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  1. I'm a little behind but is that option to add more matches to PPVS available or our we still waiting on it like the custom Championships?
  2. I tried twice to go get a refund but Sony told me that it's my problem. Almost $100 for a broken game is BS.....
  3. Why is the Evolution theme the Hardy Boyz theme?
  4. Does Hogan have the Hulking up comeback like he did in 2K15?
  5. Please tell me they will fix that and allow us to make custom attires of Hogan without the bandana?
  6. Any chance of a HOF pack with Honkeytonk Man?
  7. Yes I want to see his bald head just like on TV, 2K15 had his models done right except for when they took old Hogan and tried to make an 80's version out of him.
  8. Looks like Hogan's bandana won't come off WTF?
  9. I hope there's an 80's version of Hogan but with him being DLC I don't know.
  10. I want real American Hogan as an alternative and the bandana needs to come off. In 2K15 Hogan's head model was great and we finally got the shirt ripping entrances. I don't want Hogan wrestling with bandanas on because that's stupid. I don't want all of the legends spoiled so I might not check out the roster reveal.
  11. Depending on who is in I wouldn't mind having nWo vs DX but you would really need a 6 vs 6 option. Hulkamania will be running wild in my universe as well. The fiend will be a champion at some point too. Universal Champion: Hulk Hogan
  12. Hopefully long hair gets fixed, retro Triple H's hair looked like a bunch of noodles glued to his head.....
  13. I wonder if we are getting 3 Hogan's again? A lot of people want Hollywood Hogan and I like 80's Hogan..... The DLC picture pretty much confirmed we are getting 2002 Hollywood Hogan.
  14. I wouldn't mind having Hacksaw Jim Duggan too HOOOOOOO
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