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  1. Few hours ago I just discovered that my old man is cheating on my mother in 2015. Not sure if they're still together or not, i dont know if i want to know either. At this point I dont know what to expect anymore. The worst thing is that thr one thing I all ever known about my dad is he's never a romantic type of guy to my mom, but I just found concrete evidence that he does romantic shit for this married woman he cheats on with.
  2. Its been awhile since last time I posted here. So I worked for a TV Company as a creative, and now I resigned and jumped ship to rival TV company as a floor director. First major show I'm currently working on is a Music Concert across the country. This part is where it gets fun and exciting! I met this girl yesterday who happens to be a local dancer thats going to perform in my show. She looks so much like Tessa Thompson, but picture an Asian version of her. Not in the definition of yellow skin and little eyes (not that its ugly or anything) but long straight hair and more lightskin. We've been flirting around through stares and smiles without actually saying or doing anything to each other. Little that I know, we're actually staying in the same hotel.
  3. Holy shit Zelina with that filter looks like me lmfao Juice Robinson lol
  4. I wonder why NXT hasn't become a total redemption stage (no pun intended) for its alumnis that hasn't given an opportunity or currently not doing anything on the main roster? Just realized this when I rearrange my 2k Universe into a hybrid of PWG & NXT homegrown/alumnis
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv9pdORBgOC/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1qk9dpmw45o2j
  6. Tye:"Can I have my release?" WWE: "Yes, Tye. Yes you can." Hideo: "Can I have my release too?" WWE: "Yes, Hideo. You can have your release too" TJP: "...." WWE: Yes TJP, you can have your release too." TJP: "What!? But I-" WWE: "Too late, paperwork's done. Bye bye now."
  7. Havent post here in a while... So currently I work on local TV channel as a creative, pretty fun job to have. But not somewhere I can see myself for the next 5 years.
  8. now where the *Censored* do i need to sign up for njpw network thing
  9. how the *Censored*dude used Ambrose's old tight shield tank top & longsleeve shirt and put body textures all over it. one with white paints on its face uses a small robin-esque mask.
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