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SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain Finisher List

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[center][b]WWE [color="#3333FF"]SmackDown![/color]: Here Comes the Pain
Finisher List
Created by: [color="#FF0000"]hulk[/color][color="#FFFF00"]hogan[/color][color="#FF0000"]fan[/color][/b][/center]

Please give your suggestions

Note: I spelled Derailler as it was in the game, I know it's mispelled.

[center][color="#3333FF"][b]In-Game[/color] [color="#0000FF"]Superstars[/color][/center][list][u]Male Wrestlers[/u][/b]
A-Train: Derailleur, Train Wreck
Batista: Powerbomb 16 (Batista Bomb), Spinebuster 8
Big Show: Show Stopper, Chokeslam 2 (Alternate Show Stopper) OR Final Cut
Booker T: Booker T Special (Scissors Kick w/Spinnaroonie), Book End
Brock Lesnar: F-5 2, F-5 1
Brother Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley): Bubba/Diamond Cutter, Bubba Bomb
Charlie Haas: Hass of Pain, DDT 8 (Haastile Takeover)
Chavo Guerrero: Reverse Full Nelson (Gory Bomb), Brainbuster DDT 3 OR Frog Splash 2/3
Chris Benoit: Crossface, Sharshooter 1/2 OR Diving Headbutt 2
Chris Jericho: Walls of Jericho 1, Enzuigiri 3 OR Lionsault Pin
Christian Cage: Unprettier, DDT 25 (CCT) OR Frog Splash Pin 1/2/3
Brother D-Von (D-Von Dudley): Saving Grace, D-Von Neck Breaker
Eddie Guerrero: Frog Splash Pin 3, El Paso 2
Edge: Edgecution 1/2, The Gore
Eric Bischoff: Ultimo Strike, Arm Wrench & Hook Kick 1 OR Karate Kick 2
Goldberg: Jackhammer Pin 2, Spear 5
Goldust: Saving Grace (Curtian Call), Curtian Call
Hurricane: Eye of the Hurricane, Shining Wizard 3/5/7/10
John Cena: F-U x2
Kane: Chokeslam 5 (Chokeslam from Hell), Chokeslam 8 (Chokeslam from Hell)
Kevin Nash: Jackknife, Big Boot 5
Kurt Angle: Angle Lock 2, Angle Slam
Lance Storm: Super Kick 2 (Canadian Jawcracker), Single Lag Crab 2 (Canadian Maple Leaf)
Matt Hardy: Twist of Fate 2, Twist of Fate 1
Randy Orton: RKO, Bubba/Diamond Cutter (Alternate RKO)
Rey Mysterio: The 619, Frog Splash Pin 3
Rhyno: The Gore, Piledriver 1/4 (Rhino Driver)
Ric Flair: Figure-4 Log Lock 3 x2
Rico: Rico Spinning Kick, Emerald Fusion 2 (Rico Driver)
Rikishi: BANZAI Drop 2 (Rump Shaker), Rikishi Driver
RVD: Five-Star Frog Splash x2
The Rock: The People's Elbow, The Rock Bottom
Rodney Mack: Black Out, Tigerbomb 4
Scott Steiner: Steiner Recliner, Complete Shot (Steiner Flatliner)
Sean O'Hare: Seanton Bomb, Widowmaker
"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Sweet Chin Music 2, Sweet Chin Music 1
Shelton Benjamin: Powerslam Pin 1 (T-Bone), Super Kick 2 OR Chick Kick (Benjamin Frostkick)
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Stone Cold Stunner 6, Stone Cold Stunner 4
Steven Richards: Stevie-T, Super Kick 2 (Steven Kick)
Tajiri: Buzzsaw Kick x2
Test: Testdrive, Big Boot 5
"The King of Kings" HHH: Pedigree 3, Pedigree 2
Ultimo Dragon: Ultimo Dragon DDT (Asai DDT), Dragon Sleeper 3 OR Lionsault Pin
Undertaker [Biker]: The Last Ride, Chokeslam 4
Val Venis: Money Shot Pin, Leg Lock 11 (Venis Fly Trap)
Vince McMahon: Stone Cold Stunner 1 (Mac Stunner), Atomic Leg Drop 2

