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    video games, writing songs, and anything else i can find to do
  1. Potential of headaches that can came from uploading to the community creations, potential stealing and claiming it as their creation, random reports because someone thinks its "funny". Things of that nature.
  2. They are currently not available to download. I don't have any plans on uploading them. I'm quite hesitant about doing that.
  3. Thanks very much. Angel X (returning from 2k18) Another one of my female roster that I've brought back. One third of the faction Daughters of Darkness. She got a new design for her attire this year.
  4. Next up... Piper Brooks (returning from 2k18) One of my favorites of my women's division last year, had to bring her back. Back of the trunks say Chicago Made.
  5. Thanks. Next up... Triton (returning from 2k18) Triton was one of my favorites from my roster last year that I wanted to bring back. He is basically a powerhouse grappler style wrestler.
  6. Thanks much. Holly Holt (new for 2k19) Basically she is the Ronda Rousey of my original roster. Went with simple attire for her.
  7. Pillars of Eternity Complete Edition, had been wanting to play this game for a long time and finally decided to get it.
  8. Finally got around to taking some shots of what I have done so far in 2k19. Will be starting off with a few creations. Amber Storm (returning from 2k18) New attire for her this year, otherwise see looks pretty much the same as last year. Griffon (returning from 2k18)
  9. Thanks Madison - A returning character of mine from 2k14. Universe note she held the NXT Women's title for 2 years. Robert Bomb - One of the characters who has been created since SVR days on PS2. My friend actually created him first back when we'd play each other and I've maintained keeping the character on my roster to preserve the rivalry our characters had. Overall he has maintained a consistent look since those days. Tag line on his shirt is "Fear the Bomb"
  10. Thanks, I'm not too worried about it. The comments come when they come in the meantime will keep posting new ones to have more for people to view. Willow (a returning caw from my 2k14 roster, close "personal" friend of Baron Graves and leader of the group Daughters of Darkness. Angel X who was previously posted is also a member) Lilith Grey (third of the four members of Daughters of Darkness)
  11. Started a new Universe. Raw and Smackdown share PPVS year round. NXT roster promoted to main between Raw and SD. So, NXT now becomes the home for my original CAW roster. 205 Live has its own PPV Roadblock. Using a similar event schedule for it as NXT. Made a bevy of roster adjustments. Canon for my Universe Brock Lesnar is still in UFC. Heres how the gold shakes out. Raw WWE Champion: AJ Styles Intercontinental Champion: The Miz Women's Champion: Nia Jax WWE Tag Team Champions: Breezango Smackdown World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan United States Champion: Rusev Women's Champion: Carmella World Tag Team Champions: The Usos NXT NXT Champion: Curt Harris United Kingdom Champion: Leon Hart Women's Champion: Mana NXT Tag Team Champions: Blackstone 205 Live Crusierweight Champion: Cedric Alexander
  12. Thanks, The Iceman is the submission specialist of my original roster. It seems pretty fitting to have that type of resemblance. Heres a few more that I have taken some shots of. Piper Brooks Emma Rayne Baron Graves (my main caw used in game)
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