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retro caws ATTIRES (WCW WWF )

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hi guys these are the attires ive done so far please note i need help or advice with some of them will note with the pics hope you like them :)


psychosis ( bash at the beach 96 )



ok lets get psychosis out of the way first the abb print and mask really stumped me.i,d thought of using the middle line, and u,s for the print but kinda looked stupid


the mask i intended to use one of the pink half masks but for some reason hair glitch so used uq paint instead so yea not really happy but rest i feel is ok


double j jeff jarret ( king of the ring 94 attire )




lol iam really proud of this one espechally ( sp ). if he keeps the hat and glasses on but whats the design on his tights. it,s hard for me to see them ( on ppv ) lol


norman the lunitic




i know about the shoes but none sutible so decied hes going to wrestle bare foot lol


bull nakano




took me ages but yea really happy with her except for the partern any sugestions would be greatefull :)



ko ko be ware ( high energy )




the bird man ko ko b ware from high energy not too sure about the figures








also proud of this one not too sure about the hair but oh well



as i said hope you like them . if youre wondering about the faces ? not too sure what everything means, ( outside of the ears head ect ) so normally leave them out plus think of it like the attiude modals lol ;) .


upcoming caws


billy kidman flock attire


tatanka uk rampage attire


ddp bash at the beach 96 attire


hevenly bodys ( jimmy del ray and tom pritchard )


please feel free to advice ect :) ( not about my spelling lol ;) )


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iam sorry mate i really a, but i have no idea waht you are talking about with the phone thing can you go in to detail please ...... you mean i can use a pic on my phone and put it in to the game ?????

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