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  1. This isn't just me right? There's something goofy about moving custom images on a clothing piece between other image layers, right? I have to stop moving the image every two logo layers because it won't move correctly
  2. I did like the bruising for women caws early-on. I found it a great workaround to not being allowed to have the women bleed. Made fights feel more epic certainly, like blood does for male caws. Instead of turning it down slightly so female caws didn't look quite so badly beaten by Tyson, they appear to have removed it altogether. Shame. Note: I usually just sim cpu vs cpu female caw vs female caw.
  3. Two issues. Community got any solutions? 1. In options > Roster, you cant select Attire 2 as its greyed-out, or you can, but it doesnt change the attire preview from attire 1. 2. Seperately, sometimes a caw will not allow me to select attire 2 to play a match with, it acts like attire 2 doesnt exist when it does. Id like to not waste extra caw slots just to ensure attire 2 is selectable when I need it, if there's a way to make the caw read both attire slots? And this is why I say stop crying about caw credit for your "art". Everyone else suffers the restrictions, limits, bugs and glitches too and its b.s.
  4. Allysin Grim vs Charlie Kenneddy Kingsley (new attire) vs KC Quinn vs Sara Williams
  5. Sara Williams vs Allysin Grimm movesets updated to final DLC
  6. thanks man, that frees up a few caw slots and logo slots lol
  7. Game Design I want to expand as much to the controller layout so that they are universal actions the player can control; as opposed to AI markers to 'build towards', such as Comeback Moments are. Lets the AI 'desicions' have less to pick from, but gives players more in-match freedoms. So far, I'm working with an idea where a lot of actions follow the press or hold method for more important actions, and trying to group simillar things into 'action groups'.
  8. WCW Backstory This is going to be "open sandbox" approach, essentially: WCW 2000 after Russo, picking-up at Souled Out 2000; if they never lose their Monday Night Wars-era wrestlers like Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero, The Giant, Raven and Saturn. And… just for fun Kurt Angle is added into the mix. Side-stepping the need for the New Blood angle, there are plans for earlier debuts for Lance Storm & Mike Awesome. Benoit's World Champ, Sting's turning heel again in my story, the nWo Silver exist.... except screw Jarrett.Essentially, think rolling back some characters to late 99 when Bischoff got sent home, but we have to accomodate things like Benoit being world champ, nWo having returned etc. It's gonna be a different WCW roster and alignment plays than usual. Note the unused 'Star Logo' belt design for the tag belts, these are also used for the US and CW titles. Can I just say what an absolute arse it was to collect these WCW characters together? For one reason only. I DON'T WANNA HAVE TO PLAY YOUR CRAPPY SHOWCASE MODE, OR TOWERS, OR STORY/CAREER MODE.... NOTHING to access moves/animations I already bought as part of the game or the Season Pass. That isn't how to maximize player engagement. Keep shipping us those new caw pieces and moves and entrance motions and create a video scenes, and easy up on the restrictions a bit. Rey Mysterio, Lance Storm and Mike Awesome were particuarly hard to grab off CC without having run through some slap ass Rey Showcase matches (I eventually did, screw you JBL and Kane). Heel Sting I have decided I want to continue the Sting heel run in my WCW ewr diary/universe mode hybrid. Scary looking face paint, silver inlay on trenchcoat, leather pants and merch shirt for matches. Not bad, looks great in-game, something a bit different for him than the usual attire. Who Betta Than Kanyon? Champaign Chris Kanyon, Custom Mortis Kanyon, Positively Kanyon all white designs, Positively Kanyon blue & white designs. Sadly I can't upload most of my WCW guys, they're far too cobbled together from CC 'do not allow reuploadability' assets for me to ever contemplate that. It's bad enough when I have to transplant an OC onto a fresh CAW build.
