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Poe Øhlin

IWA Mid West: This is HARDCORE! - Xtreme TV Episode 5 posted!

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This Wednesday, on Xtreme TV. For the first time in America, a live, televised deathmatch will take place. Tune in for the bloody, gory awesomeness.

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Xtreme TV Episode 5

Before the usual video opening starts, we get a package showing us the high points of last week. Events mentioned are Samoa's Joe match against Hate Club member Zero, it hyping his next match in the Haet Club gauntlet that will occur tonight. It also shows highlights form the amazing match that AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy had, as well as showing the fallout from the match, with Poe Ohlin laying out both wrestlers. Finally, the segment with Raven and James Mitchell is shown, announcing that Raven will face Abyss at Inferno in an Inferno Deathmatch.


After the video package plays, the always welcoming Xtreme TV opening video plays. It as always showing off some of the best IWA has to offer before the IWA Mid West Xtreme TV logo pops up The camera feed goes directly backstage, where Bekah Manheim, our women's champion is with IWA Mid West president and GM Grant Matthews.


Bekah Manheim: Grant, please do not make me have a match tonight against that monster Samoa Joe.


Grant Matthews: Bekah I'm sorry, but we've already advertised the match and it's been made. So it's going down.


Bekah Manheim: Look pal, I know we have intergender matches here, as well as a women's division that isn't made of fake tits and hair, but Joe could kill me out there. I am begging you, scratch the match!.


Grant Matthews: Begging Bekah, really now? You know, you and your little club wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't poked the bear. But like a lot of people, you put your own amusement before somebody else's mood and feelings. So guess what, you still have your match tonight, and I'm adding a little twist.


Bekah Manheim: W what kind of twist?


Grant Matthews: If you somehow are able to slay Joe, I'll make it to where you don't have to defend your title at Inferno. But if Joe does what he probably will, and tap you out, then you have to face Alice in any match she wants. Now stop bitching and gear up!


Grant walks away shaking his head as Bekah stands against a wall trembling in fear, and even shedding a tear. We then cut to ringside for the opening contest of the evening.


Jack Charleston: Wrestling fans, the following is your opening contest! And it is a four way elimination match. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission. And is for a shot at IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship!


After mister Charleston ends his speech, "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson starts playing on the speaker system. The fans then clap and cheer as Austin Aries walks out through the curtains, arms held out in a give me sort of way. He talks to the crowd, saying that "I'm the next greatest thing!"

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The next greatest thing in IWA, Austin Ariess!

Aries slowly walks down the aisle, as if he was a leader of a cult, letting his people reach out to touch him while his music blares into their ears. Eventually he makes his way into the ring, shrugging off his jacket as he waits for the next man.


The sound of Marilyn Manson is then replaced by Killswitch Engage in the form of "This Fire Burns." The fans then jump up and a thunderous roar of applause begins as CM punk comes out from the back, standing in front of the entrance set. He throws his arms in his signature cross state yelling out "BEST IN THE WORLD!"

Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from Chicago Ilinois. C M Punk!

Punk then runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. He jumps up to his feet and gives Aries the bird. Aries lunges at Punk some but the referee pushes him back into his corner. Unfortunately it is time for our first commercial break, don't touch that remote, we'll be right back!


As we return from the commercials, Zane Hardy is in the ring, on top of the turnbuckle as "Dragula" by Rob Zombie plays. He forms his fingers into the Hard Boyz hand sign and points them at his mouth before jumping down from the turnbuckle.


As he does so, "Last Resort" by Papa Roach begins to spread out through the arena, the fans once again going ballistic for the next entrant. Nick Mondo then walks out into the aisle way, raising his hands for the Mondo hand sign, he looking around the arena, nodding his head at the fans.

Jack Charleston: And the fourth and final entrant. From Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the IWA Mid West HardCORE Champion. "Sick" Nick Mondoo!

Mondo works his way down to ringside, giving each fan he walks by a high five. He then walks up the steel steps and onto the apron where he takes off his title belt, handing it to the time keeper. He then jumps into the ring. The ref checks with each wrestler before the bell is rung, it's go time for these athletes.


Four Way Elimination Match for the Number One Contenders Spot for the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship - Austin Aries VS CM Punk VS Zane Hardy VS "Sick" Nick Mondo©

All four men stare at each other before they rush to the center of the ring. The men trade holds back and forth, eventually leading to Aries throwing Hardy into the corner, leaving Mondo and Punk trading punches. Aries goes over to the young man from Carolina and kicks him down into a sitting position. He goes for an ally oop slam, but his downed opponent is able to hang on, and turn the move into dragonair.





Okay guys this is a really long episode, so I will be taking time on posting it. Please bare with me here. If you want to comment on past shows, feel free to do so, but as always, leave all criticisms for this until it is fully posted. Thank you.

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