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  1. 2 weeks to wait until we can get the image uploader/ download to work.... SMFH
  2. Still no word on whats going to happen at this point?
  3. Don't worry too much about that. Even if they did download, they wouldn't apply right. woooooow smh this is crazy
  4. I have all these images uploaded on 2K only for them not to download smh wow
  5. Pusha Thanos' DAYTONA > Drake's Scorpion
  6. wow safe to say... RIP DRAKE. He got cooked and he hasn't replied nor do I see what angle outside of the "you never sold the drugs you say you sold" will work if he does reply. I don't think fans believe any rapper including Jay Z sold as many drugs as they have exaggerated in their music over the years. However, Pusha makes it sound VERY dope compared to most when he does it and it can't be discredited as the only angle for Drake to win him this battle. Drake mentioned Pusha's fiance and from there, the gloves have been OFF! Pusha said he's just peeling back layer by layer so there's more if Drake replies... WTF? Kanye's album is a 5/10. I like the first two records then it goes downhill from there.
  7. That sucks hearing that War Games was almost returning. I remember a few of us speculated this would be the return of War Games based on the name Battlegrounds alone. Damn you to whoever said no to it.
  8. Big waste of time overall... WWE could've sent many others to step to Rusev. Wack wasn't good at playing the All American American from the start. Then Zeb carried his character the second time around.
  9. Yeah, the Teacher's Pets, Idol Stevens and KC James. Lmao they weren't shit, cool finisher though http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=101872 Protect Jack Swagger at all costs. Que? Release the wackness that is Swagger once and for all. Dude can't do sh!t with a push. All his pushes from the very beginning. Heel or face he was always Wack Swagger. Some people have forced themselves to like this guy... surely out of pity.
  10. *kicks rock down Swagger's dimming unimpressive career* Should I kick more? Wack Swagger was never impressive nor successful with any of his pushes especially as a world champ. When his opportunity came and went, Zeb carried his return run as well as Cesaro. His world title push was a joke. Hopefully that new shot of energy fixes that lisp. Other than that anyone wanting to see Swagger appear on WWE programs any further can kick a brick.
  11. These are quite the random names, considering one of them is heavily featured across all WWE programming and still selling alot merchandise, another one is injured and the third one just signed a new deal with the company... Signed a new deal? FFS get rid of the prune already!
  12. Yes hes overrated. Especially coming from TNA. The dude should have just stayed in NJPW. Good trollin' is good
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