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What are your most fun and memorable (and glitchy) moments?

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Okay, so I've played a ton of wrestling games. I've done extensive, critical head damage to many renowned grapplers the world over. But it wasn't until the other day, that I actually killed a guy... in a wrestling game.


Tonight we honor the life and times of Lord Steven Regal and gain a better understanding of why Vince bans piledrivers.


Okay, so to set story, we have a 6-man elimination tag match featuring Lex Luger, DDP and Regal against (myself as) Buff Bagwell, Brian Adams, and Curt Hennig (4 Lyfe). 5 CAWs, custom arena, custom everything... what could get weird?


So the match starts normal enough, frequent enough tags on the CPU side, decent see-saw action. I spent half the time as Buff doing basic moves and then parading around the ring like a deity of technical wrestling... taunting, flexing, cheating, running and getting beat up. So Buff was the dog of the match until he made a hot tag to Adams who went on a rampage and evened things up a bit. But alas Buff would soon later get the snot beat out of him again and though he did hit a blockbuster on Luger for a zero count, he was pinned easily. Right after that, Brian Adams gets DQ'd somehow. There was a lot of chaos in the ring and I guess I wasn't the legal man... I may have bumped the SELECT button (which switches between legal and illegal wrestlers) or something. I heard the ref counting and he threw me out after like a 5, so must have been that.


Now it's 3 on 1 and it's gonna be an uphill ice skate even for a man once known as Mr. Perfect. I need to switch up tactics here. So I drag Regal over to the annouce table, surprise, surprise it's already missing it's cover. I honestly can't even recall who tore it down. Sometimes I do it early on, in a logical situation to prevent them from "Time out, I gotta do tear down the table for no reason man". Anyways, we shamble over to the infamous table and I heave a battered and bloody Regal on top of it. What a Perfect Piledriver! Hennig slides into the ring at the 9 count. Success!.. wait, nope, oh right, I changed it to a 20 count to avoid a bunch of count out elims if things got chaotic. Cool, I'll just work the crowd a bit till this old limey crawls back into the ring. C'mon Willia... Steven... c'mon buddy, get back in here. Re...Regal? No, nooo what have I done? He didn't beat the 20 count. He wouldn't have been a 20,000 count. And it looked like a crime scene too. He had a huge gash across his head and was just waiting for someone to draw a chalk outline around him... but at least he'll never have to join McMahon's kiss my ass club.


Well, now it's 2 on 1. And I put forth a valiant effort (for a chump still adjusting to the kick out thing that I hated in W12, but is easier in W13 at least). Eventually though, Luger's bionic forearm got the best of me (Jack Tunney really needs to do something about that).


Okay, GG guys. But wait... no bell... the match is unbelievably somehow not yet over. So Lex and Page (who both must have still been focused on Hennig) exit the ring and start heading up the ramp to the stage. There they desperately try to grapple, but they can't grabble with each other, but ya can accidently strike someone on your team. So they start brawling back and forth for a bit, then call a truce and walk back to the ring. Regal's body is seriously about to start decomposing soon, so the ref decides to start couting him out for the SECOND time. 18, 19, 20... ding, ding, ding. Music hits, Luger and Page celebrate, the confused crowd goes wild. And your winners, by "whatever the *Censored* just happened" Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page!


I want to thank all of the people who worked on the rather excellent CAWs that I used in the match. I'd also like to thank THQ for not testing their games. And I'd like to thank Microsoft because at least I didn't suffer from a single FPS drop and had a lag free match... Suck it PS3 owners.


I'm quite sure I'm not the only one with bizarre and epic matches like this: Feel free to share fellas.

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