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  1. I didn't realize Taynara and Tino were released. Sucks. Especially with Taynara because I really felt she had a bright future.
  2. I hate it but I’m not surprised. For the most part, several of these wrestlers asked for their release in the last year. Kanellis’, Gallows and Anderson, EC3, Rusev, even Dawson and Wilder. I didn’t see the releases coming but I’m not surprised by a lot of them either. Time for AEW or iMPACT to snatch several of them.
  3. From what I read, she worked her final date at the México tapings.
  4. Agreed, it was. I'm glad he mentioned his wife. Time for her to get signed to WWE.
  5. One thing I love about the Network is being able to hover over a certain RAW/SmackDown episode and click down and choose specific matches and segments to watch, rather than having to fastforward.
  6. Its crazy to think how deeply talented the womens NXT division is. Theres so many built women who could step up and challenge Rhea in February.
  7. I did an Evolution PPV and on the card was the Womens Tag Titles. The champions were Nia and Tamina but it ended up being Ronda and Tamina..
  8. Into my last year for 2k19. Finishing it up tonight before I officially get set to head into 2k20. Im excitedddd!
  9. I legit have a notebook full of stuff from 2k19 PPV wise. Its easier to keep up with what you want to do for the big events.
  10. Rhea is taking that Womens Championship and Im here for it.
  11. Yim and Ripley definitely feuding for the NXT Womens Championship off the jump. Going to add Io in eventually and make it a triple threat.
  12. NXT tweeted a picture with 10 NXT women, questioning whos challenging next. Number one contenders match tonight??
  13. Now that I see Toni and Io are in, I need to go ahead and play out my last year in Universe. Go ahead and debut both of them on NXT, move Kairi to the main roster. Go ahead and start getting prepared for the new game.
  14. I would fall over in excitement.
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