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  1. ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. My Faction is the WORST thing to ever happen to this series. if things get locked to that mode AGAIN in 2K24, im out. im just *censored*ing done with this series. the its a small team working on MyFaction thing is such a bullshit excuse to. is that small team really out there doing scans and coding the new/alt models? if they are then there is no reason why they cant just code them to the entire game.
  2. nevermind. it was Status's Alexa Bliss '20 model that was causing the crash.
  3. game crashes during Royal Rumble matches in exhibition. this happening to anyone else?
  4. yeah i dont recall CAC ever giving us that option. BUT, maybe its time they should.
  5. so The Headbangers signed Nostalgia Contracts with WWE. hopefully thats a step towards getting in future WWE games
  6. so i went to make a few alt attires of the Ultimate Warrior, and apparently you can NOT apply HIS knee pads and HIS boots together. WTF 2K?
  7. the only thing i want to see fixed in tag matches is the constant pinning interruptions.
  8. the CONSTANT pin/submission interruptions in tag matches and the AGGRESSIVE double teaming in multi person matches needs to be fixed.
  9. question concerning 2 trophies/achievements for anyone that completed the Legacy portion in MyRise.
  10. yeah, i just made a post about it in the main discussion thread. as i said there, if they do pull him or both, they better release some of that stuff that is locked to MyFaction, MyRise and MyGM to make up for it.
  11. well, i know that we are only 18 days away from the first DLC pack with the Hit Row and the Steiners, but dont be surprised if 2k pulls Rick or both him and Scott. and if they do, they better release some of that stuff that is locked to MyFaction, MyRise and MyGM to make up for it.
  12. so there is new WCW arena that is locked to MyGM. *sigh*, *Censored* off 2K.
  13. another screwed up thing that happens in Universe is if you have the main championship shared between Raw and SD, the AI will set up the champion to always defend it against a Raw guy. ive NEVER seen a SD guy get a title match. this happened in 2K22 as well.
  14. not sure what the hell is going , but in Universe the tag teams are messed up. i;ll see the AI has set up a tag member tagging with some random singles superstar and then see in another match a tag member in a singles match. anyone else experiencing this?
  15. all i can say is if MyFaction is in 2K24 and things still get locked to that mode, i will not be buying this time. and they're excuse of why things are locked(small team left to work on it) is complete bullshit. i mean, shouldn't it work the same way other unlockables in other modes work? honestly, i rather them just dump MyFaction and replace it with a more in depth actual career mode, no premade story like MyRise, just going through the indies to wwe PC, to NXT, then main roster and just choosing your own path, still making different decision choices, and walking around backstage getting to challenge others.
  16. https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2023/03/logo-for-wwe-summerslam-2023-revealed.html
  17. Status says they cant be downloaded due to a MyFaction block tag. seriously, *Censored* MyFaction!
  18. i wish 2K would let the MyRise originals (Justine, Slade, El Mago ect) be unlockable to use in all the modes like they did in past games.
  19. JESUS *censored*ING CHRIST, 2K just hit a new low with MyFaction. OH, and its exclusive to US residents ONLY!!!!!!!!! https://www.thesmackdownhotel.com/news/wwe2k23/how-to-unlock-action-figure-john-cena-in-wwe-2k23-myfaction "This limited-time promotion is open to USA residents. The promotional period goes from March 01, 2023, to September 16, 2023."
  20. i like that they gave us more room when naming a custom title now. you can actually type the whole word 'Intercontinental' finally.
  21. my DE came in today. i did the tutorial, made a custom belt (there are NO new relief pieces, boooooo), checked the show creator and there are no new 'Elements' like Smacktalks said there are, now im doing Showcase.
  22. wooooow, thats really is *censored*ed up. guess i'll be turning entrances off
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