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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Gears Of War 5
  2. Regardless Yuke's makes wrestling games, it's what they do..... My point is that the second Yuke's was out of the picture the whole series went to hell.
  3. Losing Yuke's will continue to bite 2K in the ass, they were the heart and soul of the WWE games for 20 years. It wouldn't surprise me if the game gets canceled this year in order to reboot the series but it still sucks when you look forward to a yearly wrestling game.
  4. I deleted this off my PS4 months ago but I have the urge to play a wrestling game that's not FPW..... Is it even worth booting back up? Like can you have great matches or are there too many problems?
  5. Why is the Evolution theme the Hardy Boyz theme?
  6. Any chance of a HOF pack with Honkeytonk Man?
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