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  1. The community creations server can be used without paying for PS Plus. Only the online matches side of WWE games need PS Plus to be paid for.
  2. ksdixon

    KS Showcase 2019

    KC Quinn Sister to Ethan Quinn, KC is another high flyer in the British Wrestling Xperience roster. Again with this caw, I love how the hair dye hack turned-out, as she uses a hairstyle that you don't see many CAW's using, especially women. Together with her brother, Ethan Quinn, they are currently locked in a war against another British brother & sister pairing, Bobby and Sara Williams. Sara Williams The jacket is supposed to be an Olympics jacket, or a Steiner Brothers-style varsity team letter jacket. Featuring the new BWX logo. This version of Sara has been completely retooled to wrestle like a British version of Kurt Angle, which was the original vision behind her dad Keith Williams, and Bobby Williams at certain stages of his career.
  3. ksdixon

    KS Showcase 2019

    NEON / Natasha Elizabeth Otero-Nevitt Very happy with the hair dye hack, and getting her into a short hairstyle that suits her because so many of the longer hairs are repeated amongst my other caws. Outfit is a knock-off of an Io Sharai outfit, but there's a reason why she looks like this, as she's part of a tag team that wears this neon green color. She's still a high flying cruiserweight. Kendall Harris Resident MMA enthusiast. Lots of nice kicks, falling somewhere between Xpac and Low Ki. Once again, I feel like this character fits both the hair styles she has, as neither are used much, but I just love her messy hair and freckles, and also the tied-hair suits the MMA style too. I'm not sure on the Emma outfit I'm using as her top, but for now it seems to work well.
  4. Question for 2019/series in general - What's the easiest way to make belts and arenas uploadable when they don't show up in the upload to CC servers menu?
  5. Right now we don't have that option. We bought the 2K Originals shite, yet we still have to run-through both those story towers, and other towers, in order to unlock moves, like Rusev's Fireman's Carry/Roundhouse Kick combo. For starters, it shouldn't be both. If I'm paying money for content, you shouldn't then also lock said content behind a time sink/grind mechanics such as Towers. I don't want to have to grind. Weather this is modern era in WWE2K Towers, the distant past by playing through PS1/PS2 Season Modes, completing various challenge modes or historical/story modes like RTWM or 30 Years Of WM, I have always used one method or another to bypass the whole entire unlocking thing. GameShark codes, hacking Xbox360 savedata, Accellorator Unlock All DLC... But I don't class that as ''skipping'' any of the game. I use CAWs, Exhibition Mode and Universe Mode. I also don't really care for WWE itself, so I don't care about their in-game rosters or DLC rosters of legends - except for what new or returning moves, taunts and entrance motions they may grant me access-to. I find it especically vexxing where 2K Originals were in-game wrestlers with stupid gimmicks and not legends/newcomers, so even less possibility that there would be a lot of moves/motions that I could re-use. I don't think I looked at a single Mad Max-style armored chestplate in CAW Mode and said 'oh gee! i can make use of this!' So yeah, given the option I would like to spend a smaller amount of money by picking and choosing individual hairstyles, moves, entrance motions, weapon skins etc. Then shelling-out for DLC Season Passes which is 99% shite I'll never have a use-for, and then have to run-through Towers in order to use the literal one or two items I am interested in.
  6. You know, I had a funny thought just now, reading over some game discussion about the concept of microtransactions. What do you value more, your time or your money? For me it's always been time. I've always used the accelerator dlc to unlock all in WWE games, or gameshark codes to unlock all before that. I don't want to have to grind towers, historical modes or story modes, just to use caw appearance parts and moves. Now that 2020 showed us that they can throw out individual caw pieces like hairs, shirts, pants, moves and taunts... Rather then buy a "story tower", which is essentially what 2K originals were, and then be forced to grind through them by playing them as well, id much rather pick, say, a hair style, off the "microtransaction store" instead, personally. Edit: to be clear, I'm not in for any randomised lootbox shite. Just constant update of creation assets which I can pick and choose what to buy from. (caw parts, moves, taunts, entrance animations, winning animations, weapons, arena props etc)
