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  • Birthday 09/15/1992

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    Jeff Hardy and Ashley Masarro
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    Three Days Grace Akon The Fray Foo Fighters Eminem Young Love Good Charlotte Simple Plan Daughtry My Chemical Romance Korn Plain White T's Linkin Park Fall Out Boy Fergie Nickelback Modest Mouse Incubus Saliva Ludacris Evanescence
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    I'm fifteen, I don't have one. >_>
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    I don't watch wrestling anymore.
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    Caucasian aka I'm whiter than 99% Low-fat milk. ¬_¬
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    Naruto and Bleach

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    Los Angeles, California
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    Caws.ws > All

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  1. ---. Joey Sha-.......Listen to me and get on MSN!!! iMiss you budddddd-dddeeehhhh

  2. You better stay longer again more than 2 day s ---.

  3. JOEY!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs and hug/spears him.* I missed you buddy. And guess what? TODAY I drank rum and loved it!

  4. No, sorry. D= I don't use MSN anymore.

  5. Hey Joey whats up? You still come on MSN?

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