Jazz: [any 2] Jazz Stretch, STF, Fisherman DDT
Lita: DDT 10 (Lita DDT), Twist of Fate 1/2/Extreme
Sable: Powerbomb 14 (Sable Bomb), Woman's Special Slap
Stacy Keibler: Rico Spinning Kick, Chick Kick
Stephine McMahon: Pedigree 1, Woman's Special Slap
Torrie Wilson: Facecrusher (Nosejob), DDT 4/6/7/11/20
Trish Stratus: Chick Kick, Stratusfaction
Victoria: Widow's Peak x2

Road Warrior (Animal): Oklahoma Slam, Power of the Punch OR Powerslam Pin 1
George "The Animal" Steele: Full Nelson, Big Splash Pin
Road Warrior Hawk: Flying Clothesline 2, Falling Neckbreaker
Hillbilly Jim: Big Boot 6, Atomic Leg Drop 2
Iron Sheik: Camel Clutch 3 x2
Jimmy "Superfly " Snuka: Superfly, Jimmy Snuka Special
Nicolai Volkoff: Bearhug 2, Backbreaker 6
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper: Sleeper Hold 3, Roddy Piper Strikes
Sgt. Slaughter: Sgt. Cobra Clutch, Camel Clutch 3
Ted DiBiase: Million $ Dream, Million $ Fist Drop 1
The Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver Pin, Chokeslam 4/8
[color="#FF0000"]WWE[/color][list][color="#FF0000"][u]RAW Roster[/u][/color][/b]
Candice Michelle: Full Nelson Face Drop, Woman's Special Slap
Carlito: Complete Shot (Cool Shot), Testdrive
Chris Masters: Full Nelson (Master Lock), Test Full Nelson Slam 1/2
Cryme Tyme:[list]
[*]JTG: ?
[*]Shad Gaspard: Big Boot 5, Big Boot 6
[/list]Eugene: DDT 11/20, Neckbreaker 3 OR Swinging Neckbreaker
Jeff Hardy: Twist of Fate 2, Swanton Bomb 2
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Piledriver 1/4, Diving Fist Drop
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan: Clothesline From Hell (Patriot Lariat), The Gore (Patriot Tackle)
"Good Ol' JR" Jim Ross: Stone Cold Stunner 1, Power of the Punch
Johnny Nitro: Corkscrew Body Pin, Curtian Call
Kenny Dykstra: Diving Leg Drop, Testdrive
Lance Cade: Diving Elbow Drop Pin 1/2, Clothesline 12
Melina: Woman's Facebuster, Stratusfaction (Extreme Makeover)
Mickie James: DDT 7, DDT 24
Ron Simmons: Dominator, Spinebuster 1
Santino Marella: Armbar 2, Triangle Hold
Super Crazy: Kurt Diving Moonsault, Lionsault Pin
The Great Kahli: Kane Lifting & Toss x2
The Highlanders:[list]
[*]Robbie McAllister: Tigerbomb 2, Samoan Drop 1 (One-Man Scot Drop)
[*]Rory McAllister: Inverted Suplex (Hotscot Slingshot), Samoan Drop 1 (One-Man Scot Drop)
[/list]Trevor Murdoch: DDT 19, Sky High
Umaga: Big Punch OR Big Slap (Samoan Spike), The Money Shot Pin (Wild Samoan Splash)
Viscera: Deraileur (Sex Drive), Big Splash (Viscera Drop)

