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IWA Mid West: This is HARDCORE! - Xtreme TV Episode 5 posted!

Hardcore Extreme IWA Mid West Poe Ohlin

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#41 TheGrog



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Posted 06 June 2012 - 04:50 PM

Not been following this for long, but i really like the way this diary is going, and being presented.

Can i just recommend that you put your text to the right? I've started to do this in mine, and trust me, it made a huge difference, but it's up to you bro.

Looking forward to the rest of Ground Zero, the first has been great, keep up the good work.

#42 Awesome316



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Posted 13 June 2012 - 03:48 PM

I really like how this diary is unique. You have succesfully given it a "cult" and hardcore feel.
The layout is good, simple and effective.
Your roster is very interesting and you have some very talented worker. However, CM Punk (for example) doesn't appear to be being used much. I mean, if a promotion like this had a guy with Punk's star power, why wouldn't they push him to the moon?
Overall, it's looking good and certainly stands out from all the WWE/TNA (I'm guilty of this, haha) diaries on here.

#43 KhabibKnows


    Tianna Gregory's Thigh Gap

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Posted 16 June 2012 - 04:42 PM

Right, since i've recently returned i still need to read through a good bit of this diary to catch myself up so bare with me. Instead of commenting on the shows, i'll comment on something i'm known for which is your show layouts. At the moment, simply scrolling down page two without reading a thing, I got bored. I got bored because of the lack of colour. The big blocks of black text can really make something stray away from reading, it really takes away from the wow factor you could have. Simply adding a different font, colours to the titles of your matches or just adding a simple graphic to the top of your shows, something I could help you with since i'm big on GFX, then it'll really make it look alot cleaner and more attractive to new readers.

#44 Poe ěhlin

Poe ěhlin


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Posted 19 June 2012 - 07:11 PM

IWA Mid West: Xtreme TV Episode 4

The show opens with a video package, showing off highlights of Ground Zer0. The video shows Bekah Manheim winning the IWA Women's title, highlights of the Nick Mondo JC Bailey match, the announcement of the gauntlet set by the Hate Club, and of the brutal steel cage match. The package ends showing the footage of CZW alumni Ric Blade, Nick Gage, Justice Pain, and Nate Hatred assaulting the IWA Mid West champion Raven.

After the highlights are shown, the camera feed cuts straight to the IWA Mid West Arena in Xenia, Ohio. Fans in attendance are booing from the ending part of the video package. Announcers Zack Daniels and Matt Adamson welcome everybody and run down briefly what happened at Ground Zer0. They then say that tonight's card will feature the first in the Hate Club Gauntlet, with Samoa Joe taking on Zero. Other matches include AJ Styles going up against Jeff Hardy, and if Styles wins, he gets Poe Ohlin at Inferno. And the world will also hear from Raven on his thoughts about what happened to him. But now, it's time for the opening contest.

Jack Charleston: The following is your Xtreme TV opening contest of the evening, and is a singles match set for one fall. The only way to win is via pinfall or submission.

After the match is announced, the crowd cheers as the hit song "Dragula" by Rob Zombie starts to play. As it does, Zane Hardy walks out through the curtain. He rubs a finger under his nose and smiles at the crowd before he starts heading down the aisle way.

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina. Zane Hardy!

As Hardy gets to ringside, he walks around at the steel barricade, giving the fans a high five before he slides into the ring. He runs up to a turnbuckle and jumps onto it, posing like his brother Jeff.

But the fans then begin a loud boo as Linkin Park's "Numb" begins to blare over the speaker system. Out from the back comes Jake Rejects. He smirks at the crowd at they boo him before he begins the trail to ringside.

Jack Charleston: And introducing his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois. He is a member of The Hate Club, Jakee Rejectss!

Rejects then runs to the ring and jumps up onto the apron. He'd then work his way under the ropes and stares over at his opponent smirking. The referee checks with both wrestlers before signalling for the bell to be rung.

