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    Currently: Pierce The Veil, Vaults, Childish Gambino and Flyleaf.
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  1. Loving the final product of Hager - will definitely download him when I am back on today. great start on Cassidy, too!
  2. Hey folks so I thought I would try my hand at Dulce Garcia (formerly known as Sexy Star from Lucha Underground) very early days but would appreciate feedback.
  3. Fantastic to see a great LAX and what a treat with Konnan. Keep up the fantastic work you have been able to achieve.
  4. Loving the update on Hager and can totally get you there about applying tricky trunk designs!
  5. So I thought I would have a crack at Suzume from TJPW - feedback would be appreciated.
  6. Absolutely love the new texture you gave Aldis! I prefer the newer one as it really makes his features pop. Really liking the look of Swagger in its early stages, too!
  7. Hey folks so here is someone I first started creating when I first got 2k20, suffice to say with self isolation I thought I would revisit her and I managed to create a 2nd attire for her! presenting from ROH, Lacey! Feedback would be appreciated as always.
  8. So here is a update on Thekla - gave her a fringe but I would like ideas on how to blend it in with the chosen hair if possible so it doesn’t stick out as much. I also used the match lighting effect to see how she would turn out in game, pretty happy with how she has turned out so far.
  9. Loving that Daffney!! Especially the attire - nice to see people aren’t just rehashing her Zombie Hot era for a change! Maybe for her 2nd attire (if you needed ideas) you could do her Shark Girl outfit from SHIMMER?
  10. Hey folks so here are some current wrestlers from Ice Ribbon - first up is Thekla! Next up is Ram Kaicho! feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. So as I am a man of my word - Leva is now uploaded to CC under the tags AEW. new updates coming soon!!!
  12. Today is my first day off work so I will endeavour to get Leva uploaded today, for the sake of your kid and your sanity lol
  13. Luna is looking really great so far - definitely will be downloading when it is uploaded.
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