  9. Hi Yall, Gonna be for both real and original CAWs this year. Getting harder to claim much credit as all OC's created together with Leon and/or cobbled together from CC, and the real CAWs are mostly cobbled together from different CC assets. Mixture of OC lore, or just saying something OOC about the creation process. I'll also probably waffle about bugs and glitches I encounter, or throw out game redesign ideas etc. Anyway... here it goes. At the moment, I am trying to get most of my OC's into a state where they are fully moveset sorted right up until the recent clowning around DLC moves/animations. I'm hoping this way I won't go back and edit them again until the next moves pack dlc hits; allowing me to focus on more new characters overall. OC CAWs Backstory Lucy has been threatened with legal action by the Williams family, and has handed-back the remnants of BWX to Keith Williams. He is considering a further relaunch and possible rebrand. Lucy is refocusing her efforts into new company World Hybrid Wrestling, keeping most assets she had access-to, such as she'll still be running "The New Blood Tournaments" in WHW. Although due to character rights issues between BWX and WHW, some familliar characters will be having to undergo name changes. Leon's fed HLW still exists, and will be feuding/sharing characters with WHW too. Allysin Grimm TNB 2020 Runner Up, Allysin is more of a refinement of her previous look on 2k19. I think the idea of a torn dress/undergarments in a twisted corruption of Disney's Alice is a lot better realised on 22 than 19 due to the new pieces available. Due to the removal of advanced entrances, she's got someone's motion, and comes out swining a kendo stick around like a mad woman. Her finisher is "Down The Rabbit Hole" (Steiner Screwdriver). She has a lot of brawling/rough-looking moves. I'm trying to merge various character tropes together and use that to further define characters through their movesets/give fuller characters through visuals. You'll see what I mean with other charater dev diaries. Ashley Chandler My cowgirl/Mickie James ripoff. Kinda made her look like a Debbie Does Dallas cheerleader by accident with all the blue glitter material and white combo (boy! do i miss the denim and rust and damaged materials!) I still like the look, but I'm not sure yet if the cheerleader connection will cause me to edit her again. "CKK" Charlie Kenneddy Kingsley You will have seen this character with long blond/white hair in the past, before she was fully realised. For a while I couldn't decide the name for a posh schoolgirl character, I'm sure I've shown off a Kenneddy or a Kingsley before now. She's finally come together a bit more this year, as there seems to be a good few ''school yard fight'' animations this year, from hair pulling to mounted punches etc. She fights dirty like she's in the school yard. Meghan Curtis She's got a new souped-up 'atheletic/sporty' moveset, plenty of jumpy crap to style on opponents. Love the sneakers on her, just thinking of her as a gym rat without extra backstory baggage or Cruiserwegiht status let me play around with her more. Total Johnny Cage/Shawn YB ripoff visually, but she pulls it off better with her attitude. Not too stoked on the sneakers and long socks combo, but I wanted to both keep the sneakers and show off more leg skin without ''stranding'' the sneakers. I figured it was good enough for one of the Bellas
  10. I deleted the MyGM data they were part of, then made a new MyGM save without them included?
  11. I got caws and logos I cant delete because they're locked to the MyGM draft pool. Only issue is there is no MyGM data, as I deleted it. I even started a fresh one to "overwrite" it and still caws are tied to a non-existant MyGM code. Just get rid of all the restrictions ffs.
  12. Could you not import the attire as one, and then reimport any facial bits over from attire 1?
  13. 4v4 elimination match 8Way non over the top Elimination Battle Royal Royal Rumble with shorter entrance intervals, and possibly finishers up a bit in hopes of more RR elimination finisher moves happening.
  14. *Censored* it, I'm on a roll... I want the hairdye to be imported with the hair layer without having to do an import all attire parts in order to do it. I want logos to come with the clothing, if not I'm forced into the song and dance routine of importing an attire whole, and then importing none clothing parts from attire 1 of the caw I'm building back onto attire 2. Why can't the import all/clothing attire & import parts systems be blown-out and expanded upon? Why can't more options be added to the import checklist in granular detail simillar to the CAMoveset import options? I mean Yes, game, of course I want to also carry-over the skin color, the face logo, all the face/body template choices and morphing, the height/weight at the same time ffs. In fact, I'll bet, game, that there's a damn good chance that I've had to reproduce a CAW on a fresh CAW slot and import parts, and then manually redo all the data that can't be imported because... 'something' on the CAW is NON-REUPLOADABLE, and I now can't share my OCs to CC easily. A literal 2 minute "hey check what I made today, let me throw them on CC for ya" turns into a 15 minute grind to create a new caw, import what you can, manually do the rest like skin color, face photo, then hopping in and out of sub menus and loading screens as you copy the moveset in CAMoveset mode, then copy the entrance in CAEntrance mode etc. It's rediculous. And this happens to crap I've made from scratch, across caws, arenas and titles. I'm never the wiser as to what trips items into non-uploadable status. I assume half the time it's bugs/glitches/restrictions. .... We've had more problems and restrictions and glitches introduced throughout this series trying to either nerf online hackers, or placate people who don't like their creation art being stolen. I know this place isn't the right crowd, but it's called the community creations server, guys. I mean I get it, I appreciate it everything, but is it worth the tradeoff in restrictions for some clout? It's not like CC is some prestine example where the restrictions have served their purpose, people still manage to reupload people's work wholesale with no credit given. But everyone else has to suffer the restrictions too. Remember the would-be daily download limit, or the goddam uploads ranking system? C'mon, there's gotta be a better middle ground in here somewhere.
  15. Here's a weird one. 1) How many of you get corrupted CAW downloads, where the VS screen pose is either a black default caw, or they steal someone else's preview picture (usually the next to them)? I thought EVERYONE experienced this? The fix is to edit the VS screen pose by the way. But my friend says he's never had it when I explained/showed him a picture of it. On another perhaps related note... two questions that may be related to one another.... 2) Do we have a work around to be able to quickly switch and preview both attires in either Universe Mode, or the (formerly MyWWE) Exhibition Mode Roster Editor yet? At different stages of patches, we either have Attire 2 greyed-out and non selectable on these roster edit screens. It it is selectable, but the preview never changes from attire 1's. 3) Why do CAWs whom have a perfectly decent attire 2, often only recognise attire 1 existing, when selecting matches etc? It's the little things that bug the crap out of me with these games. It was working, you must have put work in and changed something for it to be suddenly messed-up with 20/22. Go change it back, and suddenly everyone's just a little bit happier with a smoother experience overall.
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