Zane Hardy VS Jake Rejects

After the bell is rung, Hardy runs up to Rejects, and connects with a dropkick to the face that sends the hateful young man down. Zane jumps to his feet and yells at the crowd as they cheer him on. However his opponent is fast to recover, and jumps up to his feet as well. Both men then begin to trade chops until Rejects is able to hit a wicked looking one, following it up with a throat thrust. He now grabs a hold of the man young one from North Carolina, and applies a headlock to him. But Zane is able to work his way out of it, and sends Rejects down with a spinning thrust kick to the face.

Hardy now throwing his match mate into the ropes. As Rejects comes running back, Hardy goes down split style causing the opponent to leapfrog over him. He look to hit a monkey flip, but le opponent was able to out think him, and connects with a soccer ball kick to the back of the head. As Rejects pulls Zane up, he is able to counter, and hits a gut kick to Rejects' torso. He then pulls him into a suplex position and lifts him up..slamming him on his head with an emerald fusion! The crowd goes ballistic with excitement. Hardy drops down and hooks the leg but only gets a two count as we cut to commercial.

Back from break as Jake Rejects hits a step up enzuguri on Zane Hardy. He then Irish whips the opponent to the ropes, and as he comes flying back wraps his arms around the man's neck, applying a sleeper hold. But Rejects is going for it, and jumps up, bringing Zane's back down onto his knees with a backstabber. The crowd booing now at the Hate Club member. Rejects barks out at the audience before going for a pinfall. 1..2..shoulders up at the last second. Rejects then lifts Hardy up to his feet, throwing him into a corner.

Rejects dashes over to the stunned opponent, but he wasn't too stunned, and moves out of the way, Rejects slamming chest first into the turnbuckle. Hardy then lifts the opponent to the top and climbs up after him. Zane then jumps up...AND HITS A SPINNING HEADSCCISSORS ON REJECTS! The fans begin the always needed holy shit chant after the move. Zane crawls over to Jake and throws an arm over his torso, but is only able to get a two count, Hardy seeming to say damnit.

Hardy gets up, pulling Jake with him. He pulls the opponent in, and connects with the side effect. Hardy jumps up and screams at the fans in excitement, he taunting rejects to get up. After he gets up, Zane grabs him by the back of the head, and throws up the Hardy Boyz hand sign for the finish. However Jake aware, slams his leg into the groin of Hardy, getting quite the heel heat. He then grabs a hold of his opponent full nelson style and lifts him up...CONNECTING WITH THE NUMB SLAM (it's like Edge's Winning Edge)! Jake hooks the legs, and gets the three count for the win.

Jack Charleston: The winner of the match, via pinfall. Jake Rejects!

Rejects smirks as the audience boos at him. He rolls out of the ring and begins the walk back to the locker room. As the camera zooms in on Zane starting to stand up, static fills the feed, the camera cutting to Alice in her locker room, it appearing she has something to say.

Alice: Bekah, you got lucky. You're lucky that the referee didn't see that you cheated. Because let's face it, if it wasn't for your cheating, I would've won and still be champion. But then again cheating is in your nature. Well guess what, in two weeks, I get my rematch for the title on TV. But that's if Joe doesn't kill you next week. Tootlelou.

We then go to IWA correspondent Neil Johnson who is backstage with the HardCORE champion Nick Mondo.

Neil Johnson: I'm backstage here at the Xtreme Arena in Xenia Ohio with IWA Mid West HardCORE champion Nick Mondo. Nick, can I get your thoughts on your fellow wrestlers assaulting our champion?

Nick Mondo: To be honest, I think what those guys did is shit. What they did to our champion, what they did to the hardcore legend that is Raven is beyond being disrespectful. They put him through hell, and cheated our fans out of a main event.

Pain, Nate, Nicky, Ric, I hope you guys got your fill, because the next time you come into this building, you're going to get f****d up.

After Mondo's promo, we cut to our second commercial break of the evening. Once back from words from our sponsors, the camera feed is back at ringside for the next match.

Jack Charleston: The following contest is set for one fall. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission.

After the match introduction, Zero walks out from the back as his music begins to play, the audience booing at him.

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan. He is a member of The Hate Club, Zeerro!

He gives them the bird and then sprints down the aisle and into the ring, jumping up to his feet as he waits for his opponent.

