to put on NEON, but NEON's moveset just works as it is.
  7. A lot are on PS4 HLW or BWX are the search tags
  8. .... This Guy I wanted a gambling character, hence the Vegas signs on his pants. Somewhere along the journey he became half Cowboy. Any name suggestions?
  9. BWX Legends Reunion Tour We've already mentioned Bobby Williams fighting against Lionheart, and whilst he's not a legend himself in over in America, his father certainly has a claim. Long before Lucy took over ownership of BWA and re-branded it BWX, Keith Williams was a big BWA name in the 80's, as the owner and most featured performer. He was also the man who trained Chris Lionheart, Jason Youngblood & Shawn Youngblood how to wrestle. A former general manager of NB:IW, Keith would get into debt and fake his own death, passing ownership of everything to family friend Lucy Youngblood for protection, knowing he could trust her as she was the one who trained Bobby Williams and had previously brought Bobby into NB:IW. The re-emergeance of Keith all these years later has lead to a bitter feud with Chris Lionheart, with Keith being a thorn in his side, leading to Lionheart putting the call-in for some additional back-up...
  10. BWX Legends Reunion Tour Another legendary character who's laced-up the boots again for BWX's fledgling males division is Jason Youngblood. Jason has taken-on more of a Jake The Snake look facially, given how broken his body is after all the hardcore wars he's been in. To go along with this, I finally decided to plant my flag in the fact that, yes, Jason YB also moonlighted as the masked wrestler Toxic, who was always a mix of Kanyon's masked Mortis gimmick, and Mortal Kombat's Reptile. Any times you might have seen Jason vs Toxic in the past.... a wizard did it.
  11. BWX Legends Reunion Tour Chris Lionheart - The man, the myth, the legend. My former flagship efedding CAW. Based, somewhat obviously, on Chris Benoit. Retired in 2010 by Ryan Blaze, Lionheart has only really started to come-back-around in 2020 as Chris Lionheart and The Avenger are essentially taking part in a special series of Legens Reunion Tour matches for Lucy Youngblood's BWX, to sell more tickets. The younger males in BWX, such as Bobby Williams and Ethan Quinn, aren't taking too kindly to the dinosaurs returning. The males division is starting to grow more and more, and even the Legends list is growing... The Avenger, like most of my CAWs that I show-off, is created in conjunction with my friend Leon who's work can be found under HLW search tags on PS4/PS5, and Hollwood Luxious Wrestling CAW Show on Youtube. Avenger was his flagship efedding CAW for NB:IW. Lemme tell you this facepaint was an arse to pull off. I had to load up old games and then edit screenshots from old CAW modes, becasue they'd removed or resized various caw facepaint parts. I do think it has gone well with modernizing Avenger though, whereas Lionheart could probably stand to be aged-up a little. He's looking pretty-much in his prime here.
  12. Dianna Richards Dianna has gone through lots of transformations over the years. She's been gothic, taking elements from Daffney, Katie Lea/Winter/Katarina and Victoria/Tara. She's been a princess gimmick, for 'Princess Di', but now she's just a ''better than you'' show-off with a hidden mean streak. Based on Allie's short storyline on AEW Dark, where he was dating QT Marshall and taunting her opponents with sexual taunts, as she seemd bored by them, and bossing QT about like a cuck.
  13. Kiss Based on an old friend's NB:IW efed character from back in the day, Kiss has finally signed with Lucy Youngblood's BWX company. A former model, Kiss will be entered into the upcoming Lion's Den "2020" tournament for BWX newcommers.
  14. Laura Monroe First coming-into life as a fully fleshed-out character (my Hollywood Starlette) for the 2019 Lion's Den (newcommers tournament) in a losing effort, Laura has slowly evolved to borrow visual elements from Melissa Maverick and moves from Megan Curtis, which has allowed both of those characters to find new directions. Laura is very much a show-off, but has the grace about her moves that one would expect from a Hollywood Starlette, so she has some fancy twisting kicks, and float-over grapple moves. She also takes the open-back dress from Mellissa Maverick's days of being a tribute act to WCW's Mona Madness attire.
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