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Found 5 results

  1. 1). The Undertaker 2). Big Show 3). Triple H 4). Chyna 5). X-Pac 6). Road Dogg 7). Billy Gunn 8). Chris Jericho 9). Val Venis 10). Al Snow 11). Hardcore Holly 12). Steve Blackman 13). Godfather 14). Mark Henry 15). D'Lo Brown 16). Big Boss Man 17). Ken Shamrock 18). Test 19). Gangrel 20). Edge 21). Christian 22). Faarooq 23). Bradshaw 24). Matt Hardy 25). Jeff Hardy 26). Buh Buh Ray Dudley 27). D-Von Dudley 28). Vince McMahon 29). Shane McMahon 30). Paul Bearer
  2. Hi, i looking for caw's that are not real wrestler. Main looking for custom tag teams, stables men and women with ready movesets, if it's possible it would be great without DLC
  3. After a small hiatus I want to try to setup BPW again for its 4th season. The people in the forum are awesome and any help with getting everything together will be much appreciated and requested. I will go through other post and request some stars but please add them here if you think they fit for the show. I play of PC now and I need it all Superstars, women, tag teams and even factions if you all have any. I would need the tags to find them. I would need their finisher/Signature names and quick bio. I will try to stay loyal to the character the best I can while writing the episodes. I will shoutout to all the creators of the CAWs I use in the promotion. And if any of you all can help outside of CAWs let me know it would be appreciated. I do plan on streaming the shows again when I figure out a good schedule so I will keep everyone posted. I had a brand change but decided to keep the BPW Show cause its great and was build and held together by all you guys {Quick BPW refresher} BPW is a "realistic" all caw show that is announced by me. With the help of a few advisors storylines are written for the caws that can be played out during the show. I try my best to keep the stories to what happens in the ring and add context with my commentary. I use universe mode to set up the shows and try to use all within it to write, commentate, edit and run BPW. I do a weekly show with every 4 to 5 weeks being a special PPV or "special events" as we call them. Our biggest shows being Go For Broke (Our Wrestlemania), Livewire (our Summerslam), World Tour, and Redemption( Our Royal Rumble). {Our Titles} BPW World Title BPW Internet Title BPW Women's Title BPW Tag Team Titles BPW Women's Tag Team Titles BPW Golden Ticket Briefcase Also we have some legacy characters that I would love to see again and will try my best to contact you individuals. Also if anyone is good at arena building and title making please DM I need assistance
  4. Title says it all. I'm new to WWE 2K, just bought WWE 2K22 and I'm looking for really good CAWs and Creators. Thank you for ANY/ALL help.
  5. Looking for a Rick Rude CAW I found and lost. One of the requirements to download him was unlocking Andre The Giant, it had two versions one with mullet and one with short hair. Anything helps. Thank you.
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