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  1. Mine wasn't massive (fussy af when it comes to food) but it was cooked to near perfection. The homemade chips were brilliant too; just wish it wasn't as expensive.
  2. Went to a place in town called Handmade Burger Co. Bit expensive, but the food was immense.
  3. Where the *Censored* do you live and why does your council hate you? Freddos are still 25p no matter where you get one from around here.
  4. Going on tour at the end of the month. Only downside is we start traveling to our first show (in Wales) on the night of my birthday, but I don't mind much.
  5. I actually prefer it now that I'm of age tbh. Feels better being able to buy my own drink rather than hiding in a booth in the pub whilst my dad/one of my brothers gets me a pint.
  6. Got the Christmas tree up! My dad always properly gets into the spirit of things when we put the tree up and it really showed tonight, as he put lights up in one of our front windows (something we haven't done for years). Love this time of year.
  7. I'm thinking that's just you man, at least in this thread. Going out for a drink on the weekend still has the same level of enjoyment for me as getting drunk at a band practice when I was 15 did back then.
  8. My weight loss is going well, I've lost half a stone in a week and I'm still going.
  9. So excited about Christmas that I'm tempted to buy an advent calendar.
  10. Fallout: New Vegas. Gonna be playing through GTA San Andreas on my PC once I get some speakers set up.
  11. Waiting on the Summer.

  12. No worries. I am actually really pleased with it!

  13. Even though I never knew you, rest in piece mate.

  14. Hey. Stop being a butthurt little fanboy, don't post stupid comments on my profile and, one final thing, move on with your life.

  15. wants to be whole again...wait, wut?

  16. Love your avi. Sarc doesn't.

  17. Dey C U Trollin. Dey H8in.

  18. Ok, here's my actual name:


  19. Lol, no problem Jake.

  20. Why am I not on your list of cool people? :3

  21. I actually lol'd at the picture.

  22. Finally I have found someone who likes Anchorman. Nothing can beat it!

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