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NES Pro Wrestling CAWs


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My re-imaginings of the classic characters from one of the greatest wrestling games of all time, in my opinion. I'm going to be doing everyone from the game- at the moment everyone except Giant Panther and Great Puma are 100% complete.

Each wrestler includes entrance and entrance gear, a custom moveset (a couple are modified WWE movesets, but pretty heavily modified), victory animation- like I said, they're complete, and incorporate as much of the originals as possible.

Before anyone starts the "ZOMG King Slender was clearly Ric Flair, etc." stuff, no. Just no.
These were created using the same restrictions on wrestlers in my efed, so each wrestler has an Overall of 85, 9 levels' worth of Abilities max, etc. Naturally you can feel free to change whatever.

Right now, as I have 5 upload slots, only 3 of them are uploaded: the Amazon, Fighter Hayabusa, and Kin Corn Karn. Star Man and King Slender will follow at some point once I get some more slots open, and Giant Panther and Great Puma once I bang them out.
The plan is then to eventually do the wrestlers from Tecmo World Wrestling, but I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it.

As in the original game, everyone has at least one suplex, back suplex, and piledriver. lol

I tackled the toughest to create visually first: the Amazon. He's a heel with a ton of dirty moves and his finishers reflect that as well. In the original game, he had a head bite and something like stabbing someone with a fork and then hiding it in his pants before showing his hands to the ref. I gave him the power of the punch and added some poison mist attacks.
The textures are heavily photoshopped, modded and colorized Creature of the Black Lagoon pics, mostly from action figures.
Next up I went for the easiest visually, Fighter Hayabusa. Hayabusa has a ton of kicks, including his devastating Back Brain Kick. I really wanted a Japanese wrestler that appeared to be stuck in the 80's, hence the old-school Bruce Lee-style sunglasses and robe, and the "hey, did this guy have some botox?" face. Pretty much a stern face character.
His tights have his name on them a couple of times in a logo that also looks good on custom entrance videos.

Third was Kin Corn Karn. From Korea, this guy had a "karate kick" and "mongolian chop," so he has a lot of chops and the rocket kick moves. Definitely an affluent heel-type, I took to calling this guy the Mongolian Assassin after seeing him in action.
Naturally 2k17 doesn't have any bald heads with ponytails or little Asian hats, and the face is very open to interpretation, so I just made him how I wanted to. Love the Fu Manchu mustache.

Now I definitely had to do Star Man. I wanted him as accurate as possible, and while I couldn't get the star pattern as high up on the nose as I wanted without the rest looking ridiculous, I'm really, really pleased with how he turned out. High-flying face all the way. The moveset is to frickin' die for, if I do say so myself.

...and finally, I wanted to tackle King Slender. It isn't that I don't like Giant Panther, but I'm still formulating a moveset for him; King Slender is the straight-up King of the Backbreakers. He retains his pendulum backbreaker finisher, as well as some back-based submission moves.
I know, I've read everywhere that he was based on Ric Flair. I went as far from that as I possibly could. Though I initially wished I could've used that classic Ric Flair hair that's on the in-game model, I actually dig the updated look. In the end, this turned out better than thought it would.
He also has an awesome logo I did myself that looks so, so good on custom entrance vids.

...and the final two will be coming along ASAP, either when I get about 1000 more downloads or in a few weeks, when I swap out some slots. Giant Panther is basically done in my head, but I'm still figuring out a way to do Great Puma.
To find 'em, just search the following tags:
nes pro wrestling
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I have actually made a wrestling video character fed based off the old Saturday Night Slam Masters game and the Capcom Wrestling Alliance. I have the entire Slam Masters roster plus Zangief, El Fuerte, E.Honda, Darun Mister, Hugo Andore, Great Puma, Birdie, King , Craig Marduk, Raiden (SNK), Wolf Hawkfield , Little Mac and a few of the AKI games characters like AKIMan , The Unknown, and Han Zo Mon. I also have Suicide from the TNA Impact video game and Terry Rogers and Red Dragon from 3 Count Bout and Bass Armstrong from Dead or Alive.


my Twitch page has a ton of videos there: https://www.twitch.tv/sns_jeffjackson feel to have a look.



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Aside from running a wrestling efed from 2003-2011 (and restarting this year), I did something similar a few times, with celebrities and superheroes, GI Joe characters and the like. Need to update this thread at some point with the final characters. Finished Giant Panther and Great Puma, and moved on to Tecmo World Wrestling, wrapping up El Tigre and Blue King Demon.

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