The arena then erupts into applause as the Gojira march theme plays, followed by "Mamma Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J. From the locker rooms comes Samoa Joe, he smirking down at the opponent who is in the ring. He then whips his towel into the crowd and begins to head to ringside.

Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from the Isle of Samoa. He is The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!

After Joe makes it to ringside, he climbs up onto the apron and into the ring. As standard, the referee checks with both men before the bell gets rung.

Zero VS Samoa Joe

Both wrestlers begin to walk around the ring staring off, waiting for the other man to make the first move. After a while of doing this, they lock up, Joe however takes an early advantage, connecting with a headbutt. As Joe goes for a haymaker, his opponent blocks it, firing back with a left hand of his own, slamming it into the side of the Samoan's head. Zero then connects with a chop to the chest, which only appears to make Joe pissed off more, as he charges at Zero. The opponent though was prepared, and sidesteps causing Joe to crash into the referee.

Zero then spins Joe around, and pulls him into a piledriver position. He cuts his throat and lifts the opponent up, slamming him back down with a powerbomb. But he's not done and lifts Joe back up again. Once again Zero slams down the beast but lets go this time. He goes for the win, but the ref is knocked out at the moment. He mutters to himself before he stands up. He runs to the ropes as his rival gets up, and comes sprinting back leaping up for a spin kick. Joe grabs him by the torso, and slams Zero down onto his foot, the Hate Club member now holding his right foot while laying on the mat, the counter causing the fans to pop with excitement.

He pulls Zero up and whips him hard into the ropes. As he comes charging back, Joe grabs a hold of him and hits a powerslam, staying on the man for the pin. The referee who is now up slides over to the men to count. 1..2..Zero kicks out. Joe furious yells at the ref before standing up. The crowd starting a small chant of "Joe's gonna kill you!"

Zero gets up carefully, trying to not put to much pressure on his possibly broken foot. The submission machine then grabs a hold of him, once again sending him into the ropes. As he comes flying back, Joe grabs him and throws him into the air for a flapjack..but grabs him and slams him down a Samoan drop! Pin attempt now. 1..2..once again the Hate Club member kicks out. As his opponent writhes in pain on the canvas, Samoa Joe climbs up to a turnbuckle. He then leaps off looking for a big elbow..but Zero rolls out of the way, Joe slamming his elbow down hard on the mat.

With the crowd booing him, Zero runs to the ropes and comes flying back, connecting with a shining wizard to the face of Joe. He hooks the legs and tries for the win, but is only able to get two and three quarters before hsi opponent raises the shoulders. He slams his palm onto the mat and stands up, bringing the Samoan with him.

He cuts his throat again and brings Joe into the position for the Z3R0 slam. But he isn't able to lift the man up, muttering at him to go up fat ass. The comment seems to have given Joe a new steam of rage, as he backdrops Zero hard onto the mat. But as he does so, Mickie Staples comes sprinting down the aisle way with a steel chair, thunderous boos following him. Joe grins evily, he wanting to take out two members of Hate Club in one match.

Staples jumps onto the apron, Joe walking over to him. The two have very loud and profanity filled words as Zero stands up. He now charging towards the fluffy wrestler as Mickie goes to hit Joe on the head with a chair. But he rolls away, causing Zero to slam into Staples, and Staples to bring the chair down on his ally's head, he then falling down from the apron to the concrete floor. Zero staggers back, but Joe is grinning, the fans chanting for the finis.

Joe wraps his big arms around Zero's neck and brings him down to the ground where he wraps his legs around the man's chest. With the coquina clutch now fully locked in, the referee stands above the two men, asking if Zero wants to tap out. After a few minutes though, Zero stops struggling, causing the ref to get down on a knee. He does the usual raising of the arm check, and when Zero can't answer the three count, he calls for the bell to be rung, at which point, Joe lets go reluctantly.

Jack Charleston: The winner of this match, by submission, Saaamoa Joe!

Joe kicks Zero in the back with a smirk, raising his arms in victory. As the audience cheers for Joe, and Zero crawls out of the ring to the floor below, the feed cuts to commercial again, promising the main event when we return.

