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Podcasts you listen to

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#1 Warbotter



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 11:32 AM

Bitslap with KBC- A hour of the wackiest music ever to be released, Often Themed, always weird.


Comedy Bang Bang-What's up hotdog, A main stay podcast of improv gold.


Coverville-Each week a musical act is chosen and the best covers of their work are played. Great Host and great way to learn about new bands


Dan Carlin Hardcore History - Best Podcast on history ever. Perfect for car rides

Best Ep--Ghosts of the Ostfront: WW2 from the Russian and German sides, and man it's dark.


Disgraceland-True crime of the musically inclined

Best Ep-James Brown, Papa's got a brand new bag..of Meth


The Empty Bowl- A 20 minute meditation on cereal, relaxation and milk!


The Lapsed Fan Wrestling Podcast-Deep dives into wrestling history

Best Ep-The Life and Death of the AWA, The Wrestler! the break down of the Verne Gange Movie "The Wrestler"


My Favorite Murder- Best true crime podcast around hosted by two funny as hell comedians


Never Not Funny- Jimmy Pardo's long running podcast where he interviews some of the funniest stand ups today, Very loose, very funny.


One from the Vault- Gay and Trans history podcast with a host who loves gossip. Very light and always worth a few good chuckles as you can't believe some of these characters really existed.


The Purple Stuff Podcast- Nostalgia , Obsession and the picking of any and all details in your favorite 80's/early 90's media.

Best Ep-Macy's Thanksgiving day parade 1994


Revisionist  History -A Investigatory look into often misunderstood topics.

Bets Ep-Analysis,Parapraxis,Elvis, Why couldn't Elvis get through "Are you lonesome tonight?"!!


The Rialto Report- The only Porn History Podcast /NSFW but always lot of fun.

Best Ep-Jamie Gillis interview from 1976


Threedom-3 improv friends having a hilarious conversation each week.


You Must Remember This-Old Hollywood Podcast

Best Ep-Bela and Boris, the History and Rivalry of two horror actor greats.


So if you dropped a few podcasts and need new ones to listen to, try these, happy listening

#2 Creepia



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 11:35 AM

Game of Owns - A Game of Thrones/ASOIAF podcast.


ID10T(Nerdist) - Despite recent problems, I'm still a fan of listening to Chris Hardwick have nice conversations with guests. 


No Such Thing As A Fish - A podcast created by TV researchers (from the show QI) where they each present an interesting fact each episode and talk about it. I've learned a lot tbh.