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  1. What does "Rope Break (Automatic) - On" do in the global options? Do you have to put that rope break skill onto everyone if you want them to literally reach out and grab the rope to break pins?
  2. Extra stuff the new control scheme let's you do? I thought they basically swapped sigs, fins and comebacks to multi-button inputs and that was it? I've lost track on that feature. What does "Rope Break (Automatic) - On" do in the global options? Do you have to put that rope break skill onto everyone if you want them to literally reach out and grab the rope to break pins?
  3. FFS. All these little AI buffs and opponent debuffs suck the fun out of the actual gameplay. The games were more fun when everyone could just do everything instead of fighting styles, skills, abilities, scripted stuff like catching finishers and omg moments, kickout meter and momentum changes. I wouldn't mind if if they just gave us basic controls over stuff. This guy irishwhips a lot, this one likes dives and springboards, he's a runner, she's a striker, this gal is a submission master.
  4. There's a "You aint reversing shit, son!" buff? Omg no wonder the game feels like it's not responding so much. How can we turn it off/take it out of each character's moves/skills list?
  5. The switching shoulder buttons for picking up a ladder, setting it up, climbing and reaching is a complete arse. It used be something like R1 to pick it up, hold R1 to woddle it in an upright position to move a few steps. Once picked up in the hand it was X or [] to use as a weapon, R1 to drop it, or R1 plus direction to open it out/put against turnbuckle if you were close enough to it. Whatever it used to be (I haven't gone back and checked) it was a hell of a lot better than what we have now
  6. the new moves and dlc moves are great. so is the idea of new hairs & weapons etc post game launch. wish they were better choices rather than fantasy/stupid ones though. but the entire game is falling-down around them. crashes/glitches. new controls, collission detection, animation timing snafu's. forced grinding of showcase, originals, myplayer and towers. lighting issues (CAW parts, and CABelt are almost harsh to look at. I have to go to cloth material to get a better look at things) creation issues (i HATE that the caw disappear and reloads each time you change the part preview box) restrictions as usual (entrance motions, videos/themes, clothing pieces, stage pieces not being split across different creation modes).
  7. I have noticed that it seems very hard to control the direction of your Irish whips (say into the corners), but that has been all of 2020 not just since the patch.
  8. Man, WWE12's weird 'WCW 92 Invasion' story could have been so much better with some of the Attitude Era guys from WWE13. 2002 DDP, at least. I would still love to see that WarGames match ported into an actual match with some tweaking, pretty much just having a 'slide into the ring' animation cutscene for the next person on a team.
  9. No the story doesn't get better. I don't even know how to describe it. It's like the male is a half-mark. He's mad that he didn't beat Xpac even though no one really "beats" each other, or he is sad he retired Jerry Lawler in Memphis, because he doesn't realise a "loser leaves town" match is a kayfabe gimmick. The woman is just an unlikeable bint. The type who's all mouth and would crap herself in a real fight. Too high from smelling her own farts. I felt insulted to be a wrestling fan by the story every time I wasn't actively cringing. It was hard to tolerate even when stoned / drunk, and I eventually gave it up.
  10. I don't find the games fun to "play" anymore, and am basically forced-to to unlock moves that are there only when you complete the towers. Putting aside that ethical issue, that we bought an unlock all accelerator dlc, and the silly glitches of 2020 specifically - I can't tell you how annoying it is to play the game when timing is off You go to hit a move, but because cpu is still doing some animation, your character just raises their fist and holds it cocked-back threateningly. Then they don't release that pose fast enough, and the cpu is up and attacking you.
  11. I cleared cart in pstore where it was wanting me to buy it. restarted console. Went to PSTORE. Searched wwe 2020, loaded the game page (not the digital deluxe version I own). Opened Addon page for it and it said choose version now. Selected the version that said free. Clicked download. Seemingly no response, tried again and now both options said choose free version where one had been to pay earlier. Dowloaded again. Backed out of PStore. Hit the game tile's Addon page on the main dashboard. Now showing 7 addons and southpaw as being installed. Booted game and it said "thanks for downloading 2k southpaw, when it's released you'll get access to blah blah" Worked for me. It is worth noting that usually the PStore "thinks" I need to buy a dlc but when I click to buy it starts downloading. Southpaw was different because this time it was actually adding it to my cart and wanting money etc. Is this just my copy of the game? When moving from caw part to caw part the game has to disappear and reload the caw with the new piece on. That's frustrating. What's worse is that my caw mode seems to be infected by WWE camera crew, constantly zooming in and out to "show off" a piece, when I just want my caw to stay at one zoomed level to I can see the piece I've selected as part of the larger outfit.
  12. UK Region. Own digital deluxe edition. 10GB patch 1.07 installed. Can't access the DLC without it wanting to charge me for it again. Console PStore, game main menu PStore link, trying to enter SPW story from 2k Originals menu. None work.
  13. I always enjoyed svr2011, whatever year it was glommed onto exhibition mode before it became it's own mode. I always found that you got lots of videos that first year, and only the handshake or handshake declined on rare occasions, in all the years that followed.
  14. Can you use the DLC entrances for other caws in easy and advanced CAEntrance? What are the new moves in the DLC? has anyone done a run-through of the DLC caw parts? Normal ones, not tower rewards.
  15. Can you? Is that listed in the patch notes?
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