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  1. i was thinking, if 2K did a Mick Foley Showcase, since there are 3 editions for the WWE games , standard, Deluxe and 'Special', they could do the 3 Faces of Foley for each one. Dude Love theme for the Standard cover, Mankind theme for the Deluxe cover, and Cactus Jack theme for the Special cover (the Dead or Alive edition?).
  2. i'd like to see 2K add the WCW Thunder arena for once.
  3. Super Mario is gonna be EPIC! and *Censored* these assholes on twitter wishing death on Chris Pratt. all the Pratt hate is completely unwarranted.
  4. Another Update On WWE Crown Jewel Following Attack Threat https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2022/11/update-on-wwe-crown-jewel-following-attack-threat.html
  5. https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2022/08/wwe-making-belt-design-changes.html please be true
  6. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    the responses got me dying
  7. A&E Sunday night is gonna be good one. (A&E thread is archived)
  8. someone did an edit with 'Across The Nation' with todays roster.
  9. apparently Zelina was supposed to be in this last pack but was nixed
  10. meh, im passing on getting this last pack. other than playing just random exhibition matches while listening to podcasts, and that's IF i have any 'itch' to even play this, im pretty much done dealing with this game anyway. also, those two knuckleheads have an 80 rating? LMAO. Brooklyn Brawler could kick there asses in a handicap match. WAIT, why have we never gotten the Brooklyn Brawler in a WWE game?
  11. definitely recreating Bret and Davey's SummerSlam match
  12. these gonna be some good episodes
  13. was playing Universe mode and theres that 2K20 bug where everyone starts sliding around the ring area.
  14. maybe not completely automatic, but they are semi-automatic. and he got them as soon as he turned 18, with no waiting period at all.
  15. WHO THE *Censored* DO YA THINK BOUGHT THOSE AR15s AND SHOT THOSE KIDS?????? AN 18 YEAR OLD!!! and he didnt have a 'special license' either.
  16. WHAT??? now thats *censored*ing bullshit! well that explains why a couple alt attires i made for Becky are gone. sigh, it gets harder to want to play this game when they do shit like this.
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