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Uploader Tests [UPDATED: 14th Feb 2020 @ 21:05 GMT]

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Posted 11 February 2020 - 08:49 PM

With no workarounds or fixes found for this issue yet I've moved it here for any of those still trying. If you test a method below please post it here so we can see which do not work. I will update this thread with the date and time only when any new methods are added.


All the below methods are things I would be testing if I was getting the error.


Recent updates


Method #1

The following should be done on both games starting with WWE2K19 (using the same browser)
- Clear All Uploads on Console side.
- Clear All Uploads on Web side.
- Upload One Image on Web side.
- If images show on Console side, Delete them All (even if one is the image you just uploaded).
- Repeat until your image shows on it's own a couple of times.


Method #2 

If you upload to both try using different browsers for each (if you don't already) and then try a few times a day for a couple of days. Then leave 24 hours before a final attempt while also making sure your console has been off for at least 4 hours and you enter 2K20 first.

Method #3
If you do not play 2K19 or are using a different account than 2K19 (recommended), you could try deleting the WWE2K19 save from the profile you want to get the images onto, rebooting the system and then using uploader.


Method #4 
- If there are any images from pre-1.06 that you don't need you could try deleting them (they should show back up in incoming) then remove from incoming and see if any extra ghost images show up. If there are any ghost images on servers or system in my experience they will usually show when an image is deleted from Incoming and not after downloading any to system. Have had some early on and once they were cleared it worked a lot better. You should delete any images that show up.


Method #5

Also after using 2K19 shut down the system for a minimum of 30 minutes before turning it back on and trying to upload to 2K20.


Method #6

Try using an incognito window when uploading.


Method #7

- Log off both the 2K Web Uploader and the Sony Network.

- Turn 'Connect to Internet'' off (use whichever method your system has to play offline)

- Restart your system

- Enter 2K19 (still offline) and play a couple of matches

- Enter 2K20 (still offline) and play a couple of matches

- Shut system down for at least 30 minutes

- Log back in to 2K/Sony on Web

- Upload an Image onto 2K20 using an incognito window

- Turn system back on and reenable connection

- Enter 2K20 and check incoming

- If that steps above work try uploading on a normal window

- If that works try uploading to 2K19 on a different browser then try uploading to 2K20 again on the browser you used originally

- If that still works make sure you use different browsers for each game


Method #8

Try uploading and deleting an image on the web side then checking on your system. There have been times where the image is still on the system once it has been removed from the web side.


Method #9

Close 2K20 before uploading an image to the web side. Once the image is uploaded start the game and check if the image shows.


Method #10

Upload the same image on both 2K19 and 2K20. Check both versions of the game starting with 2K19. Do not download the image.


Method #11

Reinstall 2K19 and upload one image (do not download to system). Then switch to 2K20 and upload one image. If that doesn't work switch back to 2K19 and download the image. Then switch to 2K20 and check.


Extra Points

If you still get an error and you have it installed check on WWE2K19. If the image shows make sure you have 2K20 selected on Web side of uploader. 

You can also start a new PSN account that has never played 2K19 (and use the texture/image trade method above* (Credit: Multiple / Original Unknown)

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Posted 12 February 2020 - 02:57 PM

*Updated First Post*


I will not be posting in this thread unless a fix is found or a question is asked. Thread title will be updated when new testing methods are added.

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