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  1. Awesome Rock caws looks like a masterpiece
  2. I know I've been barely show myself up here and you barely know me as a creator. But there's a first time for everything. Here are my attires.... So far Eddie Guerrero Tags: Eddie Guerrero, LATINO HEAT, 2004 Hollywood Hulk Hogan WM X8 Tags: Hulk Hogan, Wrestlemania, 2002 Thuganomics John Cena John Cena, Thuganomics, 2003 Booker T'05 Booker T, 2005, 5X Times More attires will come soon....
  3. https://youtu.be/-M4kZwG-M4kZwGcM5Y I made a tutorial. I gave you a shout-out for the attire in the description
  4. thank you so much I love them either way I will work with the black ones
  5. I'm making an Eddie Guerrero attire and I need his purple and red flame with the Cross on them Can anyone help me? I will really appreciate it you can.
  6. I find this awfully cringeworthy, no wonder Roman reacted the way he did...
  7. Remember when Brock Lesnar's squash matches against Paul London and Zach Gowen? I wonder when was Lesnar more Dangerous then or now?
  8. I hope we get a Super Saiyan God & SSG Super Saiyan Vegito and Gogeta
  9. What's wrong with him going Super Saiyan? Only thing I dislike was Frieza's ancestors name. chilled? They at least could have called him Frost or Blizzard...
  10. Anyone see that 20 minute movie of when Bardock faced Frieza's ancestor?
  11. When I saw this video i didn't know what to say, but I have a strong feeling it should be put in this thread.
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