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  1. Are you working on anyone lately ?

  2. nice work on the 1st hawk logo I'm back i have some pics i want you to upload on our thread i'll email it to you

  3. oh yea can you upload Kane's new mask on CC please

  4. Can you message me His body morph formula because I can't find it

  5. sweet, I'm on it :) oh yea I'm heading to Boston today so I might be back later to continue the work but thank you for everything I really appreciate it

  6. by the way did you ever upload your kane lol ( soon to be #1 on CC)

  7. Is it ok if i use your Sting body morph ? I will give credit

  8. Ok good My morph came out a little wrong so I'm still working on it but If it doesn't work out I might ask permission to use someone's face & body morph for him and maybe some PT's as well

  9. Hey Tom I was wondering If i could use your Sting Face/body morph for my Sting (new crow) look I will give you credit for it

  10. can you create a thread about the Sting (new crow) so we can both have a better understanding on how he should come out, I have the body & face morph already done I'm just waiting on you now for the PT's

  11. Without the text,thanks :)

  12. Not the text, just the face paint. thanks

  13. Do you think you can make the new version of Kane for PS3 ?

  14. when will you get wee 12 for PS3 and will you make the same CAWS you made for the xbox 360 on ps3 ? thanks in advance

  15. can you post on the forum when your goldberg is uploaded please, thanks in advance

  16. can you make a version for the PS3 please

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