[color="#0000FF"][b][u]SmackDown! Roster[/u][/b][/color]
Ashley Massaro: Elbow Drop 3 (Starstruck) x2
Brian Kendrick: Ninja (Sliced Bread #2), Super Kick 2
Cherry: Stone Cold Stunner 1, Frankensteiner
Daivari: DDT 18, Camel Clutch 1/3
Dave Taylor: Double Arm Suplex 1/2 x2
Deuce: Pheonix Splash (Deuce Twister), Running Kick (Crack 'em in the Mouth)
Domino: Fisherman DDT (Domino Driver) x2
Finlay: Emerald Fusion 2 (Celtic Cross) x2
Funaki: DDT 24 (Rising Sun) x2
Hornswaggle: Swanton Bomb (Lepreton Bomb), The Monwy Shot Pin (Leprechaun Splash)
Jamie Noble: Dragon Sleeper 3 (Dragon Sleeper 2.0), Tigerbomb 3 (Noblizer)
Jillian Hall: Facecrusher, Front Dropkick 5
Jimmy Wang Yang: Diving Moonsault Pin, Corkscrew Body Pin (Yang Time)
Mark Henry: Falling Powerslam (World's Strongest Slam), Big Splash Pin
Michelle McCool: 1/2/6/7 x2
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin: Swinging Neckbomb (The Mizard of Oz), Stratusfaction
Montel Vontarious Porter: Overdrive (Playmaker), Emerald Fusion 1
Mr. Kennedy: Swanton Bomb 1 (Kenton Bomb), DDT 19/20
Paul London: The 450 Pin, Super Kick 2
Shannon Moore: Rolling Thunder 1 (Halo), Over Castle (Mooregasm)
The Boogeyman: Derailleur, Pumphandle Slam 1/2
Undertaker [Now]: Tombstone Piledriver Pin, The Last Ride
William Regal: Power of the Punch, The Regal Stretch

[color="#800080"][u][b]ECW Roster[/b][/u][/color]

[u][b]Unassigned Talent/Other Crew[/b][/u]
Shane McMahon: Brother Combination (Shane-O-Mac Shuffle), Elbow Drop 3 (Leap of Faith)

[color="#FFA500"][u][b]OVW Roster[/b][/u][/color]

[color="#9ACD32"][u][b]FCW Roster[/b][/u][/color]

[/list][color="#8B0000"][b]TNA[/color][list][u]Male Wrestlers[/u][/b]
Abyss: Scrapbuster Pin (Black Hole Slam), Train Wreck (Shock Treatment)



A-1: Pumphandle Slam 2, Jackhammer Pin 2

Simon Diamond: Samoan Driver (Simonizer), Bubba/Diamond Cutter (Gem Cutter)

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You could add Jackhammer Pin 1, to Batista. Spear 5 works for both Edge and Rhyno. I am also aware that this is an old topic but the type of topic it is, I feel should be allowed to be bumped if needed.

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Nova:Emerald Fusion 2(Kryptonite Krunch)
Testdrive(Spin Dr.)or Atomic Leg Drop 2(Nova Leg Drop)

Blue Meanie:Diving Moonsault 1/2(Meanie Sault)[pick any of the three]Atomic leg drop 2(Peoples leg drop),DDT 14(Meanie DDT),Electric Chair Drop(One-Man Blue Light Special)

711-Blackout X2

Thomas "Inchworm" Rodman-Atomic Leg Drop[any](Rodman Leg Drop X2

Stevie Richards[bWo era]Sweet Chin Music 2(Stevie Kick),Sidewalk Slam 5(Cool Blue Slam) or Facebuster 1(bWo Buster)

Owen Hart-Tombstone pildriver 1,Sharpshooter 2

Jake "The Snake "Roberts:DDT 15 X2

Some Random wrestlers.....

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Insted of the Rhyno Driver : PileDriver 1/4 change it 2 Rikisidriver cuz Rhyno does his Driver belly 2 belly not belly 2 Back like a tombstone (hope that makes sence).


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