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  1. Yup can be applied, if I tweak any more I'll add em on here.
  2. Thank you and take you're time, no rush. Keep up the great work.
  3. This, looks fun, here are some tweaks made for signature and finishers. AJ Styles Signatures - Phenomenal Forearm 2 - Calf Crusher or 1916 2 Finishers - Styles Clash - Pop-Up Styles Clash or Calf Crusher Attempted 1916 Vs Balor at TLC, any of these moves can be a finisher since Styles doesn't really set up the Styles Clash Akira Tozawa Signatures - Shining Wizard 2 - Deadlift German Suplex Finishers - Snap German Suplex - Diving Senton Bomb 1 Shining Wizard sets up his Senton Bomb or finish with either German Suplex. DDP Signatures - Standing Cutter - Tower of London Finishers - Fireman's Carry Cutter - Pop-Up Cutter Choose you're variation of the Diamond Cutter. Dean Ambrose Signatures - Rebound Lariat - Snap DDT 2 Finishers - Dirty Deeds 2 - Dirty Deeds 3 He does his elbow too much in a match to be a sig, Rebound sets up either Dirty Deeds and Snap DDT 2 was used as finishers in matches against Kane and HHH. Jason Jordan Signatures - Corner Trapped Spear - Spear/Belly to Belly Combo Finishers - Back Suplex Neckbreaker - Has used both to set up Back Suplex Neckbreaker. Kassius Ohno Signatures - Discus Big Boot - Electric Chair/Rolling Elbow Combo Finishers - KO 1 - Rolling Elbow 3 Discuss Big Boot sets up either Elbow finish, 2nd sig as a 3rd finisher from '15. Neville Signatures - Superplex 4 - Rings of Saturn 1 Finishers - Rings Of Saturn 2 - Red Arrow Any can be used as a finisher. Roderick Strong Signatures - Belly to Back Facebuster - Gutcheck/Sick Kick Combo Finishers - End Of Heartache - Rocket Kick 2 Belly to Back Facebuster sets up either Sick Kick (Rocket Kick 2) or End of Heartache, Gutcheck/Sick Kick Combo as a 3rd finisher. Samoa Joe Signatures - CCS Enzuigiri or Samoan Blitz - Muscle Buster 2 Finishers - Side Slam 1 or Uranage 1 - Coquina Clutch First choice for set up, Muscle Buster 2 for a 3rd finisher, either choice works till the new moves pack is released, DDP's Sambo Suplex is in the pack and should be a good replacement for his Swinging Uranage. Seth Rollins Signatures - School Boy Superkick - Superkick 1 Finishers - Ripcord Knee Strike 1 - Ripcord Knee Strike 2 Either set's up his Knee Strike. Shinsuke Nakamura Signature - Inverted Powerslam 2 - Kinshasha 2 Finishers - Strong Style Knee Strike - Kinshasha 1 Inverted Powerslam 2 to set up, choose which variation to finish, running version as a 3rd finisher. TJP Signatures - Chicken Wing Gutbuster 2 - Finishers - Detonation Kick - TJP Clutch Chicken Wing Gutbuster 2 to set up Detonation Kick or go for the clutch. Tye Dillinger Signatures - Mudhole Stomps 2 - Perfect 10 Finishers - Tye Breaker - Stomps in the corner to set up Tye Breaker, Perect 10 as his original and a 3rd finisher now a common move. Place holder till new Tye Breaker is released in moves pack. CAWs Austin Aries Signatures - Skull Tap - Last Chancery 2 Finishers - Rolling Elbow 4 - Rolling Elbow 2 205 Live Aries, both Discus Fivearm variations, Last Chancery as a 3rd finisher and Skull tap was used in NXT. CM Punk Signatures - Diving Elbow Drop 7 - Chick Kick 1 Finishers - G.T.S. 3 - Anaconda Vise 2 Either sets up G.T.S. or hit the vice.
  4. All 4 are amazing. Thank you for taking the time to create them.
  5. Looking great, looking forward to Su Yung and Leva, any chance for Delilah Doom?
  6. I am but they can take up to a few hours to type up, I dunno how the sets are on 360 and ps3 but on ps4 there very tedious. I'm almost halfway through the sets, I'm also reworking and tweaking them so they will all be new. to go faster I'm not gonna type out taunts, abilities or skills. So that should speed it up. I typed today, CM Punk, Finn Balor, Triple H, and currently typing out Seth Rollins. Just typing out those 4 has taken me over three hours. xD I still have to type up Joe, Reigns, Shango, Itami, Bayley, TJP, Mcintyre, Strong, and Albert
  7. I let sandow know too, I was tinkering with the quick edit section. If you select one of the striker sets it places, Snapmare & Elbow, Hangman's Elbow, and Snapmare & Soccerball Kick into the Front Facelock menu in grapples. Hope it helps. I really hate that strikes are separated from grapples this year. A good majority of the current roster primarily use strikes over actual wrestling moves so a lot of sets feel very basic and generic, kinda like filling in spots.
  8. I've done that a few times too with some moves here and there, it happens.
  9. Maybe, I made a set awhile back but it's still more NXT then main roster since he hasn't done too much variety since coming to Raw and Smackdown, I wanna update, test, and tweak it some more before I upload it. I dunno when I'll update next, still typing out every set I've made and I'm researching Kenny Omega and Okada for '16-'17 sets for each. I have an Asuka set and a current Neville set I'd like to upload soon too.
  10. I dunno if this helps for future sets, but I was tinkering with the quick edit section. If you select striker set it places, Snapmare & Elbow, Hangman's Elbow, and Snapmare & Soccerball Kick into the Front Facelock menu. I'm gonna redo some set's to apply this. Wanted to share just in case you didn't know. Might come in handy for puro CAW's.
  11. Well, Sandow just did their set's. I don't think mine would be any different. I'm using his as well. Also, sorry for Itami and Balor sets, I apparently didn't save my finish sets and uploaded half finished sets, I'm reworking both as well as Punk's and Bryan's. Sorry for that.
  12. HHH, Reigns, Rollins, Joe, and Shango all uploaded for now. I'll be typing every set when I have more free time, half way through them.
  13. Maybe soon, I just updated 5 sets, since I can only do 5 at a time, i just wait a week or so and upload new ones after that, but i can share them early. I'll have it typed up soon here at least.
  14. Yeah, I just finished HHH's and i'm reworking Rollins. I'm gonna make an effort to type out every set and post them soon.
  15. I'll try, I'll tweak them some more and see if i can post them.
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