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  1. Lufisto, Luna, and Tara are the ones I dont already have a CAW for.
  2. These are great. This weekend when I can get back into the games I'll have to see what you have in CC.
  3. I'm loving the work that you are doing. There aren't enough creators making caws for women of the indies. Do you know if you will circle back around to Heather Monroe? Also, great previews of Aleah James and Nadia Sapphire
  4. I just watched a video and it mentioned how create a Championship was removed. If that is the case, that really sucks for us that use all women universe games. I hope we at least have the ability to swap gender the in game belts. Otherwise, we will have 1 set of tag titles for the whole universe.
  5. This is a great roster of women. I think this is how I'm going to split them up! I usually run three main rosters of women only. Brand 1 Asuka/Kairi (F) Alicia/Bianca (H) Trish/Lita (F) Shayna/Ronda (H) Dana/Mandy (H) Alexa (H) Becky (F) Dakota (F) [will team w/ Tegan Nox] Lana (H) Rhea (H) Paige (F) Brand 2 Billie/Peyton (H) Beth/Natalya (F) Maryse/Maria (H) Bayley/Candice (F) Charlotte (H) [will team w/ Tessa Blanchard] Ember (F) [will team w/ Lacey Lane] Molly (F) Chyna (H) Sonya (H) Sarah (F) Zelina (H) Brand 3 Nikki/Brie (H) Ruby Riott/Nikki Cross (F) Tamina/Nia Jax (H) Carmella/Liv (F) Lacey (H) Io Shirai (F) Mickie (F) Stephanie (H) Sasha (H) Mia Yim (F) Toni Storm (F)
  6. 1. I'd really like the ability to sort wrestlers by brand in the match making screens. I'm okay with not limiting wrestlers just to their assigned brand, but I'd like to be able to quickly identify who is where. 2. In the match making screens, I'd love to go back to having the match rules screens. Being able to turn on and off elimination, dq, count out etc rules was super nice......and much easier than having to create a ton of custom match types. 3. In Community Creations, I'd like options to search by male/female characters and by content based off wrestlers/original content.
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