Once back from commercial, AJ Styles is making his way to ringside, his theme of "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica play on the speakers. As AJ makes it to ringside, the crowd would be in a frenzied buzz, chanting his name as he makes his way up the steel steps and into the ring. Once in the ring, he throws off his coat and beats his chest, talking to crowd, yelling "I'm the best!"

But the audience's cheers turns into thunderous applause as "Tourniquet" by Marilyn Manson plays loudly. Out through the curtain comes Jeff Hardy, doing his usual dancing for the fans, continuing it while he works his way down the aisle. He then begins the process of going around the ring, slapping hands with all of the fans before climbing to the apron. He gives the Hardy Boyz hand sign before going into the ring, Jack Charleston ready for the introductions.

Jack Charleston: Wrestling fans, the following is your main event of the evening. It is a singles match, no time limit set for one fall. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission.

Introducing first, from Gainesville, Georgia. He is "The Phoenemonial" AJ Styles!

And his opponent. From Cameron, North Carolina. The Enigma" Jefffff Hardy!

Both men shake hands before the referee starts the match.

AJ Styles VS Jeff Hardy

Both men walk up to each other and exchange words. Jeff turns his head to the crowd and smiles a little. He then proceeds to slap his opponent in the face. Styles returns the gesture with a big chop to the chest. He then runs behind the enigma to the ropes, and comes running back. He'd wrap his arms and legs around Hardy in an octopus style hold, Hardy however able to power out of it with a Samoan drop. Jeff and AJ jump up to their feet at the same time, now staring each other down as the fans cheer for them.

Hardy now with punches to and elbows to the face before he attempts a gut kick. The opponent though catches him by the foot and mocks him with quite the grin. But Hardy is able to shut Styles up with a spinning kick to the face of the Phoenomenal one, sending him down to the mat. He lifts AJ back up, and goes to whip him into the ropes. Styles however is able to reverse the whip, throwing Hardy into the ropes. As he comes flying back AJ runs to the corner and jumps up it. As Hardy comes into range, he leaps off..nailing him in the face with a big elbow, causing the fans to pop.

AJ goes for a pin but Hardy kicks out before the the one count, he proceeding to jump back to his feet, shaking his head at Styles. He runs over to the Enigma and jumps up looking to hit the hurricanrana. AJ gets a rude awakening though when he gets powerbombed down on to the mat. Hardy though keeps hold of his legs, and jumps up, bringing both legs down apon AJ's groin. Stil holding on, Jeff throws himself over onto AJ for a bridge pin attempt. 1..2..shoulders up. Jeff moves hair out of his face and gets up with AJ slowly, the crowd starting a loud "Let's go AJ! Let's go Hardy!"

Both men trade punches back and forth until AJ is able to block one of his opponent's. He then starts beating the living daylights out of the opponent's chest and head. He then leaps up..and hits the pele kick! The audience pops again as AJ hooks the legs for the cover. He only gets a two and half though, and yells angrily at the ref. He then pulls Hardy up as we go to the final commercial break.

Once back, we see Jeff Hardy hitting the sleeper slam on AJ Styles. Pin attempt by Hardy fails at two. Once both men are up, they going into a knuckle hold, the fans cheering both men on. Control of the hold goes back and forth until Jeff hits a gut kick. He then grabs his opponent's head..AND CONNECTS WITH A TWIST OF FATE TO THE FANS' DELIGHT!

Hardy yells with the crowd and pulls off his shirt, throwing it to the crowd. He goes over to a turnbuckle and climbs up to the top. Once there, here gives the famous Hardy Boyz handisgn. Jeff then leaps off..AND MISSES THE SWANTON AS AJ ROLLS AWAY! Jeff slamming back first very roughly down onto the canvas. AJ pulls himself up via the ropes, and looks around at the crowd before hopping over onto the apron.

