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  1. .... Or should I say British Hybrid Wrestling & Hollywood Vixxxens Wrestling...
  2. BWX vs HLW looking to go into full swing this season...
  3. BWX Season 2 Opener - Women's Title Tournament 1. Ashley Chandler vs Katrina Krimson 2. KC Quinn vs Missy Maverick 3. Kat St Star vs Eliza Aries 4. Neon vs Sara 5. Kendall Harris vs Heather Valentine 6. CS Reed vs Dianna Richards 7. Yua Sato vs Laura Monroe 8. Luna Lane vs Rouge --- 9. Ashley Chandler vs KC Quinn 10. Kristi St Star vs Neon 11. Heather Valentine vs Dianna Richards 12. Rouge vs Laura Monroe --- 13. KC Quinn vs Kristi St Star 14. Heather Valentine vs Rouge 15. Kristi St Star vs Heather Valentine... New Women's Champion crowned between two newer characters! YT Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgKp0bZITLpMRkm8jIpTgMbOafts_5x6u There's some errors on my part due to moving, I had to re-sim some matches with updated caws, in older half-done arenas. It's a bit messy, but at the end of the day that's why the Tournament Playlist is now a thing. You'll see a revamped arena, and probably lots of updates to different caws going forward.
  4. Lain Steiner Lane competed in the first TNB Tournament held by BWX in 2019, which Kendall Harris would go onto win. I started her out trying to move Sara Williams' old Brock Lesnar inspired attire onto a new CAW. I've decided that Lain Steiner will be my athletic powerhouse. Brock Lesnar x Classic '92 Scott Steiner. Please can someone give me a body morph for a female tank? Everyone always looks so skinny on my game, and I can't see the muscle definition detailing on body customize due to poor eyes, or understand how that lot works El Diablo For now... he's got a mixture of Psicosis and La Parka's movesets from WCW. I'd like to grow him into something more modern as well, and incorporate some Pentagon Jr in there too, moveset wise..
  5. Thanks man, much appreciated. More to come soon
  6. New Panda Parker Gave Panda Parker a slight Harlequinn edit. Going to make sure she wrestles as a heel, KC Quinn as a face, and NEON as a mixture of her signiature style moves with a few martial arts kicks included. These 3 along with Eliza Aries really do make a fantastic little X Division-style midcard scene.
  7. New Sara Williams For as much work as I put into it, in the opening post of this thread, I really wasn't feeling the "singlet/outfit" I made for her. It just didn't look... Smooth, you could tell it was 3 pieces stuck together. So I went back to the top and undies set and continued tweaking. So I put the BWX logo on her top just like her Olympic/Athletic Team jacket. And then I designed a darker attire just for contrast. If I recall correctly, I put this version of Sara onto CC before getting off PS5 earlier.
  8. New Eliza Aries I decided to own the fact that Eliza Aries has been moonlighting on some games as Angelus instead. rather than making them their own people, Eliza's just a full of herself dickhead that thinks she's God Gift to Women's Wrestling. I do want to branch her out from gold, white and black overall. But right now the blue just feels good. Fiance helped me put this one together.
  9. He's up on one of the males attires caws. You'll probably find him searching for BWX or HLW
  10. Heather Valentine slowly morphing into a heel Velvet Sky I want her to be.
  11. Bunny Grimm's Freddie Kreuger outfit... Not sure if I am feeling this so far. Has anyone got any suggestions?
  12. It might, I'm currently working on a girl counterpart to him, that will probably be a bit more advanced, if I can make her how I want her... Neon Trying to incorporate some more of her original martial arts background. Heather Valentine Looking at making her a heel. What I'd like to do is really give her an edge like Christina Aguilera's Dirrty music video, and meet somewhere in the middle of that and Velvet Sky. In essence I want her to be a grungy Velvet Sky character. CAW upcoming. Trying new colors and hair colors on Megan Curtis.
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