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Spot Callerz Wrestling

New Wrestling Game In Development - Spot Callerz

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Hey everyone!

Complete transparency, I am an Indy Dev and former CAWer of 5 years, finally working on my dream project. Last month, I graduated from Full Sail University with my Bachelor’s in Game Art. This game is extremely early and I just wanted to start building a community for it now. I am welcome to listening to all suggestions and want to genuine create something awesome.

The game is currently going under the Project Name “Spot Callerz”. The concept for this game was originally built in Unity but I decided to rehash it and completely revamp it in Unreal. This is a turn-based Wrestling game that provides you access to your entire moveset real-time. The layout of the game will allow for over 30 moves per wrestler per match with the ability to upgrade applicable cards. (For instance, there will be 3 versions of the V-Trigger included in the game. If you have enough momentum and energy to upgrade, you will do a more devastating version of the move.)

The game in its current state includes the following:

-The ability to perform a move

-The ability to perform a combo

-Extremely Early Create a Wrestler system

-Extremely Early Fan interaction dialogue mode

-Merch management

Please keep in mind, I am a building this outside of my Full Time work hours so production will not move as fast as I would prefer.

The official site for the game can be found here:


I am currently fishing for prop ideas to build out the Arena creation mode. I know that I did not provide too much detail about the game. Therefore, if you have any additional questions, please let me know.


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Turn based? that's unique for sure. Now I kinda want a JRPG wrestling game lol

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