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    CM Punk, AJ Lee
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    The Walking Dead
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    video games, writing songs, and anything else i can find to do
  1. The Elder Scrolls Online. Had the urge to play again after taking an extended break. Got hooked again on just wandering and doing the many quests you can pick up.
  2. NHL 17 and The Last of Us (getting close to finally finishing it).
  3. Brothers of Metal - Defenders of Valhalla
  4. Lordi - Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be the Beast-Man in the Masters of the Universe)
  5. The Elder Scrolls Online, been playing around with different build theories. Trying to find something that I don't get bored with.
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn and The Elder Scrolls Online.
  7. Dividing my time between these games... The Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox One) Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One) Mad Max (PS4)
  8. Gears of War 4 mostly right now. Would be playing The Elder Scrolls Online but their servers have been horrible lately (string of DDOS attacks over the past few days).
  9. Got sucked into playing The Division recently. It was one of those games that I really wasn't interested in at all. Haven't fully tried the Dark Zone yet but fully expect to be massacred by the high level people that hang around in there.
  10. Currently dividing my gaming time between Gears of War 4 and The Last of Us. Really enjoying Gears of War 4, this is first time I've dived into the Gears multiplayer and its not that bad.
  11. Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox One), recently picked it up and enjoying it so far.
  12. Yeah, I hate those deaths, its just as bad when the person flying jumps out and you are unaware that the person has. On topic Still playing Battlefield 1 (thanks to the election results last night had my best matches one game with over 30 kills) and Uncharted 4 decided to finally finish the game.
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