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  1. The stream will be a bit delayed tomorrow until 3:30pm est
  2. Also when you guys watch the next video try to make a clip of any of your fav moments
  3. @Seanpman yeah a lot of stuff has happened. @MikeM Yeah two time actually been awhile lol
  4. Also stream is delayed today will try to stream at 5 pm est
  5. I just set it as my arena and it stayed the same
  6. Yeah i did not know that the without entrances the show would be over so quickly. But yeah June 9th redemption, July 4th Livewire remember the dates
  7. @P1styles88 sure what are his tags? @LEGION yeah last show was very interesting we need a promo from him lol.
  8. @LEGION so there is something on them I can't download sadly I didn't play the DLCs to get the unlockables
  9. They look great I will download them and let you know @Rekka_N0_Ryo
  10. @LEGIONlol yeah this site was down for me for awhile. It will be awesome to have them back but don't let the game kill your ps4. And thanks @P1styles88 I would have to get some clips together usually don't save any. @X-zero whenever you want to check that girl out let me know. Also I know the name of the next special event. @Rekka_N0_Ryo i will check Gary out when I get home today. As I told X I have been crazy busy can't but all the time into BPW I want but I will try my best.
  11. Lmao yeah its been much better nowadays. Trying to fix things inbetween work and school thanks everyone
  12. Lol sorry guys something came up will stream tomorrow at 3pm est
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