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  1. From what I read, she worked her final date at the México tapings.
  2. Agreed, it was. I'm glad he mentioned his wife. Time for her to get signed to WWE.
  3. One thing I love about the Network is being able to hover over a certain RAW/SmackDown episode and click down and choose specific matches and segments to watch, rather than having to fastforward.
  4. I really wouldnt mind them adding the dvds like Trishs, Randys, Johns, etc and them add the Divas Do New York, Divas Wild Wild West, etc. There so many old videos they could add to the network.
  5. Is anyone planning on getting the streaming service? I want it for the old impacts.
  6. Have they announced any other matches for tonight besides the Finn match and six man tag?
  7. So who will be the big release this year?
  8. I so badly want to give iMPACT a chance again but the stuff I read, I just dont know. I will say, I enjoy a lot of the KO stuff I see on YouTube.
  9. Got the Fearless nameplates in today for my SDL Womens Championship! I love it!!
  10. After looking at the full card for tonights Starrcade, I do wish the whole thing was being aired.
  11. I went to Survivor Series 2015 and decided to rewatch it. It's so crazy to hear the Roman chants and cheers back then, compared to the chants and boo's he gets now. WWE needs to just let him turn heel. Have the natural face turn when the fans truly want to get behind him. This was actually a decent PPV.
  12. So someone sum up whats happened the last few months for me? Ive kept up a little with the KOs but hardly kept up.
  13. Lmao, so a fan actually thought it was okay to do that? I would have at least said I was there to catch a Pokemon. Maybe Reby wouldn't have been so mad?
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