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    Mayumi Ozaki and Sakura Hirota
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    Currently: Pierce The Veil, Vaults, Childish Gambino and Flyleaf.
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  1. Loving that Warhorse!!! Your AEW CAWS have been my favourites to keep up with. Escobar looks great, too!
  2. Great to see you back at what you do best - EC3 looks absolutely amazing and props to you again for really making 2K20 as enjoyable as it can be.
  3. Loving the STARDOM Io! Black Tiger looks fantastic.
  4. Joshistar

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    Absolutely lovely that Ram Kaicho!!!
  5. Joshistar

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    I went onto 2K19 today and I just wanted to commend you on your Keyra and La Maravilla - so great to see luchadoras being showcased by you!
  6. So Ratchet is actually Dark Sheik who is a openly trans wrestler, both of which worked in HOODSLAM - I would also be up for doing Dark Sheik as she cosplays Dark Phoenix etc, but reference pics can be hard to source. But you gotta love the dark sided gimmicks!
  7. Heya folks, so I have been going through the CAWs I have left currently still in development and decided to bring Nurse Ratchet back up to the forefront. feedback would be appreciated.
  8. Joshistar

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    Absolutely love The Great Sasuke & Mr. Iguana - fantastic work on all creations.
  9. He looks fantastic, really knocking these out of the park!
  10. Liv looks great, thanks so much!
  11. Wow Aldis looks fantastic! the tattoo work on Lana is great. The new additions make your project perfect.
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