He leaps onto the ropes, and off of them as the enigma gets up..ONLY TO SEND HIM DOWN WITH A SPRINGBOARD PELE KICK TO THE TEMPLE! The fans yelling in cheers clap thunderously for AJ as he beats his chest, signaling for the match end. He taunts waiting for Hardy to get up. Once he's up, AJ spins him around, pulling him into position. He throws his arms out nodding before wrapping his arms around the torso of the opponent.

He leaps up..AND HITS THE STYLES CLASH! The fans explode in applause at the move. AJ rolls around holding onto Hardy, going for a sitting pin attempt. 1..2..3! He got it, and gets his match at Inferno!

Jack Charleston: Wrestling fans, the winner of this match, via pinfall..AJ STYLES!

As the fans clap in appreciation, chanting "That match ruled!", AJ helps Jeff up, both men hugging each other. However the fans then boo thunderously aas Poe Ohlin runs into the ring, stell chair in hand. As AJ turns around, he gets planted with a chair shot to the head that sends him down to the mat.

Hardy then toe kicks Ohlin, making him drop the chair. Ohlin however rakes the painted eyes of Hardy and spins him around. He then grabs him into the hold..AND SLAMS HARDY HEAD FIRST INTO THE CHAIR WITH THE CROW'S NESTING (Drake's Landing/Cop Killer)! God damn Ohlin took him out. He smirks at his handywork and at the crowd before he exits the ring.

After a while, both men are taken into the back. Minutes later, Raven comes out to the ring, IWA Heavyweight belt wrapped around his waist, and a microphone in hand. Before he speaks though, the video is replayed of what happened to him at Ground Zer0. After it plays, he begins to speak.

Raven: What happened there, is total bull shit. What makes those violence junkies think they can just come into another promotion, and destroy that promotion's world champion. Yeah, it might have gotten me out a match I don't really have to do, knowing I would've won. But still, it makes me mad that it happened.

As I've said quite a bit, when people in our profession have issues, they fight it out in the ring. So right now, I want every last one of those "wrestlers" to come out here for the beating they deserve, and that way I can get the vendetta I justly deserve.

Instead of the CZW wrestlers coming out, James Mitchell does, he laughing at Raven from the curtain, he holding a microphone as well.

James Mitchell: What's the matter Raven, do you got a boo boo? Stop crying you big baby, because you got something to worry about more then CZW. You see, my client Abyss was cheated of his title match Sunday. So after speaking with Grant Matthews, Abyss gets his rematch at Inferno. And proptly enough, it's in an inferno match!

Mitchell cackles widly as the audience boos him. Xtreme TV goes off the air with a shot of Raven looking very very pissed.

Edited by Poe Ohlin, 22 June 2012 - 09:17 PM.

#45 KhabibKnows


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Posted 19 June 2012 - 11:37 PM

It's honestly very hard for me to catch up here, so i'm gonna take what i'm given [ This previous show ], and comment on your match writing, layout and story-lines that I get from this show. First! Match quality! I like it! Short sweet paragraphs and really makes it an easy read, though i'd still prefer to have a little colour in there to separate the matches up. Enough with layout bullshit from me though, I still think the first match was good, simple end. [ Bare in mind you haven't finished the show by this post. ] Little backstage segment with the diva, simple little paragraph, short but effective! Good little breaker. I think your promos need colour so separate the speech from the actions, and I think they're a little short, but still nice to read. [ I've only got this far, and i'll further update when you get a few more segments up. ]

#46 Avon.



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Posted 21 June 2012 - 02:30 AM

Just recently started following, I wasn't sure about the idea. But after reading it, I can tell you have some more ideas that you aren't showing us yet. Even with that, I can still see a good diary. But I have a problem with how you are treating Punk. Punk is one of the over guys on the entire roster, and he's in an Indy company with a cult following to it. I could tell by reading it. But if, for example, TNA had John Cena; they'd push him all the up to Zeus. Bad example xD, but I think you should utilize him more. That's my only problem. But instead of using Punk, you're building up your less over guys. That's a huge positive imo. So you're doing lots right. I will still follow this.

