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  1. I'm gonna go out and say this as it's been on my mind. It looks like it sucks. I'm *censored*ing sick of it. Budokai 3 perfected the 2D competitive DBZ fighting game. Tenkaichi 3 perfected the open style Dragon Ball Z fighting game. After that, you got the Raging Blast series, which was virtually the same as the BT series, but with a smaller roster and minor gameplay tweaks. But it was still acceptable. Then you got the complete boring mess that was Ultimate Tenkaichi (going off of videos and opinions, I never owned it), probably some more crap, and then finally Battle of Z, which I played the demo for, and it's a lame ass stiff simple game where the only challenge is finding your opponent and not pulling your hair out in boredom. Battle of Z had that same disgusting stiffness of the opponent barely moving when you punch them, and the movement being clunky and awkward as we see in the new videos of Xenoverse. It's just going to be Battle of Z 2.0. I don't care Dimps is back, LOOK at the gameplay. It looks terrible. Unless in a few months they SOMEHOW manage to completely turn around the engine, it'll be another disgusting disappointment. Back to B3 and BT3!
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