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  1. Didn't they already do that last preseason?
  2. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought Clyne. It's the hair.
  3. For the first fight I thought Aldo all the way, but after time off it's almost impossible to know how they'll come back. Lol'd at Aldo winding him up at the weigh ins though.
  4. Pretty glad this happened just to see Dana White look like he's going to cry.
  5. Go to lester's icon, cut scene, he rings you a bit later, go to your house and go to the heist room and start it up from there. Only got the first one done today, lot of fun even if it was short. Just good to be able to do new stuff with a friend though. Felt like there was actually a bit of pressure on you when trying to get the codes and drilling done quickly.
  6. I mean they can't not have a Super Bowl. if it's proven that the Pats cheated it should be no different than if they had taken PEDs Have the players take a pitiful 4 game suspension, no real investigation and then win the Superbowl like the Seahawks?
  7. There was also people trying to excuse Ray Rice though. It's reprehensible no matter what his upbringing, or the number of people who think it's ok to physically assault a child. Child abuse is also against the law and wrong, there is no way you can defend him over this.
  8. You guys are joking, right? Clearly visible and open wounds on a child is pretty heinous and not punishment, it is abuse. It also isn't an excuse to say it happened 50+ years ago, or that he believes it's right.
  9. So what happens to Sonnen and Henderson?
  10. Sometime next year meaning never, right? UFC doing over 30 shows next year is just too much. Really finding it hard to keep up with them all or to be interested in ones outside the biggest shows now.
  11. Do you not get a parachute whenever your in a plane/helicopter once you've finished all those, or is that from something else?
  12. There's also a really easy out if you just head to to underground bit they never follow you.
  13. *Censored* sake. I took nearly everyone back with Trevor and now I don't have any more random events left. I'll take them all to the cult on a new save once I'v finished the game.
  14. I was complaining about the third triathlon in the other thread. Did it on the first go after taking a break. I had missed the third last checkpoint, but luckily I was able to get back quickly and when I nudged the guy in front he stopped. Think I'd have just given up if I didn't win that time. Done all the parachute stuff, not very interesting as you're just trying to hit checkpoints most the time. Plus I did them out of order and went to whatever was closest so I was doing some of the harder routes first.
  15. Second bail mission in spoilers just in case and for size:
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