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  1. Here’s a big update on Julia / feedback would be great?
  2. One of the best Moxley’s I have seen thus far!! amazing work.
  3. Holy Moses, these are off the chain. especially loving Sikoa!!!
  4. What era of her are you wanting? I could have a go at creating her for you, if you wanted?
  5. Hey folks so thought I would try one of my favourites from AEW currently - Julia Hart (House of Black) feedback would be great as it’s a early doors preview. more updates coming soooon!
  6. Here is a first look preview of ROH alumni Kelly Klein - I have wanted to make her for some time. more previews coming soon!
  7. Aldis looks fantastic! I love the improvements you made on him.
  8. Keeping on the theme of people left to finish off / I have uploaded Claudia Del Solis. more updates coming soon
  9. So just adjusting Ayumi’s body right now. managed to finish one of the people I have had on the backburner for some time… Uploaded now to CC is TNA’s Alexa Jade - Alexa Thatcher! she comes with the full works and two wrestling attires! More updates coming soon!!!
  10. That would be great! Out of interest, do you think her body type is too muscular atm?
  11. That’s very kind and I know Wizard will be chuffed to bits hearing that. I am back with a early preview of one of my favourite Joshi wrestlers ever - Ayumi Kurihara. feedback would be appreciated.
  12. Fantastic work! Definitely will have to download.
  13. The level of detail in your work is second to none. Amazing work amigo.
  14. Loving Cezar and great work on Daniels and Kazarian!!!!
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