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  1. Jigga or Kendrick defo hold the spot for the best hip hop album releases this year.
  2. Travis new album is full of bangers man, it's great
  3. Can't wait for the album, Thing I love about Nas he still has that 90's style about him
  4. I think it will either be a disaster or really *censored*ing good still hyped for it tho. More excited for Frank Oceans new project dropping on Friday
  5. Word. Kendrick kills everything man
  6. Such a late comment, but I can't disagree with that. I preferred Kendrick's the most, but I just wanted him to keep going and he just kinda stopped. Oh, and this goes out to you & everyone else: what are your favourite songs off of Blank Face so far? The ones I absolutely LOVE are Groovy Tony and JoHn Muir, so far. Really? Each to their own, but I think Soul's verse was kinda wack. I don't know what it is, but it's like I never know what to expect with his guest verses. Yeah after listening to it more id say Kendrick killed it, 87 rhymes in 24 bars in one verse is impressive. Blank Face is a good album not as good as Oxymoron tho, best track for me would be By Any Means.
  7. I'd say Ab Soul went in but then so did Kdot
  8. Apparently he was throwing hits at Chance in the freestyle.
  9. Word. However 'One Dance' is one of my favourites from Drake shit bangs
  10. That's quite a statement to make, I mean it is definitely unique and different like Kendricks projects are. What makes you say that it is in the same league as GKMC and TPAB?
  11. Very good album Coloring Book is, defo the best Hip Hop release we've had this year imo. Young Thug goes in on 'Mixtape' and Jay on 'How Great' man he was spitting fire. Still prefer Acid Rap but that's just because I'm not a huge fan of gospel rap which quite a lot of Coloring Book is, still a great album tho
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