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  1. So just a note to say Candy Lee has been uploaded to CC under the tags: Diva, CandyLee and Candy. more previews and updates coming sooooon.
  2. You have been pumping quality caw after quality caw out - amazing work as always amigo!
  3. Here is Candy’s 2nd attire - just perfecting her moveset and she should be up at some point this week.
  4. Ha she did indeeed! thank you so much for the feedback! I have put it into action and they look much better for it - will be posting updates soon for Claudia’s 2nd attire and Candy’s 2nd attire, too!
  5. So here is one of my favourite wrestlers from New Zealand and in the spirit of pride month she is a real trailblazer / here is Candy Lee! here is a better look at her 1st attire: feedback would be great!
  6. Really loving the update on Rachael! very excited to see what attires you give her.
  7. That’s a great updated Sha Samuels - great work!
  8. Tenille looks great! Will definitely have to download her.
  9. Loving what you have done for KLB - attire wise perhaps give her Winter TNA attires a go or her indy attires. I’ll find reference pics later for them!
  10. You’re a machine pumping out of all of these in such a short space of time!
  11. So here is a preview of Claudia Del Solis who is from ACW (where the likes of Athena/Ember Moon came from!)
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