#47 SirRockNRolla


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Posted 22 June 2012 - 01:09 PM

First things first i'd suggest not posting half a show, save it and post it when its complete

im glad you have organised the feuds more and its less "Why's he fighting him" a lot more structure to the shows, obviously you need to tweak it more and a little more organising like I said sit down write out whose feuding with who, cross over the feuds for tags, four ways etcetera but keep the feuds as one so as an example if you had Joe and Abyss feuding keep them together, interfere, special referee, pick your poison, your ME feuds are spot on so follow them in how you do feuds obviously your ME is ME for a reason but structure them, ME, midcard, lower etcetera like I said a little more organisation will help alot and it has as well as structure, I thought this diary was gonna be just blood, weapons and pointless bumps but its more then that

#48 Bichon Blitz

Bichon Blitz

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Posted 23 June 2012 - 05:36 AM

I read your last couple of shows and they were pretty damn good. I just can't tell if some of your roster are CAWs, or if they are indy guys I've never heard of. If they are CAWs you should do a post that gives us more info (unless you did this already and I missed it). I guess that Poe Odin is a CAW. The feud with AJ probably goes back further than what I've read, I see that they've both traded at least one win each, and Poe has found some secret about Styles that he's making everyone wait to find out. I do like this feud, there's a lot of ground you could cover with the dark outcast type against the god fearing ex-cheerleader. By the way, I can totally buy the big name wrestlers on the roster, since most of them had probably been in IWA:MS before they caught their respective breaks. Nick Mondo has been a fighting champion, which is good to see. I wouldn't complain if there were more deathmatches going on. And lastly, I look forward to the CZW crew re-appearing at some point, or at least some explanation as to why they attacked the champ. It doesn't seem like the they were doing James Mitchell's bidding, so I'm guessing maybe it was the start of an invasion angle or something? Otherwise, I think Pain, Gage and Hatred should be more concerned with killing the dudes that ripped off their stable.

#49 Awesome316



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Posted 24 June 2012 - 09:09 AM

Another pretty good show man. I like how your show is very detailed, even though it's just TV. The Hary/Styles match was great and felt like a big match. Keep it up, I enjoyed it.

#50 KhabibKnows


    Tianna Gregory's Thigh Gap

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Posted 24 June 2012 - 03:34 PM

It's honestly very hard for me to catch up here, so i'm gonna take what i'm given [ This previous show ], and comment on your match writing, layout and story-lines that I get from this show. First! Match quality! I like it! Short sweet paragraphs and really makes it an easy read, though i'd still prefer to have a little colour in there to separate the matches up. Enough with layout bullshit from me though, I still think the first match was good, simple end. [ Bare in mind you haven't finished the show by this post. ] Little backstage segment with the diva, simple little paragraph, short but effective! Good little breaker. I think your promos need colour so separate the speech from the actions, and I think they're a little short, but still nice to read.

Right, I got as far as the Nick Mondo promo last time, so lets finish. Next up was Samoa Joe vs Zero and it was good, really enjoyed it and you displayed Joe's submissive side well. Matches don't usually end via knockout and that was something I enjoyed. Next match was Styles vs Jeff and that was the match of the night, really enjoyed how you did it. It seemed like a PPV match if i'm being honest, and i'd love to see these two go at it again. Ohlin attacking was a good twist and destroying both men was good. Final promo, I think your promos need to be alot longer. Honestly I can't get into it when they're two sentences. To conclude, your matches = good, promo's = too short.

#51 Poe ěhlin

Poe ěhlin


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Posted 01 July 2012 - 04:31 PM

This Wednesday, on Xtreme TV. For the first time in America, a live, televised deathmatch will take place. Tune in for the bloody, gory awesomeness.

#52 Poe ěhlin

Poe ěhlin


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Posted 12 July 2012 - 07:18 PM

Xtreme TV Episode 5

Before the usual video opening starts, we get a package showing us the high points of last week. Events mentioned are Samoa's Joe match against Hate Club member Zero, it hyping his next match in the Haet Club gauntlet that will occur tonight. It also shows highlights form the amazing match that AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy had, as well as showing the fallout from the match, with Poe Ohlin laying out both wrestlers. Finally, the segment with Raven and James Mitchell is shown, announcing that Raven will face Abyss at Inferno in an Inferno Deathmatch.

