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  1. I love Leon! He's a local wrestler here in Alabama.
  2. Wheres this Tamina been all this time? That promo was entertaining. I wouldn't mind Tamina winning, even if only for a few weeks. Actually, after the last two long runs with the title Bayley has had, a short reign would be refreshing.
  3. Thats actually really cool that Jericho gave him the shout out. I always did enjoy any of their matches.
  4. Whew! I completely forgot about that ladder spot between Seth and Kofi.
  5. I really hope the Hacker causes some issues/split between New Day. It's been enjoyable, they've made history but I feel like Kofi proved he could be in the main event last year. I really want to see what Big E can do now. I also wouldn't see Xavier pop up in 205Live, which I believe hes lite enough to be there.
  6. I wouldn't mind this setting up to a retirement match for him at SummerSlam. I know WrestleMania is always where everyone wants that but with WrestleMania being what it was this year, I wouldn't mind SummerSlam getting that spot this year. Regardless of what happens, I'm excited to see H. My all time favorite. Thanks for all you've done for the business, Trips. You've done the business so many favors (even if he's also been selfish with his spot throughout the years, too). As for the rest of the show, I'm looking forward to seeing Dana and Carmella turn heel, or perhaps, Carmella turn on Dana.
  7. I know Tamina won't be winning the title but I like seeing her get some play time. Hopefully her and Bayley show out.
  8. Excited for the Womens Revolution thing on Tuesday.
  9. I didn't realize Taynara and Tino were released. Sucks. Especially with Taynara because I really felt she had a bright future.
  10. I hate it but I’m not surprised. For the most part, several of these wrestlers asked for their release in the last year. Kanellis’, Gallows and Anderson, EC3, Rusev, even Dawson and Wilder. I didn’t see the releases coming but I’m not surprised by a lot of them either. Time for AEW or iMPACT to snatch several of them.
  11. I really hope with this being the 'RAW After WrestleMania' we get a special RAW. No replays and just matches, segments, etc. Realistically, we won't but I have hope.
  12. I enjoyed the ending to that match. Nicely done.
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