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Extra Movesets

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[b][i][u]The Undertaker[/u][/i][/b]
[color="#CC0000"][u]fantasy[/u] Undertaker movelist[/color]


(G) = Opponent must be in a groggy state
(U) = Must be attacking the upper body
(L) = Must be attacking the lower body

[b][i]Standard Actions[/i][/b]

Ring-In: Slide In

Ring-Out: Backwards Ring Out

Taunts: Undertaker 1, Undertaker 4, Undertaker 3, Undertaker 2

Fighting Stance: Undertaker 1/Undertaker 2

Walking Motion: Normal

Running Motion: Normal


Strike Attacks: Big Boot 1, Toe Kick 1, Outlaw Punches 2, Punch To Gut, Punch To Head, Undertaker Punches 1/Undertaker Punches 2

[i]Grapple Moves[/i]
Grapple Moves(Clean): Scoop Slam 5, Arm Drag Leg Drop, Snapmare 2, Suplex 11, Body Knee Strike

Grapple Moves(Dirty): Guillotine 1, Low Blow 5, Eye Poke 5, Low Blow 4, Head Pound

Submission: Armbar 2, Arm Lock 1, Snapmare & Neck Lock 2, Arm Wrench 2, Hammer Lock

Category 1(Power): Chokeslam 4, Clothesline 23, Scoop Slam 4, Powerbomb 13, DDT 15

Category 2(Old School): Old School, Fury Punch 4, Russian Leg Sweep 1, Undertaker Arm Wrench, Piledriver 1

Category 3(Brawler): Finishing Punch, Undertaker Strikes, Mat Slam, Undertaker Knee Strike, Elbow To Back Of Head 1

Grapple Attack: Grapple Body Attack 2, Grapple Elbow Strike 2, Grapple Punch 4

Grapple From Behind: Elbow To Back Of Head 2, Pumphandle Slam, DDT 17, Forearm Smash, Russian Leg Sweep 2, Sidewalk Slam 3(G), Sleeper Hold 4(G), Bulldog 5(G), Dragon Sleeper 2(G), Turning Face Front(G)

Top Of Cell Attack: Chokeslam 1, Downward Thrust, Chokeslam 1, Downward Thrust


Strike Attacks: Undertaker Stomp, Elbow Drop 4, Elbow Drop 1

Grapple Moves: (U)Triangle Hold,(U)Finishing Leg Drop,(U) Undertaker Hold,(L)Leg Lock 7,(L) Stomp On Leg,(L) Boston Crab


Strike Attacks: (G) Clothesline 2, (G) Body Press, (U) Knee Attack 1

Grapple Moves: (G)Body Strikes, (G) Superplex 1, (G) Heavy Combo 2, (G) Chokeslam 10, (G) Knee Strike 10, (U) Mudhole Strikes

Grapple From Behind: (G) Snake Eyes, (G)Forearm To Back, (G)Turnbuckle Smash, (G)Super Tornado Bomb, (G) Toss Into Ring Post


Groggy On Ropes: (G) Big Boot 3

Rebound Attack: Flying Forearm Smash 2, Running Leg Drop, Vaulting Cross Body 2

Diving Out Of Ring Attack: Baseball Slide


Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.: Flying Clothesline 2, Double Axe Handle 3
Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.: Diving Leg Drop, Diving Elbow, Diving Elbow Drop


Running Strikes: Clothesline 7, Flying Clothesline 1

Running Grapple: DDT 1, Runnning STO

Rear Techniques: School Boy Pin 2, (G) Bulldog 5

Running Ground Attack: Elbow Drop 5, Running Leg Drop

Counter Attack: Scrapbuster, Back Body Drop 1, Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 3

[b][i]Tag Team[/i][/b]

Standing Tag Team: Double Flapjack, Double DDT, Double Suplex, Double Clothesline, Double Beat Head

Corner Tag Team: Body Splash & Whip, Front Slam, Double Stomping, Falling Powerbomb, Kick To Gut 1


Finishers: Tombstone Piledriver Pin, Chokeslam 5/Tombstone Piledriver 1/Tombstone Piledriver 2

Signature Moves: Old School, Chokeslam 4, Tombstone Piledriver Pin

Chair Finishers: DDT 23, Guillotine 2

Combination Attack: Undertaker Punches 1, Punch To Head, Undertaker Punches 2

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Pumphandle Slam?
Reverse DDT?

- Corner Strike Attack = Je NEEDs a bodysplash.

- Diving Out Of Ring Attack - he needs some sorta of plancha


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I was going to give him 'High-Flying Rope Press' but I've only seen him do anything like that once.

If you want to give him a bodysplash attack feel free to, does seem like a nice fit.

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He's done plancha's forever...
Anyway, yeah why have you gave him those i listed ?

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^Give him the Vaulting Body Press in Jump Down Over. Meh, I always go through everybody's movesets and tweak them myself, so I'm good with my in-game sets.

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STO = One of my favourites, I was considering giving him another DDT
Scrapbuster = I think it suits the Undertaker
Pumphandle Slam = It's a default move and I liked it so I didn't change it
Reverse DDT = Again another good default
Powerbomb = I removed his Last Ride finisher so I used this powerbomb as a replacement
Piledriver = Undertaker uses a variety of Old School type moves and Piledriver is a definintive old school type move
Bulldog = I think it suits him

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