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  1. Hey how has everyone been recently? Like i said BPW will be back eventually may actually look into 2k19 again until we hear about 2k21
  2. I know the feeling that is why I took a break for now lol if the new game is better we will be back though with season 4
  3. @MikeM I get that in his matches he just started to give off that arrogance. I thought about it yeah but I may just wait until the next game comes out want to build up the brand some more so I can make the next show better
  4. Oh yeah lol my bad i didnt say it here. Yeah I m rebranding my channel but 2k will come back when the game comes out. Thanks X for the history I m saving it when I get home. I want to try to make some other content and give content creation a real try so I rebranded. BPW will be back if the new game is any good.
  5. @P1styles88 Thanks so much If you have alternate attires let me me. @Rekka_No_Ryo @BrandonX @Seanpman1893 @MikeM @sharpe2803you guys too Match card for GFB -Ken Yamamoto vs Danny Acton vs Braxton *Extreme Rules Match* -Lee & Even Wilson vs Amber Mitchell & Brandon X *Mixed Tag Match* -El Loco's OPEN Challenge -Killer K & Johnny Holloway vs Mike Willis & Rob Rush [BPW Tag Team Titles match] * Tornado Tag titles* -Brooklyn & Gabriella vs Crystal & Gia [BPW Women's Tag Team Titles match] *Double feature* -Brooklyn vs Gia [BPW Women's Title match] *Double feature* -Connor Morgan vs Knightmare [BPW Internet Title match] -*Regina Elimination Chamber* Verity vs Lori Braddock vs BeBe vs Briana vs Alexia Adams vs Gauge Williams -*Rex Elimination Chamber* Erik Magnusson vs Edward Harrington vs Keith Anderson vs Adrian Cutter vs Gorial vs Roy Knight - Skull vs Mike Edwards [BPW World Title match] *Main Event*
  6. Late stream tomorrow guys sorry
  7. @Seanpman1893 @BrandonX its all good guys streams have been going well sorry your guys haven t been in it much but October 6th is Go for broke make sure you are there. Also new job so start time for streams are at 5pm est. @Rekka_N0_Ryo will get him situated when I get home. Thanks guys so much
  8. The stream will be a bit delayed tomorrow until 3:30pm est
  9. Also when you guys watch the next video try to make a clip of any of your fav moments
  10. @Seanpman yeah a lot of stuff has happened. @MikeM Yeah two time actually been awhile lol
  11. Also stream is delayed today will try to stream at 5 pm est
  12. I just set it as my arena and it stayed the same
  13. Yeah i did not know that the without entrances the show would be over so quickly. But yeah June 9th redemption, July 4th Livewire remember the dates
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