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  1. I mean if you need a place to go, I know a few places..just saying
  2. I Won a F'n Nintendo Switch and 3 Games from a bag of chips! Games and yummy chips!
  3. He's one of those guys I hate outside the ring, but can not deny he puts on regular classics in ring when given a chance. I hope he has grown as a person, But if given a choice, I'd rather not see him in a New Japan Ring, not only for his outside behavior, but He got that Ishii like glass ceiling that would waste his talents in the end anyways.
  4. I think my Hernia mesh is breaking, The surgery sucks so much, the healing is annoying and it's like just kissing 5000$ dollars goodbye , I even sprang for the good mesh that was suppose to last, I rested a extra week to be safe!. Sorry, I hope everyone whose going through shit at least gets a small moment of joy soon..be it a cookie, oral or Nice Buds ...Holy Shit Brandon I know how you feel!! I hope things get better for you my man. If not, I hope you at least get a handy or something.
  5. Meeting Liger at a ROH show is still one of the best thrills I ever got being a wrestling fan. It's gonna be hard to say goodbye, but it's best this way. he still can go . He still is putting over the younger talent wonderfully. Go out in a way that fans with always treasure, classy as Liger always is.
  6. My only complaint is how historically inaccurate it is Not covering the Sun City debacle is a big glaring moment for me and would have fit into the narrative well.
  7. My Wife, then me, then my Mother in Law got sick, My Car Froze and would not move for a week, My fridge died and we are putting my 21 year old cat to sleep this is all within a weeks time... this year has been horrid, the luck, the people, the Government.. if this was UFC match I'd tap the *Censored* out..okay done, thanks for listening.
  8. Brooklyn 99-Season 3 Episode 2 : The Funeral
  9. Some may say Vanity, Some may say Money, it doesn't matter to me, Jericho working with AEW only makes me love him more, he's done so much for the wrestling world recently , and yes, he is getting paid as he does it, but still he is pushing into new territory and bringing about changes in wonderful ways. A Mount Rushmore of wrestling without Jericho to me would be one lacking.
  10. I keep trying not to compare this to arkham series..then I get to that mission
  11. At Least it's something cool. I feel the same way about my Super Mario coins I got out of wonderball chocolates lol
  12. Any Drunk Dreams yet? Well if they do come, don't freakout. They to shall pass. Just keep on the H20 and Advil lol
  13. GREAT JOB MAN! I'm a year today off the sauce myself and it's the best feeling in the world, I lost weight, I feel healthier, Keep it up , it gets easier. I still think smokes were harder to quit myself lol.
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