After the video package plays, the always welcoming Xtreme TV opening video plays. It as always showing off some of the best IWA has to offer before the IWA Mid West Xtreme TV logo pops up The camera feed goes directly backstage, where Bekah Manheim, our women's champion is with IWA Mid West president and GM Grant Matthews.

Bekah Manheim: Grant, please do not make me have a match tonight against that monster Samoa Joe.

Grant Matthews: Bekah I'm sorry, but we've already advertised the match and it's been made. So it's going down.

Bekah Manheim: Look pal, I know we have intergender matches here, as well as a women's division that isn't made of fake tits and hair, but Joe could kill me out there. I am begging you, scratch the match!.

Grant Matthews: Begging Bekah, really now? You know, you and your little club wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't poked the bear. But like a lot of people, you put your own amusement before somebody else's mood and feelings. So guess what, you still have your match tonight, and I'm adding a little twist.

Bekah Manheim: W what kind of twist?

Grant Matthews: If you somehow are able to slay Joe, I'll make it to where you don't have to defend your title at Inferno. But if Joe does what he probably will, and tap you out, then you have to face Alice in any match she wants. Now stop bitching and gear up!

Grant walks away shaking his head as Bekah stands against a wall trembling in fear, and even shedding a tear. We then cut to ringside for the opening contest of the evening.

Jack Charleston: Wrestling fans, the following is your opening contest! And it is a four way elimination match. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission. And is for a shot at IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship!

After mister Charleston ends his speech, "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson starts playing on the speaker system. The fans then clap and cheer as Austin Aries walks out through the curtains, arms held out in a give me sort of way. He talks to the crowd, saying that "I'm the next greatest thing!"

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The next greatest thing in IWA, Austin Ariess!

Aries slowly walks down the aisle, as if he was a leader of a cult, letting his people reach out to touch him while his music blares into their ears. Eventually he makes his way into the ring, shrugging off his jacket as he waits for the next man.

The sound of Marilyn Manson is then replaced by Killswitch Engage in the form of "This Fire Burns." The fans then jump up and a thunderous roar of applause begins as CM punk comes out from the back, standing in front of the entrance set. He throws his arms in his signature cross state yelling out "BEST IN THE WORLD!"

Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from Chicago Ilinois. C M Punk!

Punk then runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. He jumps up to his feet and gives Aries the bird. Aries lunges at Punk some but the referee pushes him back into his corner. Unfortunately it is time for our first commercial break, don't touch that remote, we'll be right back!

As we return from the commercials, Zane Hardy is in the ring, on top of the turnbuckle as "Dragula" by Rob Zombie plays. He forms his fingers into the Hard Boyz hand sign and points them at his mouth before jumping down from the turnbuckle.

As he does so, "Last Resort" by Papa Roach begins to spread out through the arena, the fans once again going ballistic for the next entrant. Nick Mondo then walks out into the aisle way, raising his hands for the Mondo hand sign, he looking around the arena, nodding his head at the fans.

Jack Charleston: And the fourth and final entrant. From Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the IWA Mid West HardCORE Champion. "Sick" Nick Mondoo!

Mondo works his way down to ringside, giving each fan he walks by a high five. He then walks up the steel steps and onto the apron where he takes off his title belt, handing it to the time keeper. He then jumps into the ring. The ref checks with each wrestler before the bell is rung, it's go time for these athletes.

Four Way Elimination Match for the Number One Contenders Spot for the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship - Austin Aries VS CM Punk VS Zane Hardy VS "Sick" Nick Mondo©

All four men stare at each other before they rush to the center of the ring. The men trade holds back and forth, eventually leading to Aries throwing Hardy into the corner, leaving Mondo and Punk trading punches. Aries goes over to the young man from Carolina and kicks him down into a sitting position. He goes for an ally oop slam, but his downed opponent is able to hang on, and turn the move into dragonair.

Okay guys this is a really long episode, so I will be taking time on posting it. Please bare with me here. If you want to comment on past shows, feel free to do so, but as always, leave all criticisms for this until it is fully posted. Thank you.

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