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  1. I saw them didn't download yet did you want to use that one as her new one?
  2. @Luchafan88 he is downloaded @X-zero bet guess tags are bpw?
  3. all good @Luchafan88 @Dr. Fumbles yeah i know right idk what is going on with these storms rn. But we are all good and will stream tonight to make up for it. see you guys there twitch.tv/Ebberheart
  4. BPW lol and sorry guys i couldnt stream today I will stream again probably wednesday the 26th at 6pm est. These lightning storms are getting crazy
  5. yes i am making up for yesterday stream today 6pm est on twitch.tv/Ebberheart
  6. Sadly I may have to postpone the stream internet went out after a lightning storm
  7. @Luchafan88 Thank you I appreciate that. @Rekka_No_Ryo no problem who needs it?
  8. So right now I am thinking Tuesday July 12th at 6pm eastern. On my twitch and FB page. Twitch.tv/ebberheart and fb.gg/ebberheart
  9. Alright so right now all I have to do is make the first special event and comb through all entrances to remove wwe logos. I have the first few weeks (matches) scripted out will see what happens to write the stories like i did before. I will do some test streams here soon but will keep everyone updated. I think rn Tuesdays at 6pm maybe the plan for now 6 match week by week with 7 on special events ( planning on testing 7 match weeks and 8 special events). I plan on streaming on twitch and FB (twitch for the legacy) and FB because I have seen that they have a decent size wrestling viewership on there. I will start things simple and see how it all flows. Also if anyone is doing any arena let me know please. Thank you all so much I cant wait to get back to the show I missed all you guys and BPW.
  10. @CROSS-Out Who all do you have? @Rekka_No_Ryo I downloaded him
  11. I think I can actually use some more im gunna do some tag team entrances and stuff now
  12. Lol yeah I'm trying been super busy recently haven't even gotten to play my pc in a few weeks. But I plan on doing it of it goes well even when 2k23 comes out at least for a little
  13. Probably will continue the Tuesday thing it will be at night though my schedule is much different now. I will download him when I get home. All I have to do is create the tag teams now and figure out some stream stuff so we are gunna start soon
  14. Nice got them and will get bbb when I get home. We'll universe mode is stable now I'm going to get the stables and tag teams together. I will keep everyone updated on stream time and date. What would be the best day for the most people to enjoy?
  15. what are the tags mace?
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