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  1. Thanks man; still playing with the pants, all of the others I've tried don't cover the boots, the boots go over the pants and it doesn't sit right.
  2. I honestly have no clue why Gallows doesn't work The moveset contains no DLC, and, unless I'm completely missing something, neither does the CAW itself. He's just in a tank top and pants after all... I'm stumped, sorry guys. Will continue to look into it though. Here's pics of the layers if anyone wants to take a look, the pants are Lesnar's and the top is one of the generic ones. http://imgur.com/a/0VwNn Anyone have any sugs for Angle's face? Completely changed it, much happier with it now but still not sold on it at all.
  3. Saw it for a second time sunday night, still enjoyed it thoroughly. I really don't understand all of the hate. At all. Is it going to win awards for movie of the year? Of course not, superhero movies never do. But is it a badass superhero movie? Absolutely. Affleck was fantastic as batman imo, loved seeing him finally portrayed as the rage filled, inner demon battling guy I've always pictured him as. Maybe it's because I've never seen Man of Steel, but I didn't hate Superman or Lane's portrayal, either. Was it the best movie I've ever seen? Of course not. But was it worthy of the 30% or whatever it has on rotten tomatoes and the massive bad mouthing it's gotten in the media? Not at all.
  4. Let me know if Moose finally works, think it was the boots so I just defaulted them; change them to whatever you want. Gallows should be non-DLC already. And do you have a pic of Mandrews new attire/video? No clue where this is going, no face or anything yet. Not even sure if I want to keep the attire. Basically just got bored in Photoshop one day and started drawing it.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Rumble_(1997)#Results This should at least give you a good idea, jog your memory or whatever as well.
  6. Is RVD's hair textured at all or is that just how the in-game hair looks?
  7. My bad man, should be good now. Overlooked the sleeper hold being DLC, forgot they added a few new ones with Piper. Mark Andrews; it's a start. Face texture came out well at least.
  8. Tweaked the moveset with AgeofSandow's suggestions as always, re-uploaded. Let me know if it works now. Angle's WM XX attire finished. Pretty sure I don't have a single layer left, had to redo the attire in order to get it all to fit. Think it came out pretty well though, not much more I can do for the kneepads though.
  9. Don't believe so, was looking for it to give to Tomko. Forget what I ended up using.
  10. Moose uploaded, Angle updated. And yeah, I don't plan on making Anderson, sorry. Dutt should be uploaded within the next day or so, just finishing his moveset. Angle's shirt looks ridiculous imo, but the only other option is the super tight t-shirt. Will probably just put a Team Angle hoodie over top of the t-shirt, it could be deleted when downloaded if one wanted to.
  11. These both look great man, love Ellering as well. They're faces turned out well, especially Animal's paint.
  12. Thanks a lot man Looking into Gallows some more, not exactly sure what CAW parts are DLC and what aren't. Assuming the DLC parts are just added to the end of the list of parts, but it doesn't seem like I've used any of those. Obviously I have though, so yeah... Hoping to clear it up soon. Here's pics of the layers if anyone wants to take a look, my bet would be the pants? http://imgur.com/a/0VwNn Let me know if he's fixed, re-uploaded. Same tags and all.
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