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  1. Are y'all able to download the DLC? It's not available for me yet.
  2. Wait! They're holding out mocapped moves? Why would they do that?
  3. I definitely agree. The combo system is an interesting concept. But it shouldn't drive gameplay. I came up with some pretty interesting combos for my CAWs. But most of the actual wrestlers have combo sets that don't match their actual wrestling style.
  4. Based on what we've seen so far, we shouldn't. We'll probably get a few moves for each character. I have no clue why we didn't get a new moves pack this year.
  5. I just downloaded the pack. I guess it went up at 11:00 am EST.
  6. Who are they getting to mocap these moves? They look so slow and weak.
  7. The way the AI spams running signatures and finishers is insane. They're damn near impossible to counter. I gave Dolph the Famouser back as a signature. In a match he went for it at the same time I did a running attack. I can tell because the animation started but it stopped when he passed me. This happened two more times. But he finally hit me with when I stopped going for a running attack and attempted to counter.
  8. I love the cage fight concept. I might have to try that one.
  9. I hate having to press L1 to do springboard moves. It slows me down and gives my opponent time to recover. Sometimes springboards don't work when I'm on the apron. If I try to springboard to the outside my wrestler just drops off the apron. And sometimes when I springboard into the ring my wrestler does nothing or just gets back into the ring.
  10. The tag is Mace404.
  11. If you're still interested, The Thrill Seekers and Ben Hayes are available in Community Creations.
  12. The combo system was a good idea, but it wasn't well implemented. Most wrestlers don't use combos and as a result, their combos don't make sense. However, the combos do work well for my CAWs, since I built their movesets to capitalize on the system.
  13. I did a middle rope dropkick yesterday and went through my opponent. I should've recorded it. Half of the diving moves in the game are broken.
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