  7. Eh? All-stars was literally TNA Impact 2 with action-figure fighters and gravity turned to "moon" setting. It was the same developers and same engine tweaked a little.
  8. I wasn't aware you could crawl for the ropes in the current submission system? OK, to revise my statement, the AI should do this in CPU vs CPU matches more often. Tweak the values that initiate the animations and raise them up. See, Kofi can have a pancake entrance, and Undertaker and Kane can do their gothic stuff in a season mode cutscene or something. What I mean is that gimmicky shite, like fiend's hands grabbing people from the underworld, or the book of the dead spellbook, the WOOO super scream. The swap arena and FrankenStrowman, Anything that's in-game/in-matches, should be reserved for gimmicky shite arcade-style games like your AllStars or Battlegrounds. Keep all that away from the main cash cow, the SmackDown/SVR/WWE2K series. Edit: In terms of how to then push the simulation aspect forward. You can re-impliment past used mechanics and systems, and animations, that have fallen by the wayside (stamina/fatigue related things, physics for weapons and ropes), as discussed previously. You can give players greater control over areas such as CPU AI Logic, or finer detail over what we currently have (splitting ring announcer voicework from commentarry, from crowd noise and other sound effects). You can re-add old removed match types with improvements where needed (wwe12 rtwm's war games, age of orton rtwm aka cena's gauntlet rtwm Gauntlet match, Championship Scramble match, Time Limit Title hardcore match, 3 Stages Of Hell match, Inferno, Casket, Buried Alive matches, 6Man Tag Elimination Chambers and Captain Falls 6Man Tag matches). You can give us matches we haven't ever had yet like 5v5 Survivor Series, a real 6 Pack Challenge, A Flag On A Pole match etc. You can add more clothing for female wrestlers, more hair styles etc.
  9. Take every goofy thing like big head mode, colored movement swishes, silly powers and stages, arcade gameplay... And keep it the hell away from the bread and butter money maker WWE 2K series. Those games need to go full simulation style. Go back to the 2015 better fatigued moves animations and stamina systems. Re-do SVR 2006's double 10 count when both guys are spent on the mat. Re-do 2015's crawling to pin with the last of energy. 2011's interactive ropes and reactive weapos etc. Re-do submissions to variety of different styles like classic SD games with mash buttons, timing based hit the "release zone". Let us crawl to the ropes in a submission submission for a rope break, or choose to hold onto it until the count of 5 if we're applying it. Let us drop the arm in a sleeper submission like 2006. Etc etc
  10. Now here's my fear... We won't get the type of game we're used-to when this 2 year lead-in ''WWE 2K22'' releases. We'll get something more restricted, more in-line with other sports games, like Madden giving you 6 default faces. When we bitch, it will be 'we emulate what's on WWE TV' excuse. Except, you know, when they want to put arcade bollocks in there like magic spellbook weapons and zombies...
  11. If anyone wants a good team player medic on TLOU multiplayer, add ksdixon
  12. What does "Rope Break (Automatic) - On" do in the global options? Do you have to put that rope break skill onto everyone if you want them to literally reach out and grab the rope to break pins?
  13. Extra stuff the new control scheme let's you do? I thought they basically swapped sigs, fins and comebacks to multi-button inputs and that was it? I've lost track on that feature. What does "Rope Break (Automatic) - On" do in the global options? Do you have to put that rope break skill onto everyone if you want them to literally reach out and grab the rope to break pins?
  14. FFS. All these little AI buffs and opponent debuffs suck the fun out of the actual gameplay. The games were more fun when everyone could just do everything instead of fighting styles, skills, abilities, scripted stuff like catching finishers and omg moments, kickout meter and momentum changes. I wouldn't mind if if they just gave us basic controls over stuff. This guy irishwhips a lot, this one likes dives and springboards, he's a runner, she's a striker, this gal is a submission master.
  15. There's a "You aint reversing shit, son!" buff? Omg no wonder the game feels like it's not responding so much. How can we turn it off/take it out of each character's moves/skills list?
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