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LoneZero Movesets 2k15 Edition. Updated 01/13/15

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I have a couple done but unfortunately no way to post them. Last week my laptop was smashed accidentally and the screen is broken and barely connected to the bottom half. So I'm trying to grab my info out of it and find a alternative way of typing out my sets. I use both the 360 and the laptop to type out the moves-sets so in-till I can figure out a way to do it I got put sets on hold till I can.


The sets I've been meaning to post were;


Hulk Hogan

Daniel Bryan tweaked

DDP updated

Seth Rollins Tweaked

Stone Cold Tweaked


I'll update when I can.

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Can you re update Christian's moveset please? Because it seems like I can't put diving European uppercut as his signature on the ps3 version....

That's weird, luckily Christian is very versatile in his signatures and finishers. You can use either Springboard Sunset Flip or Overhead Kick as replacements as he used both to set up his KIllswitch. He's also used both Spear 5 and Spear 1 to set up as well. You can even move Killswitch to a signature spot and replace it with Frog Splash 1 (replacing it with Body Splash or Diving Elbow 1) and either Spear of your choice as he's used the Killswitch to set up to both the Frog Splash and Spear to win matches.


Hope this helps! =)


I was able to save my notepads with all my move-set information I just need to find my spare VGA cable and I can set up 2nd tv with my desktop. If it all works out I'll have a handful of new sets and tweaks to old sets on my next set of nights off Sunday-Tuesday. Sorry for the long pause of updates. x.x

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