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  1. The game is currently 67% off on the Playstation store. I'm not seeing anything here that makes me want to buy it.
  2. This is all on 2K. From what I heard from a former dev, 2K actually wanted Yukes out of the picture. And one article I read had the head of Yukes say that they were still available to help out.
  3. I hate to say it, but Hayes, Selena, and the Thrillseekers probably aren't going to be available this time around. I'm not sure if I'm going to get the game this year.
  4. I just realized that I didn't account for NXT UK. The number of talent included in that brand will definitely affect things. I might consolidate the NXT brands and consolidate 205 Live with Raw or Smackdown.
  5. I'll have Raw & Smackdown and will probably take more liberties with the roster than I normally do. I generally keep them as close to real life as possible. I'll probably end up combining NXT and 205 Live into one show.
  6. Improved A.I.: The A.I. only seems to put up a fight when the game is bugging out or cheating in its favor. Improved Targeting: The targeting system is pretty bad. Certain strikes seem to miss for no reason. At random times my character will target the ref even though I don’t have that option on. Sometimes my character will change targets randomly during tag matches and this especially gets bad after a hot tag is made and my character is still targeting the wrong opponent. And sometimes the targeting craps out and both me and the A.I. will suddenly lose the ability to target each other all together. Revamped running attacks: Most wrestlers don’t use running grapples, which is why every big dude in the game has a Running STO. There should be an option to replace a running grapple or both running grapples with a running strike or have NONE in its place. Revamped diving attacks: This is a minor one, but there should be a NONE option. It’s more likely to see a wrestler (especially non-cruisers) use diving attacks ton standing opponent but not use any on opponents who are supine. Doing this will mitigate situations where everyone has the same diving attacks. Refined and updated move sets: This is a major one. Most of the wrestlers have out of date finishers and signatures (ex: Natalya, Mojo, Harper, Ruby, and Lashley). A lot of wrestlers have moves that are noticeably missing (ex: Kairi’s Interceptor, the Gore is not a suitable substitute for someone her size), and a lot of wrestlers have move sets that are loaded with moves that they don’t use anymore or moves that they’ve only used on the indies (ex: a lot of Drew McIntyre’s moves). I see other people’s finishers popping up as regular moves for other wrestlers (TJP and Shayna both have Daniel Bryan and Hideo Itami’s Busaiku Knee, Tozawa and Cedric both have Kofi’s Trouble In Paradise instead of their own 540 Kick variations). And pretty much everyone has the Michinoku Driver. The way that the move sets are in the game it takes away from everyone’s uniqueness. Revamped Create an Entrance: I generally keep entrances turned off, especially when I’m using CAWs. Champion and tag team entrance customization is so limited and generic that I don’t even bother most of the time. I actually had more fun doing entrances on the older Smackdown games and on WrestleMania 2000. More available parts and moves in My Career/My Player: I get the idea of building up a character, but the implementation is pretty bad here. In real life wrestlers that come from the indies usually have a defined move set that they refine over time, often dropping moves instead of adding them. They also have decent gear, though they upgrade it over time. One of the few things the My Career in 2K16 and 2K17 got right is how it allowed you to earn parts. The way that is has been for the past two games have killed my interest in playing this mode. More CAW parts: Especially in regards to hairstyles, masks, and women’s clothing in general. In-Ring Springboard Finishers/Signatures: There are plenty of these moves that I’d love to use as signatures or as finishers, but I can’t. I’m sure that this is the case with many of y’all as well. Improved Outside Ring Finishers/ Signatures: Why can’t moves like Curb Stomp 2 or Mojo’s Tilt-A-Whirl Powerslam be used outside the ring? This needs to be fixed. Revised OMG Moments: All of the Suicide Dives can be used as regular moves, and Roman Reigns’ Drive-By Dropkick shouldn’t even be an OMG move. Mixed Tag Matches: It’s a shame that this isn’t already in the game. Especially when keep in mind that the game makes numerous references to the Mixed Match Challenge. No De-Buffs: These are pretty bad. The best implementation of the Major Reversals feature was when they were first introduced. The de-buffs are egregious, especially the ones that happen after using Ring Escape. Fold Paybacks into Skills/Abilities: I’m not a fan of the Payback feature, at all. These would be better off just being folded into Skills/Abilities, and there should probably be limits on when you can use them like the other Skills/Abilities.
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