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  1. Sit-Out Alabama Slam belongs to Mojo Rawley.
  2. So, looking at what was unlocked at the when you purchase the DLC, we got new moves for Boss & Hug Connection (Backstabber/Bayley to Belly Combo), The IIconics (The IIconic Knee), Matt Riddle (Bro-Ton, it's a running strike to seated), Shinsuke Nakamura (Sliding German Suplex), Dakota Kai (Penalty Kick/Double Stomp Combo), Cameron Grimes (Cave-In), and Sami Zayn (Pumphandle Vertical Suplex Powerbomb). Those are the ones I recognized.
  3. The Zombie Sasha Banks tower is now up.
  4. Not necessarily a bug or a glitch and not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but Billie Kay's default moveset is all fouled up. Her specials are Zelina Vega's and the rest of her moves seem to come from Peyton.
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