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  1. uhhhhhhh, anyone else notice that you can't select custom arenas in exhibition. its greyed out for me. (and yes i do have custom arenas)
  2. just gotta' say, William Regal is the true star of MyRise
  3. im skipping that dlc pack. its completely useless to me. Sol Ruca, Lexis King, Von Wagner, Elektra Lopez should have been dlc. i mean they could have even added Brian Pillman along side his kid.
  4. all the people on twitter crying that Lesnar didn't show up on Raw LOL
  5. @SaturnT3 dude, settle down. we get it, 'YOU' ...YOU don't like Showcase, so don't play it then. but some of us do like it, so don't generalize and say NOBODY plays it. I and I'm sure others that do enjoy it just want the mode to be fun and not frustrating at times, like a few matches were this year. I FREAKING LOVED the showcase in WWE'13 and 2K14. they were fantastic. i enjoyed getting to relive those AE matches in '13 and the historical matches in '14. I would love to see a Showcase that is a Superstar dream match type Showcase were it's Legends vs current Superstars where you can play as current Superstars and try to defeat the Legends, then go through it again as the Legends and defeat the current Superstars. like the way Legends Of WrestleMania was.
  6. i know. it drives me nuts they haven't brought it back. i don't even bother making alt attires anymore. i think it was 2K22 it got patched out.
  7. wow, they blurred the Fink and over-dubbed him in showcase thats messed up
  8. so do we lose Cody's theme again if we make him an alt attire?
  9. is the 'random' alt attire selection back in Universe Mode?
  10. the two things i wish they would add in Universe Mode are title design swaps like THQ did in the SvR games. when someone wins the title you have the option to swap the title while keeping the stat records. the other feature they need to add is allow us to edit individual show episodes of our weekly shows. i want to be able to have an Old School RAW, or a holiday themed show. and have a Saturday Night's Main Event every couple of months.
  11. i see Justine is back, she better be unlockable this time
  12. great DLC. seeing Mr.Perfect back makes me happy. with Lex being in, i wonder which version. he's part of the WCW pack so i assume we're getting the Total Package version. i wonder if they will add The Narcissist and Lex Express versions through MyFaction to unlock.
  13. yes and no. that title as i 2K14 and '15. it was Andre's custom made belt in case he beat Hogan at WM3
  14. so apparently 2K removed Nikki Cross's CAW parts from CAW mode so they can make her a MyFaction exclusive. WHAT THE *Censored*????? i am DONE with this series. 2K23 is my last WWE game. *Censored* 2K! m just fed
  15. saw the tweet from H and jaw just dropped in utter shock. R.I.P Windham.
  16. ^ HOT DAMN, they got her to look good.
  17. knowing 2K, all but the moves they would probably lock to MyFaction. Arenas would be locked to GM like they did with the new WCW arena this year.
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