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Status Updates posted by AC_untryBoy

  1. Interesting...how did that feel?

    Did you use my face to get your insides clean or did you have one of those French toilets handy near by?

  2. You shit'ed on my bio? :o

    How Mr Mexican dude?

  3. Well then, here's an idea;


    Simple okay? Now bye. /

  4. I would think the fact that I've declined your friend request about 4 times, that you would get in your head that I don't want you on my friends list.

    Understand it, grasp it, maybe molest it in hope that you will finally get it in your head that I don't want some random kid on my friends list.



  5. I don't really watch TNA much so I had no clue. I record it but it's confusing because here in the UK, a few channels play TNA & half the time, they're all mixed up & some go back like 2 weeks when I know I've already seen the week in present.

    Not sure if that makes sense but yeah. ;D

    Now I know & I can mess my scrambled head. D:

  6. What does Holler mean? :hqhq:

  7. I'm not sure if I know you or not but you added me?

  8. Baseball, baseball, she think she's gonna score. If you then go all the way, then you're a whore!

  9. lol For Real? Small world. I had no idea that you was on here.

  10. Wait, are you Elitestarxx from my Xbox Live friend list then or something?

  11. Your Sig is overlimit. The maximum size is 500x200. Your sig is 300x300. To check an Image size, right click & click on properties.

  12. Your Sig is overlimit. The maximum size is 500x200. Your sig is 300x300. To check an iamge size, right click & click on properties.

  13. His using Proxy Servers so when a MOD I.P bans him, he just uses another I.P address. The only way to get rid of him is to contact his Internet Provider & report him. I mean, what he is doing is illegal since his posting *censored* on a site full of children which is sexual harassment.

  14. For DIN sake, DON'T FEED THE TROLL. That's what he wants. Cut him off from attention & he will eventually get bored. Okay?

  15. Heya dude. Hows things going?

  16. I ain't really listen to them for a while now. The last song I recall hearing was Out Of The Fire since I use it as Kanes theme on 2009. I used to love 'My Girlfriends, Girlfriend'. Such a weird song. I'm mostly EBM based though. Metal is the shit though. You into any Behemoth? x)

  17. I would like to add to that you have good musical taste if you like Type O Negative. Can't believe I didn't recognise him. :CheesePalmFace:

    High 55!

  18. Oh...My bad. x) I know who he is so now I can stop staring at him in hope that he leap out & tell me. (I believe that pictures will be the death of us someday if that makes sense =])

  19. Your personal picture looks like that guy with those breast implants from Fightclub with the way his holding his boob. Who is that erotic fellow?

  20. OMG. It's Ant from JTV! =D

  21. Dude, just ignore him okay. He will get bored if people learn not to reply to his posts. All he wants is attention. It's also turned illegal what he is doing (Posting *censored* on a family site without any legal warning) so it would just be bested to not get involved.

  22. Dude, just ignore him. We tell this everyone. DON'T FEED THE TROLL. Just ignor him & he will get bored. All he cares about is getting flamed & pissing people off.

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