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    Currently: Pierce The Veil, Vaults, Childish Gambino and Flyleaf.
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  1. Loving the look of Ameen and Kidd, you are really killing this UK project you have going on! Really exciting to see you are doing Nigel and Kid Fite, also a good Noir is needed desperately so very keen to see how the black swan turns out! In regards to Kris Travis I think you could post him up but in memoriam of him - people still create Chris Benoit caws and Balls Mahoney for example. Now onto requests...I would love to see a TK Cooper and a Senza Volto - gotta love PROGRESS and Rev Pro.
  2. Here is the wider jaw update and I have created her face paint using the logos and face paint. I have had to use a video on YT as her reference pics are all blurry and I am happy with how it turned out overall. Update: tried her out in game and she has lost all her face paint...this game I swear down.
  3. Ah perfect, thanks for that - just looking at another reference picture and it looks completely different to my other one. always appreciate feedback to get better!
  4. We can all be safe in the knowledge that Karma will wind it’s way to those people that are posting those horrific things and have said the shocking stuff.
  5. And here is my newest preview; the late and great Bertha Faye/Monster Ripper. since lockdown I have been watching lots of early 90’s WWC from Puerto Rico and because of that I wanted to make her - she was so under-utilised in the WWF and a beast on the independents and in Japan.
  6. We are always told about how wrestlers put their bodies on the line, but people don’t think about the gruelling mental side that they have to deal with on a daily basis and this isn’t emphasised enough on bigger platforms. It is a huge blow dealt to the wrestling community but more importantly the world. She was a beacon of light and she will be sorely missed. Also I was going to post my favourite gif of Hana but I got a lump in my throat looking at her in action.
  7. Haha no worries I did worry for a split second! cannot wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!
  8. Oooh CCK, great suggestion there! Did you take down OJMO as I can’t seem to find him up on CC.
  9. My heart hurts so much reading the outpouring of love and support from the wrestling community on Twitter currently. I don’t know how these trolls sleep at night knowing they were the reason that a young woman took her own life.
  10. I literally cannot fathom this - 22 is no age to die whatsoever, I am a huge fan of Joshi Wrestling and this is such a devastating blow to the world aside from wrestling. I just hope she is at peace now and Tokyo Cyber Squad just won’t be the same without her.
  11. Here is a 1st of Winter/Katie Lea Burchill when she was under her Nikita moniker from the U.K. independent scene.
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