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  1. Or, you could say, its a shameful thing...
  2. Lmao everytime i used a sideplate (both in game & custom) the center piece of the *censored*ing belt lights up like a christmas three. Also, alt attire #2 seems to be working in Play mode. But then the announcer calls their 2k original tower name. I can confirm that it only applies to alt attire 2 though. Rene Baret only comes out if I used Daniel Bryan's 2nd attire, as well as Rollins too.
  3. Literally my last 5 download counts I used for some sweet New Day attires and updated IC & Universal titles I found on CC. And literally ALL FIVE OF IT have a corrupted/blank logo. When. Can. I. Finally. Have. Some. *censored*ing. Playable. Game?
  4. @New Aje Outlaw Hol' up so you're saying if I make a whole new universe the said glitch (2nd slot alt attire being non existant, cheer/boos, etc. that was fixed in a non Universe mode matches) will be fixed?
  5. Thanks, ShinGojira! Did anyone also experienced that cheer/boos is not yet fixed in this patch? Also, 2nd alt attire still isnt working? In Universe mode at least.
  6. Am i the only one who cant unlock the "Perform a Gut Kick" achievement during the very first Charlotte - Lana match on SPRW? I've kicked that MFr in the gut about 10 times now.
  7. If anything its never the security's fault but rather the Creative/Floor Director's. Security's doesnt usually got informed about the content thats going on. I knew because I've been working with TVs & live shows like WWE for almost 4 years now and I myself is a Floor Director and last night on my live show stuff like this almost happened lol
  8. And she acting/dressing all slutty too so there's that.
  9. Love how they tryna save OC vs UE in ring match for later down the road and yet still gonna produce a decent match.
  10. Few hours ago I just discovered that my old man is cheating on my mother in 2015. Not sure if they're still together or not, i dont know if i want to know either. At this point I dont know what to expect anymore. The worst thing is that thr one thing I all ever known about my dad is he's never a romantic type of guy to my mom, but I just found concrete evidence that he does romantic shit for this married woman he cheats on with.
  11. Still waiting for the day they actually fixed this whole game to finally buy it. In the mean time, 2k19 and RDR2 going to entertain me.
  12. So.... Bliss & Nikki Cross got traded to SD. So much for blockbuster.
  13. Lucha Underground did the same shit. He was their last champion lmao Guess he's legit now, being a Bellator fighter and all.
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