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Thee Drew Galloway

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    Look behind you
  1. Is anyone working on or playing on making Tony Nese and Hiroshi Tanahashi with 2 different attires plus entrance attire?
  2. Ok gotcha, since I still get a finisher after using it I wasnt sure but that should work
  3. Does anyone know if superkick 14 isnt supposed to actually hit the opponent or is it a broken move?
  4. When you reach a certain fan favorite level you are supposed to receive a costume pack for certain superstars but for some reason Tye Dillenger, who is in the pack, items were not unlocked like the rest of the guys. Has anyone had this happen?
  5. Is anyone capable of making Hiroshi Tanahashi with 2 attires? The only good one I saw for the Xbox One only came with one attire. Hopefully someone can figure out how to make him when the next game comes out.
  6. Why is this still even open, if people don't want to make caws or post them here they don't have to. But last time I checked this section is for original caws not a place to find where people went.
  7. Dude what the hell, I've have not seen you make one bad caw yet. Also your logos are super sick.
  8. You have not failed to impress yet.
  9. On the way... Thing is though, Moderators tend to close topics if they don't have upload search tags or shots of the CAWs. Which is why it's best to have pics available to show when making a topic. Exactly
  10. This is some sick stuff, I don't love much but I'm loving the crow or raven logos. Did you make them yourself?
  11. Next time wait until you have a picture to post before you make this cause this is completely useless.
  12. Ok thank you, I did not know that. That was all I needed to hear.
  13. *Censored* off, obviously I know that but I cant find a good front and back view of not one complete attire so I'm sure someone else may have it or will give better hep then you prick.
  14. So I guess no one knows where to get textures or a good photo of there attires?
  15. Does anyone know where I can get some good quality textures(tights and jacket) for Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada?
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